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Googlepedia: The Ultimate Google Resource

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Googlepedia: The Ultimate Google Resource


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  • Copyright 2007
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3639-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3639-0

Do you want to learn and ultimately master Google's web and software tools beyond what information can find through their help files?

Well Googlepedia shows both casual end-users and professional web developers how to get the most out of the Google search site and Google's powerful tools. For web searchers, Googlepedia describes how Google indexes web pages and ranks search results, and provides step-by-step instructions on conducting both basic and advanced queries. All types of searches are presented, including searches of specific government and university web sites. Finally, webmasters and website developers learn how to submit their pages to Google for indexing, increase their search rankings, incorporate Google searches on their Web sites, and use Google's Adsense service to make money from any sized website.

For all web users, Googlepedia shows how to use and master Google's web-based and software-based tools. Readers learn how to enhance their PC's operation with the Google Pack and Google Toolbar; map destinations, get driving directions, and find nearby businesses with Google Maps and Google Earth; find the best online bargains with Froogle; instant message other users with Google Talk; view web pages in other languages with Google Translate; create their own blogs with Blogger; use Google on their mobile phones; and much, much more.

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Searching the Google Directory

Searching the Google Directory

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Download Chapter 11: Customizing Google and the Google Home Page

Table of Contents



        What’s in This Book

        Who Can Use This Book

        How to Use This Book

        Get Ready to Google!

Part I:    Basic Searches

    1  Inside Google

        Getting to Know Google, Inc.

            Google’s Mission

            Google’s History

            Google’s Revenues

            Is Google a Search Company or an Advertising Company?

            Life at the Googleplex

        How Google Works

            How a Typical Search Works

            How Google Builds Its Database–And Assembles Its Index

            How Google Ranks Its Results

        The Bottom Line

    2  Searching the Web

        Conducting a Basic Search

            Navigating Google’s Home Page

            Entering Your Query

            Feeling Lucky?

