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Great Age Guide to the Internet

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Great Age Guide to the Internet


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  • Copyright 2006
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 288
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3442-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3442-6

Author Sandy Berger is the host of the AARP Webplace Computers and Technology website, and is the perfect host to guide you through the Internet. Sandy's easy-reading style and bite-sized chunks of information are just a few of the reasons why thousands of people who did not grow up with computers go to Sandy for her sound advice and easy to follow instruction. Sandy will explain the basics of the Internet, from creating and sending e-mail to designing a web page. Sandy will discuss which Internet Service Provider to choose based on your lifestyle and then explain what firewalls are, how to protect yourself from spam and identity theft, and how to prevent viruses from attacking your computer. There is much to learn and keep up-to-date with when it comes to technology. Let Sandy help guide your way with the Great Age Guide to the Internet!

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Online Sample Chapters

Internet Addresses, Email Addresses, Acronyms and Emoticons: The Language of the Internet for Beginners

The Language of the Internet

Table of Contents


    About Sandy Berger's Great Age Series

    Guide to the Internet

    What's Inside

    How This Book Is Organized

1. Joining the Internet Community.

    Can I Get to the Internet Without a Computer?

      MSN TV

      Other Email Capable Devices

    Hi-tech Options for Accessing the Internet

      The BlackBerry

    Connecting Your Computer to the Internet Using a _Phone Line

      Basic Dial-Up Connection

      Hi-Speed Dial-Up Connection

    Broadband Connections

      Broadband: Cable Connections

      Broadband: DSL Connections

      Broadband: Satellite

      Broadband: Other Types of Connections

    Choosing an Internet Service Provider

      Local Versus National ISP

      Check the Yellow Pages

      What Do You Get?

      Connecting to the Internet While on the Road

    Sandy's Summary

2. ABCs of the Internet.

    Web Browsers: Your Window to the Internet

    Internet Basics

      Web Pages and Websites

      What's a Home Page?

      What's a Session?

    Browser Basics

      Title Bar

      Menu Bar

      Other Toolbars

      Address Bar

    Customizing Toolbars

    Printing Web Pages

      Printer-Friendly Feature

      Print Preview

    Navigating the Internet

      Navigating with Hyperlinks

      Navigating Within a Web Page

    Sandy's Summary

3. The Language of the Internet.

    Understanding Internet Addresses

    Email Addresses

    Acronyms and Emoticons

      Saying Goodbye

    Sandy's Summary

4. Exciting Things to Do on the Internet.

    Finding Information with a Search Engine

    Search Engine Choices

    Using a Search Engine

      Popular Search Engines

      Why Are Search Results Different?

      Which Search Engine Is for You?

      Intelligent Searching

    Downloading and Working with Files from the Internet

      Download Files from the Internet

      Saving Web Pages to your Computer

      Overcoming Roadblocks

    Online Shopping

      Comparison Shopping

      Shopping Online Safely

    Sandy's Summary

5. Web Advertising and Pop-ups.

    The All Powerful Mouse Click

    Types of Online Ads

      Banner Ads

      Targeted Ads

      Click for Cash

      Pop-up Ads

      Video Ads

    Using Your Browser's Pop-Up Ad Blocker

      Other Pop-Up Blockers

      Disabling Pop-Up Blockers

    Should Web Content Be Free?

      Ad-free Websites for a Fee

      Tip Boxes

    Underhanded Advertising

      Online Hijacking

      Web Bugs

      Other Devious Plots

    Sandy's Summary

6. Email Essentials.

    Choosing an Email Program

      Outlook Express

      Microsoft Outlook


      Mail on the Mac

      Web Mail

    Sending and Receiving Email

      Basic Email Etiquette

      Addressing Email Messages

      Adding a Subject and Message

      Replying to Email

      Forwarding Email

    Understanding Basic Email Management


      Organizing Your Email

      Deleting Email

    Customizing Email

    Email Attachments


      Garbled Text and Unknown File Types

    Email Hoaxes, Jokes, and Chain Letters

      Chain Letters

      Virus Hoaxes

      Identifying Hoaxes

      Avoiding Hoaxes


    Sandy's Summary

7. Dealing with Spam.

    Recognizing Spam

    Spam Morphs Itself

    How Spam Affects Us and How to Stop It

      Zombie Computers

      Anti-spam Rules

      Don't Click on Spam

      Keep Your Email Address Private

      Avoid Email Lists

      Be a Tattletale

    Spam Control Programs

      Using Anti-Spam Tools in Email Software

      Spam Blocking Software

      Change Your Email Address

    Using Sender Verification

    Filtering out More Than Spam

    The Spam Solution

    Sandy's Summary

8. Chat Rooms, Message Boards, and Instant _Messaging.

    Chatting on the Web

      How to Find a Chat Room

      Joining a Chat

    Using Message Boards

      Navigating the Boards

      Finding Message Boards

      Internet Groups

    Instant Messaging

      Contact (Buddy) Lists

      Video Instant Messaging

    Sandy's Summary

9. Putting Your Stuff on the Web.

    Web Creation Software

      Full-featured Web Development Software

      Basic Web Page Creation Software

      Learning HTML Basics

      Doing It the Easy Way

      Putting Your Page on the Internet

    Sharing Family Photos

    Content for Your Site

      Keep the File Size Small

    Sandy's Summary

10. Security in Cyberspace.

    Understanding Computer Viruses

    Detecting and Preventing Viruses

      Updating Antivirus Software

      Removing Viruses

      Develop Healthy Computer Habits

      Viruses Worsen Over Time

    Bugs, Patches, and Updates

      Updating Your Operating System Is a Must

      Performing System Updates

    Know Your Cookies

      What Information Can a Cookie Extract?

    Choosing Passwords and Biometric Identification

      Common Password Mistakes

      Tips for Choosing a Safe Password

      Biometric Identification

    Dealing with Spyware

      How Spyware Invades Our Computers

      Removing Spyware from Your Computer

    Understanding Firewalls

    Securing Wireless Connections

    Avoiding Identity Theft

      Phishing Scams

      Be Informed and Protect Your Information

    Sandy's Summary



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