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Learning AutoCAD 2012

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Learning AutoCAD 2012

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  • Copyright 2014
  • Edition: 1st
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-357141-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-357141-7

In this computer based training video, Brian Benton introduces you to AutoCAD 2012.  This latest offering from Autodesk is chock full of new features and a modified interface.  Brian Benton will take you through this industry standard CAD program, and teach you to use it effectively, whether you are a beginner or long-time user of AutoCAD.
Starting with a tour of the interface, this video tutorial will ease you into AutoCAD 2012.  You will review the installation procedure, explore the interface, and discover what's new in this latest version.  From there, you jump into actually using AutoCAD to produce drawings.  You will learn all the different shape tools - lines, circles, rectangles, etc.  You will learn about AutoCAD's coordinate system, how to edit and delete objects, and how to take advantage of layers.  You will use blocks, and discover dimensioning, and how to apply it to your projects.  Finally, you will explore how to plot and publish your project.
With interactive projects at the end of each chapter, you will quickly learn to apply what you have been taught.  By the completion of this video training course, you will be fully capable of using AutoCAD to produce and publish CAD drawings for your own projects.  Working files are included to allow you to work with the same files that the author is teaching you with.

Total Time: 13 hours

Sample Content

Table of Contents

01. Getting Started
    0101 What You Will Learn
    0102 Introduction To AutoCAD
    0103 Installation
    0104 AutoCAD For The First Time
    0105 Quick Run Thru
02. New Features In AutoCAD 2012    
    0201 What's New - Autodesk Exchange
    0202 Content Explorer
    0203 New Methods For Common Command
    0204 Enhancements
    0205 Associative Array
    0206 AutoCAD WS Integration
    0207 3D Enhancements
    0208 3D Editing Enhancements
    0209 3D Model Documentation
    0210 Autodesk Inventor Fusion
03. Interfacing With AutoCAD    
    0301 AutoCAD Drawing Area
    0302 Using The Application Menu And The QAT
    0303 Interfacing With The Ribbon
    0304 Taking Advantage Of The Command Line
    0305 Toolbars And The Menubar
    0306 Pallets And Short Cut Menus
    0307 Using Function Keys And Command Aliases
    0308 Workspaces
    0309 The Status Bar
    0310 An Introduction To Model Space And Paper Space
    0311 Quickview Layouts And Drawings
04. Basic Operations    
    0401 You Have To Start Somewhere
    0402 Quitting CAD
    0403 Object Selection
    0404 Advanced Operation Techniques
    0405 How AutoCAD Interprets Units
    0406 Working With Specific Units
    0407 The User Coordinate System
    0408 Working With The Coordinate System
    0409 Using The Grid System With The Snap Feature
    0410 Pan
    0411 Zoom
    0412 Chapter Project
05. Drawing And Drafting Tools    
    0501 Lines
    0502 Polylines
    0503 Circles
    0504 Arcs
    0505 Polygons
    0506 Rectangles And Ellipses
    0507 Points
    0508 Methods To Create Precise Objects
    0509 Chapter Project
06. Editing Tools    
    0601 Erase
    0602 Delete Duplicates
    0603 The Move And Copy Commands
    0604 Rotating Objects
    0605 Scaling Objects
    0606 Stretching Objects
    0607 Offset
    0608 Mirror
    0609 Trim Extend
    0610 Fillet Chamfer
    0611 Rectangular Array
    0612 Polar Array
    0613 Pathway Array
    0614 Copy Array
    0615 Object Properties
    0616 Chapter Project
07. Utilities
    0701 Listing Objects
    0702 Measuring Tools
    0703 Purging
    0704 Undo
    0705 Chapter Project
08. Precision Tools
    0801 Osnap
    0802 Ortho
    0803 Grips
09. Using Layers    
    0901 Layer Properties
    0902 The Layer Manager
    0903 Freeze
    0904 Creating And Editing Layers
    0905 Using Layers To Control
    0906 Chapter Project
10. Annotations    
    1001 Dimensions
    1002 Dimension Styles
    1003 Advanced Dimension Operations
    1004 Advanced Dimensioning Tools
    1005 Leaders
    1006 Multileaders
    1007 Single Line Text
    1008 Multi Line Text
    1009 Multi Line Text Techniques
    1010 Text Styles
    1011 Tables
    1012 Hatching
    1013 Chapter Project
11. Blocks    
    1101 What Is A Block
    1102 Creating Blocks
    1103 Inserting Blocks And Using Them
    1104 Editing Blocks
    1105 Attributed Blocks
    1106 The Effect Of Exploding Blocks
    1107 Introduction To Dynamic Blocks
    1108 Chapter Project
12. Model Space And Paper Space    
    1201 Whats The Difference
    1202 What Belongs In Where
    1203 Viewports
13. Plot & Publish    
    1301 Plotting
    1302 Page Set Up
    1303 Publish
    1304 Export Your File
    1305 Chapter Project
14. Conclusion    
    1401 Chapter Project Draw The Building
    1402 Chapter Project Decoration
    1403 Chapter Project Annotation
15. About The Author    
    1501 About The Author


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