            How Google Displays Its Results

            Omitted Results

            Extending Your Search

        Conducting a More Refined Search

            Don’t Worry About Capitalization…

            …But Do Worry About Word Order

            ”And” Is Assumed

            Search for One or Another Word

            Common Words Are Automatically Excluded

            Always Include Stop Words

            Exclude Words from Results

            Take Advantage of Automatic Word Stemming

            Search for Similar Words

            Search for an Exact Phrase

            Use Wildcards to Search for Missing Words in an Exact Phrase

            Search for Words That Don’t Appear Together

            Narrow Your Search to Specific File Types

            Narrow Your Search to a Specific Domain or Website

            Narrow Your Search to Words in the Page’s Title

            Narrow Your Search to Words in the Page’s URL

            Narrow Your Search to Words in the Page’s Body Text

            Narrow Your Search to Words in the Page’s Link Text

            Search for a Range of Numbers

            Travel Way Back in Time for Your Search

            List Pages That Link to a Specific Page

            List Similar Pages

            Find Out More About a Specific Page

            Highlight Keywords

        Using the Advanced Search Page

        Narrowing Your Search Results with URL Parameters

            Understanding Google’s URLs

            Displaying the Most Recent Results

            Displaying More (or Fewer) Results

            Restricting Results to a Specific Filetype

        Other Ways to Query Google

        Tips for More Effective Searches

            Use the Correct Methodology

            Use the Right Keywords in Your Query

            Save Your Results

        The Bottom Line

    3   Searching the Google Directory

        What the Google Directory Is–And What It Isn’t

            Why a Directory Isn’t a Search Engine, and Vice Versa

            How the Google Directory Is Assembled

            Why You’d Want to Use the Google Directory Instead of Google’s Web Search

        Navigating the Google Directory

            Searching Directory Listings

            Browsing Directory Categories

            Searching Within a Category

        The Bottom Line

Part II:    Specialized Searches

    4   Searching for People and Phone Numbers

        Searching for People by Name

        Searching for People by Phone Number

        Searching for Personal Information–And Home Pages

        Googling Yourself

        The Bottom Line

    5   Searching for Financial Information

        Searching via the Standard Search Box

        Using Google Finance

            Accessing General Financial Information

            Accessing Specific Stock and Company Information

            Viewing Interactive Financial Charts

            Tracking Your Portfolio

        Discussing Finances in Google Finance Groups

            Finding Google Finance Discussions

            Reading and Rating Messages

            Creating a Google Finance Profile

            Replying to Messages

            Starting a New Discussion

        The Bottom Line

    6  Searching Blogs and Blog Postings

        How Google Blog Search Works

        How to List Your Blog with Google Blog Search

        Searching for Blogs–And Blog Posts

            Four Ways to Search

            Evaluating Blog Search Results

        Fine-Tuning Your Blog Search Query

            Using Advanced Search Operators

            Using the Advanced Search Page

            Advanced Searching from Blogger

        Subscribing to Blog Search Results

        Reading Blog Feeds with Google Reader

            Search for Feeds

            Enter the Site’s URL

            Enter the Feed URL

            Import Feeds from Other Readers

            Editing Your Subscriptions

            Sharing Your Favorite Postings

            Putting Your Favorite Feeds on Your Own Web Page

        The Bottom Line

    7  Searching for Scholarly Information

        How Google Scholar Works

            Identifying Scholarly Content

            Searching Beyond the Public Internet

            Including Print-Only Content

        Understanding Google Scholar Search Results

            Different Types of Results

            Listing Information

            How to Use Google Scholar Results

        Searching Google Scholar

            Conducting a Basic Search

            Using Advanced Search Operators

            Using the Advanced Scholar Search Page

        Linking to Information at Your Library

        Expanding Google Scholar

            Add Google Scholar to Your Website

            Google Scholar for Libraries

            Google Scholar for Publishers

        The Bottom Line

    8  Searching for University, Technical, and Government Information

        Using Google’s University Search

        Using Google’s Special Technology Searches

        Using Google U.S. Government Search

        The Bottom Line

    9  Searching for Words and Definitions

        Using a “What Is” Search

        Using the Google Glossary

        Finding Similar Words with Google Sets

        The Bottom Line

    10 Searching for Other Special Information

         Searching for Facts

         Searching for Weather Information

         Searching for Travel Information

            Viewing Airport Conditions

            Tracking Flight Status

         Searching for Numbers

         Searching for Movies

         Searching for Music

         The Bottom Line

Part III:    Additional Search Features

    11 Customizing Google and the Google Home Page

         Setting Google Search Preferences

            Display Google in a Different Language

            Search in a Different Language

            Search Safely

            Display More Results Per Page

            Open a New Results Window

         Creating Your Own Personalized Homepage

            Personalizing Start Page Content

            Adding RSS Feeds

            Customizing Individual Content Modules

            Rearranging Content Modules

            Deleting Content Modules

            Adding Even More Content

