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Mastering the Internet, XHTML and JavaScript, 2nd Edition

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Mastering the Internet, XHTML and JavaScript, 2nd Edition


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  • NEW - Eye-catching graphics—Features a completely new page design and layout, including section headings and example headings, with abundant figures and screen captures.
    • Illustrates for students the concepts and ideas in an effective and exciting manner.

  • NEW - Comprehensive chapter format—Begins with goals, objectives, and headlines; and ends with tutorials, FAQs, a summary, and problems.
    • Gives students a format that provides effective and easy learning.

  • NEW - Quick Reference sections—End each chapter.
    • Summarizes for students software use, syntax of XHTML tags, and JavaScript syntax.

  • NEW - Pedagogical tools—Included in each section or paragraph. Inserts, figures, tables, examples, tutorials, and advice are contained throughout the text.
    • Enables students to easily follow and understand the book material.

  • NEW - Interactivity and deeper understanding—Includes Codes Explained sections, Discussion sections, and Hands-On sections.
    • Builds students' confidence by providing three pedagogical elements that give insight, tips, and pitfalls to avoid.

  • NEW - Focus on chapter concepts—Provides an example that focuses on one chapter concept only; each tutorial combines chapter concepts.
    • Provides students with the practical applications of chapter concepts.

  • NEW - Application of existing software tools—Covers concepts first, then applies tools in one place.
    • Gives students a conceptual overview that provides a practical application.

  • NEW - Blackbox sections—Tightly integrated with the chapter material.
    • Provides students with summaries that serve as a stimulus for class discussion.

  • NEW - Check Your Progress sections—Integrated with chapter sections.
    • Serves students as review material and for focus group discussions in class.

  • NEW - Think Beyond sections.
    • Enables students to know where they are and where they are going.

  • NEW - Coverage of four major leading browsers, seven major leading e-mail tools, three major leading HTML editors, and two leading servers.
    • Provides students with the latest technology.

  • Simple, comprehensive, and coherent.
    • Provides students with a text that explains the subject matter in a friendly and understandable format.

  • Hands-on and practice-oriented material—Designed to be performed in a lab setting.
    • Provides students with extensive applied exercises, enabling them to utilize specific browsers and HTML editors.

  • Concentrated knowledge—Gives the means and material to find material quickly and easily using the Internet.
    • Offers students concentrated information and services.

  • Companion website: www.prenhall.com/zeid—Enables the user the download the source code of each chapter.
    • Provides students with the means to use the multiple-choice questions for study and exam preparation.

  • Extensive instructor support—Offers plentiful topics, examples, tutorials, problems, and pedagogy.
    • Provides instructors with all of the tools they'll need to teach an effective course.


  • Copyright 2005
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/4"
  • Pages: 928
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-140086-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-140086-3

The Second Edition of Mastering the Internet, XHTML, and JavaScript presents the fundamentals of Internet technologies to help readers understand and effectively master the dynamic nature of the Internet. Professor Zeid provides comprehensive coverage of the client-side technology basics, including the Internet, XHTML, and JavaScript, integrating these technologies with just enough coverage of server-side technologies (CGI, servlets, and JavaServer Pages) and databases (Microsoft® Excel and MySQL) to give students a solid understanding of the Web and its diverse Web pages.

Packed with helpful pedagogic features including tutorials, examples, hands-on exercises, and quick reference refreshers throughout, Professor Zeid offers simple, coherent, and comprehensive coverage of the World Wide Web, XHTML scripting, and JavaScript programming. This book also features a Companion Website with supplemental material including Web links and book resources:

Coverage Includes:
  • Client-side technologies including the Internet, XHTML, and JavaScript.
  • Server-side technologies including CGI, servlets and JavaServer Pages
  • Databases including MySQL and Microsoft Excel
  • Leading Web browsers: IE 6.0, Netscape 4.8 & 7.01, Opera 7, and Crazy Browser 1.05.
  • Popular e-mail tools: Eudora, Hotmail, Outlook Express 6.0, Yahoo mail, Netscape 4.8 Messenger, Netscape 7.01 mailer, and Opera 7 M2.
  • HTML editors: FrontPage 2002, Composer 7.01, and AceHTML 5.0.
  • Instant Messaging tools: AIM v5.1, Yahoo!© Messenger v5.5, and MSN Messenger v5.0. Leading Web servers: Apache server version 2.0.45, and Tomcat server version 4.1.24, both from the Apache group.

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Table of Contents


 1. Overview of the Internet.
 2. Web Browsers.
 3. E-Mail Tools.
 4. Instant Messaging.
 5. Lists and Newsgroups.
 6. Security and Privacy.
 7. Searching the Internet.
 8. FTP and Telnet.


 9. XHTML Essentials.
10. Images and Maps.
11. Web Design.
12. Tables.
13. Layers.
14. Frames.
15. Forms.
16. Cascading Style Sheets.
17. HTML Editors.
18. Server-Side Scripting.


19. JavaScript Syntax.
20. Functions and Arrays.
21. Handling Events.
22. Objects.
23. Windows and Frames.
24. Processing Form Input.
25. Temporal Control.
26. Cookies.


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