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Mastering Project Human Resource Management: Effectively Organize and Communicate with All Project Stakeholders

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Mastering Project Human Resource Management: Effectively Organize and Communicate with All Project Stakeholders

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  • Copyright 2015
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-383813-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-383813-8

Learn powerful communications and stakeholder management techniques that dramatically improve your ability to deliver projects successfully! Unlike other project guides, which address these issues only in passing, Mastering Project Human Resource Management offers practical, real-world guidance, in-the-trenches insights, and proven applications. You'll learn how to:

  • Identify stakeholders and initiate communications
  • Plan for effective HR, communications, and stakeholder management
  • Build, develop, and manage project teams capable of powerfully effective communication and stakeholder engagement
  • Monitor, control, and optimize the effectiveness of your communication and engagement

This book is part of a new series of six cutting-edge project management guides for both working practitioners and students. Like all books in this series, it offers deep practical insight into the successful design, management, and control of complex modern projects. Using real case studies and proven applications, expert authors show how multiple functions and disciplines can and must be integrated to achieve a successful outcome. Individually, these books focus on realistic, actionable solutions, not theory. Together, they provide comprehensive guidance for working project managers at all levels, as well as indispensable knowledge for anyone pursuing PMI/PMBOK certification or other accreditation in the field.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Introduction    1

Section I  Initiating Stage    5

Chapter 1  Stakeholder Identification and Analysis    7

Learning Objectives    7

What Is a Stakeholder?    8

Types of Stakeholders    8

Policy-Level Stakeholders    8

Implementation-Level Stakeholders    9

Stakeholder Identification and Analysis    9

Purpose    10

Scope    11

Timing    12

Mechanism    12

Summary    28

Key Terms    28

Case Study: From Shopping Mall Project to an Outlet Mall Project–A Case Study for a Stakeholder Analysis    28

Background    29

Why Did the Original Project Fail?    29

New Approach    30

Conclusion    30

Case Study Questions    35

Chapter Review and Discussion Questions    36

Reference Notes    36

Section II  Planning Stage    39

Chapter 2  Planning Human Resource Management    41

Learning Objectives    41

Purpose    42

Scope    42

Timing    43

Mechanism    43

How to Plan Project Human Resource Management    43

Understand the Project Framework and Approach    44

Determine the Resources Required to Complete the Project Work    45

Understand the Project Environment    45

Consult the Historical Organizational Project Artifacts    48

Consult Subject Matter Experts    49

Understand Organizational Behavior    50

Determine the Format for Documenting Project Roles and Responsibilities    51

Develop the Human Resource Management Plan    55

Summary    58

Key Terms    58

Case Study: A Case of Failed Human Resource Management Planning    59

What Led to the Roadblock?    60

Conclusion    60

Case Study Questions    61

Chapter Review and Discussion Questions    61

Reference Notes    62

Chapter 3  Planning Communications Management    63

Learning Objectives    63

Purpose    64

Scope    65

Timing    65

Mechanism    65

How to Plan Project Communications Management    66

Review the Project Management Plan    67

Obtain Stakeholder Information from the Stakeholder Register    67

Understand the Project Environment    68

Review the Historical Organizational Project Artifacts    68

Utilize Appropriate Project Communication Methods and Tools    69

Develop a Communications Management Plan    74

Update the Current Project Documents    74

Summary    75

Key Terms    76

Case Study: An Effective Communications Management Plan Devised to Save People from the Clutches of Cancer    76

Communications Management Plan    76

Tailoring the Message    77

Using the Right Communications Channels    78

Case Conclusion    79

Case Questions    79

Chapter Review and Discussion Questions    80

Reference Notes    80

Chapter 4  Planning Stakeholder Management    83

Learning Objectives    83

Purpose    84

Scope    84

Timing    85

Mechanism    85

How to Plan for Stakeholder Management    85

Understand Project Framework and Approach    86

Obtain Stakeholder Information    87

Understand the Project Environment    87

Consult Historical Organizational Project Artifacts    87

Consult Subject Matter Experts    88

Perform Stakeholder Engagement Analysis    89

Synthesize Stakeholder Management Planning Information    90

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy    91

Stakeholder Management Plan    93

Summary    94

Key Terms    95

Case Study: First City Bank Implements an ERP System    95

Case Questions    97

Chapter Review and Discussion Questions    97

Reference Notes    98

Section III  Developing and Managing (Executing) Stage    99

Chapter 5  Acquiring Project Human Resources    101

Learning Objectives    101

Purpose    102

Scope    102

Factors Influencing the Scope of the Project Human Resource Acquisition    102

Timing    104

Mechanism    104

How to Acquire Project Human Resources    104

Summary    113

Key Terms    113

Case Study: An Unusual Challenge–Immediate Staffing for a Government Project    114

