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Microsoft Windows 7 On Demand

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Microsoft Windows 7 On Demand

eBook (Watermarked)

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  • Copyright 2010
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-279868-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-279868-6

Need answers quickly? Microsoft Windows 7 on Demand provides those answers in a visual step-by-step format. We will show you exactly what to do through lots of full color illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions.

Inside the Book

·         Master the Windows 7 user experience, including Windows Aero

·         Perform Instant Searches to quickly find files and programs

·         Manage files and information using Windows 7 programs and desktop gadgets

·         Browse the Web, search for information, and get instant updates

·         Use Windows Live Essentials to work with mail, messages, photos, and movies

·         Protect your computer from Internet or network intruders

·         Create your own movies, slide shows, and DVDs

·         Rip, manage, and play digital music and videos

·         Share files and media on a HomeGroup or network

·         Set multiple users and parental controls

·         Customize, fine-tune, and administer Windows 7

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Table of Contents

Introduction xvii

1 Getting Started with Windows 7 1

Introducing Windows 7 2 New!

Starting Windows 7 4 New!

Using Windows Aero 6 New!

Exploring the Windows Desktop 8 New!

Using the Mouse 10

Using the Mouse for Quick Results 11

Using the Start Menu 12 New!

Using the Taskbar 14 New!

Using Desktop Gadgets 15 New!

Managing Windows 16 New!

Using Menus, Toolbars, and Panes 18

Choosing Dialog Box Options 19

Using Windows Help and Support 20

Switching Users 22

Shutting Down Your Computer 24 New!

2 Working with Windows Programs 25

Starting and Exiting a Program 26 New!

Changing the Way a Program Starts 28 New!

Using Windows Accessories 29 New!

Creating a Document 30 New!

Editing Text 32

Formatting Text 34 New!

Setting Paragraph Tabs 35

Setting Paragraph Indents 36 New!

Previewing and Printing a Document 37

Saving and Closing a Document 38 New!

Sharing Information Among Programs 39

Inserting and Editing Information 40 New!

Linking and Updating Information 42

Inserting Special Characters 44 New!

Calculating Numbers 45 New!

Running Commands 46

Playing Games 48 New!

Snipping the Screen 50 New!

Running Older Programs 51

Quitting a Program Not Responding 52

3 Managing Files and Folders 53

Using the Explorer Window 54 New!

Changing the Explorer Window View 55 New!

Opening and Viewing the Computer 56

Viewing and Opening Documents 58 New!

Working with Libraries 60 New!

Working with Personal Folders 62 New!

Navigating Between Folders 63

Viewing the Folders List 64 New!

Changing the Explorer Layout 65 New!

Customizing the Navigation Pane 66 New!

Organizing Files by Headings 67

Searching for Files and Folders 68 New!

Saving a Search 70

Changing Search Options 71

Performing an Instant Search 72 New!

Performing an Advanced Search 74

Performing Natural Language Searches 75

Modifying the Index to Improve Searches 76

Adding Properties and Tags to Files 78

Creating and Renaming Files and Folders 80

Copying and Moving Files and Folders 82

Deleting and Restoring Files and Folders 84

Changing File and Folder List Views 86

Hiding Files and Folders 87

Changing Folder Options 88 New!

Customizing Library Folders 90 New!

Customizing Personal Folders 91

Sharing Folders or Files with Others 92

Compressing Files and Folders 94

Managing Files Using a CD or DVD 96

Creating a Shortcut to a File or Folder 98

4 Customizing Windows Using the Control Panel 99

Viewing the Control Panel 100 New!

Changing the Desktop Background 101 New!

Customizing the Desktop 102 New!

Using a Screen Saver 104

Changing the Display 105 New!

Using Multiple Monitors 106 New!

Changing the Text Size on the Screen 107 New!

Changing the Desktop Appearance 108 New!

Setting the Date and Time 110

Changing Language Options 112

Changing Regional Options 114

Working with Fonts 115 New!

Displaying and Arranging Toolbars 116

Customizing the Taskbar 118 New!

Customizing the Start Menu 120 New!

Setting Default Programs 122

Changing the Way a CD or DVD Starts 124

Using Ease of Access Tools 125 New!

Using the Ease of Access Center 126 New!

Listening to the Computer 128

Recognizing Your Speech 130

5 Exploring the Internet 133

Connecting to the Internet 134

Creating an Internet Connection 135

Setting Up Windows Firewall 136 New!

Starting Internet Explorer 137 New!

Viewing the Internet Explorer Window 138

Changing Your Home Page 139

Browsing the Web 140 New!

Browsing with Tabs 142 New!

Navigating Basics 144 New!

Browsing Privately 145 New!

Using Compatibility View 146 New!

Zooming the View In and Out 147 New!

Using and Managing Accelerators 148 New!

Getting Updates with Web Slices 149 New!

Adding a Web Page to the Favorites List 150 New!