            Your Final Personalized Homepage

         Making Google Your Home Page

         The Bottom Line

    12 Making Google Safe for Kids

         How SafeSearch Filtering Works

         Enabling the SafeSearch Filter

            SafeSearch Filtering from the Preferences Page

            SafeSearch Filtering from the Advanced Search Page

            SafeSearch Filtering from the Standard Search Box

            SafeSearch Filtering by Editing the Search Results URL

         When Not to Use SafeSearch

         The Bottom Line

    13 Using Google in Other Languages

         Searching for Language- and Country-Specific Pages

            Changing Your Default Language Search

            Conducting a Language-Specific Search

            Conducting a Country-Specific Search 

         Displaying Google in Another Language

         Using Country-Specific Google Sites

         Translating Text and Web Pages from One Language to Another

            Languages Translated

            Translating Text Passages

            Translating Web Pages

            Translating from Google’s Search Results

            Translating Web Pages from the Google Toolbar

            Translating Words from the Google Toolbar

         The Bottom Line

    14 Using Google As a Calculator and Converter

         Performing Basic Calculations from the Google Search Box

         Performing Advanced Calculations

         Looking Up the Values of Constants

         Converting Units of Measure

         An Easier Way to Calculate

         The Bottom Line

    15 Keeping Updated with Google Alerts

         Different Kinds of Alerts

         Signing Up for Alerts

         Customizing and Editing Your Alerts

         Deleting Google Alerts

         The Bottom Line

Part IV:    Shopping and Product Searches

    16 Searching for Bargains with Froogle and Google Catalogs

         Froogle: It’s Different from Other Price Comparison Sites

            How Most Price Comparison Sites Work

            How Froogle Works

         Searching for the Lowest Prices

            Basic Searching

            Understanding Froogle’s Search Results

            Getting the Most from the Product Detail Page

            Advanced Searching

            Using Advanced Search Operators

            Getting Ready to Buy

         Shopping for Local Bargains

            Local Bargains from the Main Froogle Search Box

            Local Bargains from the Search Results Page

         Using Froogle’s Merchant Reviews

         Creating Your Own Froogle Shopping List

            Adding an Item to Your Shopping List

            Viewing and Managing Your Shopping List

            Creating a Wish List

         Shopping Online with Google Catalogs

            Searching for Specific Catalogs

            Browsing by Product Category

            Viewing Catalogs Online

         The Bottom Line

    17 Buying and Selling–Online and Locally–with Google Base

         Understanding Google Base

         What’s Not Permitted on Google Base

         Finding Items on Google Base

            Searching for Items

            Browsing for Items

            Buying Items with Google Payments

         Selling Items on Google Base

            Submitting Google Base Listings

            Accepting Google Payments

         Uploading Bulk Items

            Creating and Submitting a Bulk Upload File

            Using Google Base to Submit Store Inventory to Froogle

            Using Google Base to Submit Business Location Data to Google Maps

        The Bottom Line

Part V:    Maps and Directions

    18 Using Google Maps

         Introducing Google Maps

         Searching for Maps

            Searching by Address

            Searching by Landmark

            Displaying Google Maps by Entering a URL

            Displaying Street Maps from a Google Web Search

         Navigating a Google Map

         Displaying Satellite Images

            The View from Above

            Displaying Hybrid Satellite Maps

         Sharing Maps

            Linking to a Specific Map

            Emailing a Map

            Printing a Map

         Displaying Driving Directions

            Generating Turn-by-Turn Directions

            Following Directions

            Getting Back Home Again

            Printing Your Directions

         Setting Your Default Location

         Finding Nearby Businesses

            Adding Your Business to Google Maps

         Using Google Maps on Your Cell Phone

            Sending Map Info to Your Cell Phone

            Querying Google Maps via Text Message

            Using Google Maps for Mobile

         The Bottom Line

    19 Using Google Map Mashups

         Finding Google Map Mashups

         News and Weather Mashups

         Local Information and Services


         Food, Dining, and Entertainment


         WiFi and Cellular

         Demographic Information

         Colleges and Universities

         Photo Maps

         Sports and Training


         Celebrity Sightings

         Other Fun–And Informative–Mashups

         The Bottom Line

    20 Using Google Earth

         Which Version Is for You?

         Introducing Google Earth

         Navigating Google Earth

            Navigating with the Onscreen Navigation Controls

            Navigating with the Mouse

            Navigating with the Keyboard

         Taking a Quick Tour of Google Earth

         Making Google Earth More Three-Dimensional

         Configuring View Options

            Setting View Preferences

            Using Full-Screen Mode

            Displaying a Latitude/Longitude Grid

            Displaying the Overview Map

         Saving and Printing a View

         Searching for Locations to View

         Displaying Driving Directions

            Getting Directions

            Touring Your Route

            Printing and Saving Directions

         Displaying and Using Layers

         Displaying Points of Interest

         Creating Custom Placemarks

         Measuring Distance Along a Path

         Using Google Earth with GPS Devices

         The Bottom Line

Part VI:    Communications Services

    21 Sending and Receiving Email with Gmail

         What Makes Gmail Unique

         Signing Up (It’s Free!)