Challenge    114

Action    115

Conclusion    116

Case Study Questions    116

Chapter Review and Discussion Questions    116

Reference Notes    117

Chapter 6  Developing Project Human Resources    119

Learning Objectives    119

Purpose    120

Scope    121

Timing    121

Mechanism    122

How to Develop Project Human Resources    122

Review Project Staff Assignments    122

Review Human Resource Management Plan    123

Determine Resource Availability    124

Utilize Project Human Resource Management Tools    124

Coaching and Training    126

Team-Building Activities    127

Tips for Effective Team Building    129

Kickoff Meetings    130

Ground Rules    130

Co-Location    132

Recognition and Rewards    133

Human Resource (Team Member) Assessments    134

Conduct Team Performance Assessments    135

Update Project Environment Information    135

Check Point: Measuring the Success of Team Development Efforts    136

Summary    138

Key Terms    138

Case Study: A Focus on Competency Development and Training Doubles the Success Rate of New Initiatives    139

Company    139

Challenge    139

Solution    139

Results    140

Case Study Questions    141

Chapter Review and Discussion Questions    141

References Notes    142

Chapter 7  Managing Project Human Resources    143

Learning Objectives    143

Purpose    144

Scope    145

Timing    146

Mechanism    146

Basic Control Process    146

Baseline, Planned, or Reference Input    147

Actual Input    148

Control Process    148

Feedback    148

How to Manage Project Human Resources    149

Review Project Staff Assignments    150

Review Human Resource Management Plan    150

Monitor and Control Team Performance    151

Baseline, Planned, or Reference Input (Wanted Team Performance)    151

Actual Input (Assessed Team Performance)    151

Determine Team Performance Variance    152

Feedback    152

Review Project Work Performance Status Reports    154

Utilize Project Human Resource Management Tools    155

Interpersonal Skills    155

Project Performance Evaluations    158

Team Conflict Management    159

Manage Issues    160

Manage Change Requests    160

Update Project Management Plan    161

Update Project Current, Operational, or Living Documents    161

Update Project Environment Information    162

Update Historical Organizational Project Artifacts    162

Summary    163

Key Terms    164

Case Study: Omega Machine    164

Challenge    165

Solution    167

Results    167

Case Study Questions    168

Chapter Review and Discussion Questions    168

Reference Notes    169

Chapter 8  Managing Project Communications    171

Learning Objectives    171

Purpose    172

Scope    172

Timing    173

Mechanism    173

How to Manage Project Communications    173

Review Communications Management Plan    174

Process Work Performance Reports    174

Understand Project Environment    175

Review Historical Organizational Project Artifacts    175

Use Project Communications Management Tools    175

Information Management Systems    177

Performance Reporting    177

Conduct Project Communications    178

Update Project/Communications Management Plans    178

Update Current Project Documents    179

Update Historical Organizational Project Artifacts    179

Summary    180

Key Terms    180

Case Study: Project Communications Management: Best Practices in Practice    181

Case Study Questions    182

Chapter Review Questions    182

Reference Notes    183

Chapter 9  Managing Stakeholder Engagement    185

Learning Objectives    185

Purpose    186

Scope    186

Timing    187

Mechanism    187

How to Manage Stakeholder Engagement    187

Determine Whom to Engage and How to Engage 188

Utilize Soft Skills Effectively    189

Collect Project Changes Information    191

Consult Historical Organizational Project Artifacts    191

Document Change Requests Generated from Managing Stakeholder Engagement    192

Document Changes to Stakeholder Requirements    192

Update Project Logs and Risk Register    193

Project Logs Update    193

Stakeholder Register Update    194

Record Updates to Historical Organizational Project Artifacts    194

Summary    196

Key Terms    196

Case Study; Solenoid Electric India Limited–Using Its Core Values to Lead the Way in Effective Stakeholder Engagement Management    196

Stakeholder Engagement Strategies    197

Managing Stakeholder Engagement    198

Internal Stakeholder Engagement    198

External Stakeholder Engagement    199

Stakeholder Conflict    199

Conclusion    200

Case Study Questions    200

Chapter Review and Discussion Questions    200

Reference Notes    201

Section IV  Controlling Stage    203

Chapter 10  Controlling Project Communications    205

Learning Objectives    205

Purpose    206

Scope    206

Timing    207

Mechanism    207

How to Control Project Communications    207

Obtain Communications Performance Data    208

Obtain Baseline (Planned) Information    209

Review Project Communications Issues    209

Review Historical Organizational Project Artifacts    209

Utilize Communications Control Tools    210

Monitor and Control Project Communications Performance    212

Baseline, Planned, or Reference Input (Wanted Performance)    212

Actual Input (Assessed Communications Performance)    213

Determine Communications Performance Variance    213

Synthesize and Disseminate Project Work Performance Information    214

Update Project Management Plan    214

Update Current Project Documents    214

Update Historical Organizational Project Artifacts    215

Summary    216

Key Terms    216

Case Study    217

Challenge    217

Solution    218

Results    218

Case Study Questions    218

Chapter Review and Discussion Questions    219

Reference Notes    219

Chapter 11  Controlling Stakeholder Engagement    221

Learning Objectives    221

Purpose    222

Scope    223

Timing    223

Mechanism    223

How to Control Stakeholder Engagement    223

Utilize Stakeholder Engagement Control Tools    227

Monitor and Control Stakeholder Engagement Performance    227

Summary    229

Key Terms    230

Case Study    230

The City of Mayflower Community Center Construction Project    230

Case Study Questions    231

Chapter Review and Discussion Questions    232

Reference Notes    232

Index    233


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