Viewing and Maintaining a History List 152 New!

Reading and Subscribing to Feeds 154 New!

Searching the Web 156 New!

Previewing and Printing a Web Page 158

Saving Pictures or Text from a Web Page 160

Saving a Web Page 162

Sending a Page or Link by E-mail 163 New!

Downloading Files from the Web 164

Downloading Files from an FTP Site 165

Downloading Windows Live Essentials 166 New!

6 Exchanging Messages and Information 167

Starting Windows Live Mail 168 New!

Setting Up an Account 170

Viewing the Windows Live Mail Window 172

Importing and Exporting Information 173

Adding a Contact to Windows Contact 174

Composing and Sending E-mail 176

Creating E-mail Stationery 178

Reading and Replying to E-mail 180 New!

Sending and Retrieving a File 182

Sending a Photo File 184 New!

Managing E-mail 186

Deleting E-mail 188

Setting Junk E-mail Options 190

Marking an E-mail Blocked or Safe 192

Diverting Incoming E-mail to Folders 193

Protecting Against E-mail Attacks 194 New!

Sending Secure E-mail 195

Selecting a News Server 196

Subscribing to a Newsgroup 197

Reading the News 198

Filtering the News 199

Posting a News Message 200

Viewing the Windows Calendar 202

Scheduling an Appointment 203

Creating and Using Calendars 204

Creating and Viewing Feeds 206 New!

7 Exchanging Instant Text and Video Messages 207

Preparing for Windows Live Messenger 208

Starting Windows Live Messenger 210

Configuring Windows Live Messenger 211

Viewing Windows Live Messenger 212

Changing My Status 213

Personalizing Windows Live Messenger 214

Adding Online Contacts 216

Managing Contacts and Categories 217

Sending and Receiving Instant Messages 218

Adding Symbols and Voice to an Instant Message 220

Blocking a Contact 222

Sending a File During an Instant Message 223

Creating and Using Groups 224

Making a Video Call with the Internet 226

Making a Phone Call with the Internet 227

Sending a Message to a Mobile Device 228

Getting Remote Assistance 230

Customizing Windows Live Messenger 232

8 Working with Pictures 233

Drawing a Picture 234 New!

Editing a Picture 236

Viewing Pictures 238

Managing Pictures in the Photo Gallery 240 New!

Fixing Pictures in the Photo Gallery 242 New!

E-mailing a Picture 243

Formatting and Printing Photos 244

Ordering Photo Prints from the Web 245

Publishing Photos on the Web 246 New!

Installing a Scanner or Digital Camera 247

Scanning a Picture 248 New!

Downloading Digital Camera Pictures 250

Using Pictures as a Screen Saver 252

Using a Picture as a Desktop Background 253

Setting Photo Gallery Options 254 New!

9 Working with Windows Media 255

Starting and Updating Windows Media Player 256 New!

Viewing the Media Player Window 257

Playing Music from CDs 258

Playing a DVD or VCD Movie 259

Controlling the Volume 260

Browsing the Media Guide and Online Stores 262

Listening to Radio Stations 263

Playing Media Files 264 New!

Playing Media Using a Playlist 266

Ripping CD Music 268

Copying Media Files to a CD or Portable Device 270

Streaming Media 272 New!

Enhancing the Media Player Display 274

Viewing and Playing Music Files 275

Creating a Sound File 276

Associating a Sound with an Event 277

Starting and Navigating Windows Media Center 278 New!

Changing Windows Media Center Settings 279 New!

Finding and Viewing Windows Media Center Files 280 New!

10 Creating Movies and DVD Videos 281

Planning a Movie Maker Project 282

Starting Windows Live Movie Maker 283 New!

Viewing the Windows Live Movie Maker Window 284

Opening an Existing Project 285

Using Photos and Videos from Photo Gallery 286 New!

Adding Photos and Videos 288

Adding Slides to a Movie 290

Adding a Soundtrack 292

Working with Clips 294

Adding Text 296

Trimming Clips 298

Adding Transitions Between Clips 299

Adding Photo and Video Effects 300

Saving a Movie Project 301

Saving a Movie 302 New!

Adding Functionality with Plug-ins 304 New!

Publishing a Movie 305 New!

Creating a DVD Video 306

11 Setting Up Accounts and Maintaining Security 309

Securing a Computer 310 New!

Adding and Deleting User Accounts 312

Creating a Guest Account 314

Changing a User’s Group or Account Type 315

Changing the Start Up Screen 316

Changing an Account Picture 317

Changing and Setting a Password 318

Resetting a Password 320

Locking the Computer 321

Managing Security in One Place 322 New!

Defending Against Malicious Software 324

Setting Parental Controls 326 New!

Sending Secure Information Using Windows CardSpace 327

Encrypting Files for Safety 328

Encrypting Files Using BitLocker 329 New!

