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Joseph Lowery's Beyond Dreamweaver

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Joseph Lowery's Beyond Dreamweaver

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  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7357-1277-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7357-1277-5

Joseph Lowery¿s Beyond Dreamweaver is for Dreamweaver designers and developers who are serious about increasing their productivity, expanding their skill set, and making themselves more valuable in the workplace. You¿ll find techniques for integrating Dreamweaver with your company¿s content management system, automating the creation of web pages from XML data files, and capitalizing on Dreamweaver¿s extensibility.

With Joseph Lowery¿s Beyond Dreamweaver, you combine general principles with specific Dreamweaver methods and strategies. Not only will you learn how to accomplish specific tasks, you¿ll discover how to enhance your productivity by:

  • Integrating Dreamweaver and your content management systems
  • Employing techniques for Section 508 compliance
  • Coding SMIL multimedia presentations within Dreamweaver
  • Incorporating XML content into Dreamweaver templates
  • Dynamically automating static web page creation
  • Building sequential navigation
  • Communicating efficiently with Flashtm, Fireworkstm, and Dreamweaver
  • Unearthing and applying Dreamweaver's extensibility layer

Joseph Lowery¿s Beyond Dreamweaver, your guide to overcoming productivity challenges and pushing your designs even further!



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Sample Content

Downloadable Sample Chapter

Sample Chapter from the book - 702 kb -- Chapter 4 - XML Transference from Data to Layout

Table of Contents



1. Incorporating Content Management Systems.

Integrating with Existing Content Management Systems. Setting Up Custom Pages. Adding CMS Tags Through Tag Libraries. Customizing the Dreamweaver Workspace. Working in Code with Snippets. Adding a Custom Object.

2. Meeting Accessibility Requirements.

Accessibility Overview. Understanding Federal Accessibility Requirements. Scanning Pages and Sites for 508 Violations.

3. Streaming Multimedia Layout Using SMIL.

SMIL: A Coder's Overview. Making SMIL Available in Dreamweaver. Setting Up a SMIL Page Type. Constructing a SMIL Layout within Dreamweaver.


4. XML Transference from Data to Layout.

A Brief Introduction to XML. Exporting Template Content to XML. Manually Importing from XML. Automated Import to Template.

5. Automating Static Page Production from a Data Source.

Overview of the Technique. Optional Regions and Template Parameters. Programmatically Adding Repeating Regions. Working without Templates.

6. Templating Navigation Systems.

Using Template Expressions. Taking a JavaScript Approach. Going Dynamic.


7. Communicating with Fireworks.

Controlling Fireworks from Dreamweaver. Existing Extensions. Constructing Fireworks Commands. Example: Cross-Application Extension: Thumbnail Builder. A Key Fireworks Extension Development Technique.

8. Making Flash Connections.

Creating Custom Flash Buttons. Working with Flash MX.

9. Coding with Classes and Libraries.

Coding with Standard Classes and Libraries. Creating Your Own JavaScript Objects.

10. Beyond JavaScript: Interfacing with Dreamweaver Through C++.

Calling C++ Code from JavaScript. Creating JavaScript Extensions for Dreamweaver. Example: The DWClipboard JSExtension.




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