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Microsoft Expression Web 3 On Demand

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Microsoft Expression Web 3 On Demand

eBook (Watermarked)

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  • Copyright 2010
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-279867-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-279867-9

Need answers quickly? Microsoft Expression Web 3 on Demand provides those answers in a visual step-by-step format. We will show you exactly what to do through lots of full color illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions.

  • Create Web sites using drag and drop controls
  • Create Cascading Style Sheet layouts
  • Insert Flash, Windows Media, and Photoshop content
  • Write, edit, and optimize code and scripts
  • Use IntelliSense to help reduce coding errors
  • Preview and compare pages in multiple browsers
  • Update Web sites for Windows Internet Explorer 8
  • Integrate media and Web applications using Microsoft Silverlight
  • Create dynamic Web templates
  • Create forms to gather online information
  • Retrieve and present data from live RSS feeds
  • Integrate data from databases or XML data
  • Create dynamic Web content using ASP.NET technology
  • Explore the capabilities of Microsoft Expression Studio
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  • Workshops
  • More than 500 of the Most Essential Expression Web Tasks

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Introduction     xv

1 Getting Started with Expression Web 3     1

Preparing to Install Expression Web 3     2

Installing Expression Web 3     3

Starting Expression Web 3     4

Viewing the Expression Web Window     5

Working with Toolbars     6

Using Panels     8

Viewing the Folder List     10

Creating a Simple Web Page     11

Saving a Web Page     12

Opening an Existing Web Page     13

Working with Views     14

Switching Between Pages and Views     16

Using Visual Aids     17

Getting Help While You Work     18

Getting Expression Web Updates on the Web     20

Closing a Web Page     21

Exiting Expression Web     22

2 Creating a Web Site     23

Planning a Web Site     24

Creating a Web Site Using a Template     25

Working with Template Content     26

Managing Template Content     28

Creating a One Page Web Site     30

Opening an Existing Web Site     32

Importing Web Content     34

Adding Pages to Your Web Site     36

Creating a Web Package     38

Saving a Web Site     39

Renaming a Web Site     40

Deleting a Web Site     41

Managing Site Lists     42

3 Working with Web Pages     43

Creating an HTML Page     44

Opening Web Pages from Within a Web     46

Navigating Web Pages     48

Displaying Web Pages in the HTML Format     49

Managing Web Pages     50

Setting the Home Page     52

Changing the Web Page Title     53

Changing Web Page Properties     54

Inserting Background Pictures and Watermarks     56

Changing Background Colors     58

Adding Background Sound     59

Setting Paper Size     60

Previewing Web Pages in Snapshot     61

Previewing Web Pages in a Browser     62

Displaying Web Pages in SuperPreview      64

Printing Web Pages     66

Creating a Page Template     68

Using a Dynamic Page Template      70

Creating a Master and Content Page      72

Saving a Web Page with Different Formats     74

Expression Web Formats     75

Animating Page Transitions     76

4 Working with Web Page Text     77

Entering Text in a Web Page     78

Selecting Text in a Web Page     79

Editing Text     80

Making Corrections     81

Inserting a Line or Paragraph Break     82

Moving and Copying Text     84

Setting Text Indention and Spacing     86

Setting Text Alignment     88

Inserting Symbols     89

Inserting Horizontal Lines     90

Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists     92

Creating Sublists     94

Applying Styles      95

Creating Heading and Definitions     96

Formatting Text     98

Adding Text Effects     100

Accessing More Colors     101

Finding and Replacing Text or Code     102

Finding and Replacing HTML Tags     104

Checking Spelling     106

Using Custom Dictionaries     108

Checking Spelling for Language     110

Checking Spelling as You Type     112

Finding the Right Words      113

Changing Default Text     114

Creating and Changing Font Families     115

Inserting Text from a File     116

5 Working with Web Page Graphics     117

Understanding Graphics     118

Changing Graphic Defaults      119

Inserting Graphics     120

Inserting Photoshop Graphics     122

Inserting a Graphic from a Scanner or Camera     124

Copying and Pasting Graphics from the Web     125

Selecting and Moving Graphics     126

Working with Graphics     127

Resizing and Resampling Graphics     128

Creating Thumbnails     130

Cropping Graphics     132

Rotating and Flipping Graphics     133

Changing Graphic Positioning     134

Changing Graphic Stacking Order     135

Working with Layers     136

Wrapping Text and Aligning Graphics     138

Adjusting Graphic Contrast and Brightness     140

Converting Graphic Color     142

Adding a Bevel to a Graphic     144

Adding Margins and Padding to Graphics     145

Applying Borders and Shading     146

Changing Graphic Formats     148

Changing the Way Graphics are Displayed     150

Restoring a Graphic     152

6 Working with Web Page Media     153

Inserting Flash Movies     154

Setting Flash Movie Properties     156

Inserting Windows Media     158

Setting Windows Media Properties     160

Working with Silverlight Media     162

Inserting Silverlight Media     163

Inserting Silverlight Videos     164

Inserting Deep Zoom Composer Images     165

Setting Security for ActiveX Controls     166

Running ActiveX Controls     167

Previewing and Playing Media     168

Previewing Silverlight Media     170

7 Adding Hyperlinks to Web Pages     171

Creating Bookmarks     172

Creating Hyperlinks Within a Web Page     174