Avoiding Viruses and Other Harmful Attacks 330

Understanding Security on the Internet 332

Creating Security Zones 334

Setting Ratings Using the Content Advisor 336

Cleaning Up Internet Files and Information 337 New!

Protecting Internet Privacy 338

Protecting an Internet Identity 339

Protecting Against Phishing 340 New!

Blocking Pop-Up Ads 342

Using the Information Bar 343

Blocking Content with InPrivate Filtering 344 New!

Managing Add-Ons 346

12 Managing Files Using a Network 347

Understanding Network Services 348

Viewing a Network 350

Viewing the Network and Sharing Center 352

Viewing Network Computer Properties 354

Viewing Network Connection Properties 355

Joining a WorkGroup Network 356

Joining a Domain Network 358 New!

Connecting to a Network Using a Modem 360 New!

Connecting to a Network over the Internet 362 New!

Connecting to a Wireless Network 364 New!

Setting Up a Wireless Network 366

Setting Up a Wireless Computer Connection 367

Managing a Wireless Connection 368

Mapping and Disconnecting a Network Drive 370

Creating a Shortcut to a Network 371

Setting Network Sharing Options 372

Setting HomeGroup Sharing Options 373 New!

Sharing with a HomeGroup 374 New!

Controlling a Remote Computer 376

Sharing an Internet Connection 378 New!

Changing a Dial-Up Connection 380

13 Going Mobile 381

Viewing the Windows Mobility Center 382

Controlling Power Options 384 New!

Keeping Files in Sync 386

Working with Offline Files 388

Connecting to a Network Projector 390

Viewing Windows SideShow 391

Working with Tablet PC Tools 392 New!

Using the Tablet PC Input Panel 394 New!

Using Math Input Panel 396 New!

14 Printing and Faxing 397

Understanding Printers 398

Viewing Printers 399 New!

Installing a Printer 400

Specifying a Default Printer 402 New!

Renaming or Deleting a Printer 403

Sharing a Printer 404

Printing Documents 405

Managing Printers and Print Jobs 406

Changing Printer Properties 408

Changing Printer Preferences 409

Creating an XPS Document 410 New!

Understanding Faxes 411

Setting Up a Fax 412

Creating a Fax Cover Page 414

Sending a Fax 416

Managing Outgoing Faxes 418

Receiving a Fax 420

Reviewing a Fax 421

Changing Fax Properties 422

Changing Fax Options 424

15 Maintaining Your Computer 425

Understanding Disk File Systems 426

Formatting a Disk 428

Displaying Disk and Folder Information 430

Transferring Files Using a Disk 431

Setting Disk Quotas for Users 432

Detecting and Repairing Disk Errors 433

Optimizing a Disk 434 New!

Cleaning Up a Disk 435 New!

Scheduling Tasks 436

Adding or Removing Windows Components 437

Installing and Uninstalling a Program 438

Updating Windows 440

Improving Computer Performance 442

Boosting Speed with Removable Media 443 New!

Restoring Computer Settings 444 New!

Using Previous Versions 446

Starting Windows When Problems Occur 447

Setting Startup and Recovery Options 448

16 Managing Hardware 449

Understanding Plug and Play Hardware 450

Viewing Hardware Devices 452 New!

Installing Hardware Devices 453

Viewing System Hardware Settings 454

Changing Windows Update Driver Settings 455 New!

Changing Mouse Settings 456

Changing Keyboard Settings 458

Changing Phone Dialing Options 459

Changing Modem Options 460

Managing Color 461

Adding a Secondary Monitor 462 New!

Removing Hardware Devices 464

Removing Plug and Play Hardware 465

Troubleshooting Computer Problems 466 New!

17 Backing Up Your Computer 467

Creating a System Repair Disc 468 New!

Developing a Backup Strategy 469

Understanding Backup Permissions 470

Exploring Backup and Restore 471 New!

Performing a Backup 472 New!

Changing Backup Settings 474

Scheduling a Backup 476

Managing Backups 478

Creating a System Image 479 New!

Restoring Backup Files 480

Restoring Files Using Advanced Settings 482

Restoring Your Computer 483

Copying or Deleting Files From a Backup 484

18 Administering Your Computer 485

Exploring Windows Administrative Tools 486

Monitoring Activity with Event Viewer 487

Managing an Event Log 488

Managing All Printers 490 New!

Checking Memory for Problems 491

Viewing and Creating Performance Charts 492

Monitoring Local Security Settings 494

Viewing Computer Management Tools 496

Managing Disks 497

Managing Local Users and Groups 498

Viewing and Saving System Information 499

Setting System Configuration Options 500

A Appendix: Installing Windows 7 501

Preparing to Install Windows 7 502

Installing Windows 7 504

Updating to a Windows Service Pack 506

Transferring Files and Settings from Another Computer 508 New!

Using Windows XP Mode 510 New!

Exploring Windows Live 512 New!

New Features 513 New!

Windows 7 Editions 521 New!

Microsoft Certified Applications Specialist 525

Index 529


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