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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Unleashed, Portable Documents

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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Unleashed, Portable Documents

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  • Copyright 2011
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7686-9653-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7686-9653-0

This is the industry’s most comprehensive and useful guide to SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2. It presents start-to-finish coverage of SQL Server’s core database server and management capabilities, plus complete introductions to Integration, Reporting, and Analysis Services, application development, and much more.

Four expert SQL Server administrators, developers, and consultants have packed this book with real-world information, tips, guidelines, and samples drawn from their own extensive experience creating and managing complex database solutions. Writing for intermediate-to-advanced-level SQL Server professionals, they focus on the product’s most complex and powerful capabilities, and its newest tools and features. For example, you’ll find invaluable information on administering SQL Server more efficiently, analyzing and optimizing queries, implementing data warehouses, ensuring high availability, and tuning performance.

The accompanying CD-ROM contains an extraordinary library of practical tools and information including sample databases and all code examples. Whether you’re responsible for SQL Server 2008 analysis, design, implementation, support, administration, or troubleshooting, no other book offers you this much value.

  • Understand the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 environment, R2’s newest features, and each edition’s capabilities
  • Manage SQL Server 2008 more effectively with SQL Server Management Studio, the SQLCMD command-line query tool, and Powershell
  • Efficiently manage security, users, backup/restore, replication, Database Mail, and database objects—from tables and indexes to stored procedures and triggers
  • Increase availability with clustering, database mirroring, and other features
  • Use new Policy-Based Management to centrally configure and operate SQL Server throughout the organization
  • Use SQL Server Profiler to capture queries and identify bottlenecks
  • Improve performance by optimizing queries, design more effective databases, and manage workloads with the new Resource Governor
  • Develop applications using SQL Server 2008’s enhancements to T-SQL and SQLCLR, .NET integration, LINQ to SQL, XML, and XQuery
  • Make the most of Analysis Services, Integration Services, and Reporting Services—especially Microsoft’s new R2 reporting improvements
  • Improve data security using Column-level and Transparent Data Encryption

 CD-ROM includes:

  • 15 additional chapters
  • Code samples, scripts, and databases utilized within the book
  • Free version of SQL Shot (performance & tuning software)

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Part I: Welcome to Microsoft SQL Server

1 SQL Server 2008 Overview

2 What's New in SQL Server 2008

3 Examples of SQL Server Implementations

Part II: SQL Server Tools and Utilities

4 SQL Server Management Studio

5 SQL Server Command-Line Utilities

6 SQL Server Profiler

Part III: SQL Server Administration

7 SQL Server System and Database Administration

8 Installing SQL Server 2008

9 Upgrading to SQL Server 2008

10 Client Installation and Configuration

11 Security and User Administration

12 Data Security

13 Security and Compliance

14 Database Backup and Restore

15 Database Mail

16 SQL Server Scheduling and Notification

17 Automating SQL Server Tasks using PowerShell

18 SQL Server High Availability

19 Replication

20 Database Mirroring

21 SQL Server Clustering

Part IV: Database Administration

22 Creating and Managing Databases

23 Creating and Managing Tables

24 Creating and Managing Indexes

25 Implementing Data Integrity

26 Creating and Managing Views in SQL Server

27 Creating and Managing Stored Procedures

28 Creating and Managing User-Defined Functions

29 Creating and Managing Triggers

30 Transaction Management and the Transaction Log

31 Database Snapshots

32 Database Maintenance

Part V: SQL Server Performance and Optimization

33 Data Structures,Indexes and Performance

34 Understanding Query Optimization

35 Query Analysis

36 Locking and Performance

37 Database Design and Performance

38 Monitoring SQL Server Performance

39 A Performance and Tuning Methodology

40 What's New for Transact-SQL in SQL Server 2008

41 Creating .Net CLR Objects in SQL Server 2008

42 Using XML in SQL Server 2008

Part VII: SQL Server Business Intelligence Features

43 SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services

44 SQL Server Integration Services

45 SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services

Part VIII: Bonus Chapters on the CD

46 Managing Linked and Remote Servers

47 Configuring, Tuning, and Optimizing SQL Server Options

48 Administering Very Large SQL Server Databases

49 SQL Server Disaster Recovery Planning

50 Transact-SQL Programming Guidelines, Tips, and Tricks

51 SQL Server and the .NET Framework

52 SQL Server Web Services

53 SQL Server Service Broker

54 SQL Server Full-Text Search


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