Creating Hyperlinks to Files and Web Pages     176

Creating Hyperlinks to E-mail Addresses     178

Creating Target Hyperlinks     179

Editing Hyperlinks     180

Adding Hyperlinks to Graphics     182

Adding Graphic Hotspots     184

Highlighting Graphic Hotspots     185

Modifying Graphic Hotspots     186

Adding ScreenTips Hyperlinks     187

Working with Hyperlinks View     188

Verifying Hyperlinks     189

Repairing Broken Hyperlinks     190

8 Adding Interactive Behaviors     191

Inserting Interactive Buttons     192

Working with Interactive Buttons     194

Adding Behaviors to Elements     196

Modifying Behaviors     198

Going to Another Web Page     199

Creating a Jump Menu     200

Displaying Text Messages     202

Preloading and Swapping Images     204

Checking for Browsers and Plug-ins     206

Changing Element Properties     208

Opening Another Browser Window     210

Executing a Script     211

Playing a Sound     212

9 Adding Tables and Layout Tables     213

Creating a Layout Table     214

Drawing a Layout Table and Cells     216

Modifying a Layout Table     218

Creating a Table Using Microsoft Excel Data     219

Creating a Conventional Table     220

Entering Text in a Table     222

Converting Text to a Table     224

Filling a Table with Information     225

Creating Table Captions     226

Adding Cells, Rows, or Columns to Tables     228

Resizing Rows and Columns     229

Splitting and Merging Cells     230

Deleting Table Elements     232

Aligning Cell Contents     233

Changing Table Properties     234

Changing Cell Properties     236

Formatting a Table     238

Adding Color to a Table     240

Adding Images to Table     242

10 Adding Frames and Borders     243

Viewing a Frames Page     244

Creating a Frames Page Using a Template     245

Customizing a Frames Page Template     246

Inserting an Inline Frame     247

Adding Content to Frames     248

Changing Frame Properties     250

Saving Frames Pages     252

Targeting a Frame     254

Editing Frames Pages     255

Splitting Frames     256

Deleting a Frame     257

Show or Hide Border Frames     258

11 Gathering User Input Using Forms     259

Creating Forms     260

Setting Form Properties     262

Understanding Form Fields     263

Setting Form Tab Order     264

Inserting Labels     265

Inserting Text Boxes     266

Inserting Drop-Down Boxes     268

Inserting Group Boxes     269

Inserting Radio Buttons     270

Inserting Check Boxes     271

Inserting Buttons     272

Creating Picture Buttons     274

Inserting File Uploads     275

Saving Form Results to a File     276

Using a Custom Confirmation Page     277

Sending Form Results as E-Mail     278

Saving Form Results to a Custom Form Handler     280

Saving Form Results to a Database     282

Using Other Form Handlers     284

12 Creating Styles and Layouts with CSS     287

Working with HTML Code     288

Understanding CSS Styles and Layouts     289

Inserting Common HTML Tags     290

Using Tag Tools     292

Setting Tag Attributes     294

Using the Quick Tag Selector     295

Using the Quick Tag Editor     296

Using CSS Tools     297

Using IntelliSense     298

Creating Tag-based Styles     300

Creating Class-based Styles     301

Creating Inline Styles     302

Working with Styles     303

Creating and Attaching Style Sheets     304

Using Rulers and Grid     306

Setting Position Properties     307

Creating a CSS Layout Page     308

Creating Contextual Selectors     309

Creating a CSS Layout Page from Scratch     310

Checking for CSS Problems     312

Setting CSS Options     314

13 Working with Advanced Pages     315

Creating an ASP.NET Page     316

Using ASP.NET Controls     317

Inserting ASP.NET Controls     318

Inserting ASP.NET AJAX Controls     320

Using Custom ASP.NET Controls     321

Getting Started with PHP     322

Creating a PHP Page     323

Working with PHP Code     324

Inserting a PHP Script     326

Creating an XML Page     328

Creating a Data View     329

Working with Data in a Data View     330

Formatting Data in a Data View     332

Checking XML Pages     334

Adding RSS Feeds     336

Creating an ASP Page     337

14 Publishing and Managing a Web Site     339

Generating Reports for a Web Site     340

Saving or Copying a Web Site Report     342

Marking Site Files to Not Publish     344

Checking for Accessibility     345

Checking HTML Compatibility     346

Optimizing HTML Before Publishing     348

Changing Web Site Settings     350

Specifying a Remote Web Site     352

Managing Multiple Web Sites     354

Changing Publishing Options     355

Connecting a Remote Web Site     356

Publishing a Web Site     358

Publishing a Web Page     359

Updating a Web Site     360

Checking Publishing Status     362

Managing Files Shared by a Team     363

15 Customizing Expression Web     365

Changing General Options     366

Changing Startup Options     368

Configuring External Editors     369

Customizing Reports View     370

Customizing FTP Options     371

Setting General Page Editor Options     372

Setting Code Formatting Options     374

Changing Code Snippet Options     376

Setting Design View Formatting Options     377

Creating Custom Colors     378

Setting Default Font Options     380

Setting Ruler and Grid Options     381

Setting Byte Order Mark Options     382

Changing Plug-in Properties     384

16 Working with Expression Studio     385

Exploring Expression Design     386

Getting Started with Expression Design     387

Working with Expression Design     388

Exploring Expression Encoder     390

Working with Expression Encoder     392

Exploring Expression Blend     394

Working with Expression Blend     396

Adding Interactivity with Expression Blend     398

Getting Started with Deep Zoom Composer     399

Creating Deep Zoom Composer Images     400

New Features     401

Keyboard Shortcuts     405

Index     411


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