         Getting to Know the Gmail Interface

         Sending and Receiving Email

            Reading Messages

            Viewing Conversations

         Replying to Messages

            Forwarding Messages

            Composing and Sending New Messages

            Attaching Files

            Opening or Viewing Attached Files

            Deleting Messages

         Searching Your Inbox

            Basic Search

            Searching with Search Options

            Searching with Advanced Operators

         Other Ways of Organizing Your Email Messages

            Starring Important Messages

            Applying Labels

            Archiving Old Messages

         Filtering Incoming Mail

         Dealing with Spam and Viruses

            Blocking Spam Messages

            Scanning Your Attachments for Viruses

         Working with Contacts

            Adding a New Contact

            Importing Contacts from Another Program

            Displaying Contacts

            Searching for Contacts

            Using Contact Groups

            Sending a Message to a Contact or Contact Group

         Using Gmail with Other Email Programs and Accounts

            Reading Gmail in Another Email Program

            Forwarding Gmail to Another Account

         Putting Gmail into Vacation Mode

         Viewing RSS Feeds in Gmail

         Adding a Signature to Your Messages

         Getting Notified of New Gmail Messages

            Using the Gmail Notifier

            Using the Google Toolbar

         The Bottom Line

    22 Instant Messaging with Google Talk and Gmail Chat

         Instant Messaging with Google Talk

            Finding Someone to Talk To

            Initiating a Text-Based Chat

            Blocking Other Users

            Saving Your Chat History

            Changing Your Status–And Signing Out

            Initiating a Voice-Based Chat

            Customizing Google Talk

         Chatting via Gmail with Gmail Chat

            Initiating a Chat

            Changing Your Status–And Ending Your Chat Session

         Using Google Talk with Other IM Networks

         The Bottom Line

    23 Using Blogger

         How Blogs Are Organized

         Getting to Know Blogger

         Creating a Blog

         Viewing Your Blog

         Posting New Blog Entries

         Blogging from the Google Toolbar

         Editing Your Posts

         Managing Comments–And Fighting Spam

            Limiting Comments

            Moderating Comments

            Fighting Comment Spam

         Syndicating Your Blog

         Making Money from Your Blog

         Changing Where Your Blog Is Hosted

         Changing Templates

            Choosing a Different Template

            Using Third-Party Templates

         Modifying Blogger Templates with HTML and Blogger Tags

            Understanding Essential Codes

            Understanding Blogger Tags

            Using Other HTML Tags

         How Popular Is Your Blog?

         The Bottom Line

Part VII:    Multimedia

    24 Searching Google Images

         Searching for Images

            Basic Searching

            Advanced Searching

         Viewing Image Search Results

         Saving and Printing Images

         Filtering Out Dirty Pictures

         Removing Your Images from Image Search

         The Bottom Line

    25 Downloading Video Entertainment from Google Video

         Searching for and Downloading Videos

            Browsing by Category

            Changing the Thumbnail Display

            Basic Video Searching

            Searching by Title

            Viewing the Top 100 Videos

            Viewing Google Picks Videos

            Viewing Past Picks (and More) at the Google Video Blog

         Viewing Videos

            Previewing Videos

            Understanding Google Video Viewing Options

            Playing Streaming Videos on the Google Video Web Page

            Downloading Videos

         Watching Videos You’ve Downloaded

            Using the Google Video Player for Playback

            Playing Downloaded Videos on Another Video Player

            Playing Purchased Videos on Another Computer

         Downloading Videos to Portable Devices

            Downloading to an Apple Video iPod

            Downloading to a Sony Playstation Portable

         Distributing Your Own Videos via the Google Video Upload Program

            Understanding Upload File Guidelines

            Uploading Videos

            Charging for Your Video

         The Bottom Line

Part VIII:    Other Google Services

    26 Using Google Answers

         Understanding Google Answers

            What Kinds of Questions Can You Ask?

            Who Answers Your Questions?

            How Much Should You Pay for Answers?

         Asking Questions–and Viewing Answers

            Viewing Previously-Answered Questions

            Adding Your Comments to a Question

            Asking a New Question

            Getting the Answer

         Clarifying Your Question–And Your Answers

         Ratings, Refunds, and Reposts

         The Bottom Line

    27 Using Google Book Search

         The Story Behind Google Book Search

            Google Books Partner Program

            Google Books Library Project

         Searching–And Viewing–Book Content

            Searching from the Standard Web Search Page

            Searching from Google Book Search

            Conducting an Advanced Book Search

            Viewing Book Content

            Getting More Information

         The Bottom Line

    28 Using Google Groups

         The History of Usenet and Google Groups

            How Newsgroups Work

            Understanding Newsgroup Hierarchies

            Google Groups: Archiving Usenet Articles

         Searching the Newsgroups

            Searching for Groups

            Browsing Through the Groups

            Searching Across All Groups

            Using Advanced Search Operators

         Performing an Advanced Search

         Participating in Google Groups

            Visiting Groups and Reading Messages

            Subscribing to a Group

            Posting to a Group

            Creating a New Message Thread

         Creating Your Own Google Group

            Setting Up the Group

            Inviting Members to Your Group

            Managing Your Group

         The Bottom Line

    29 Using Google News

         Viewing the Latest Headlines and Stories

         Viewing International News

         Personalizing Google News

         Searching for News Articles

         Reading Google News Feeds

         Signing Up for News Alerts

         Getting News on the Go

         The Bottom Line

    30 Using Google Mobile Services

         Searching Google on Your Web-Enabled Mobile Phone

            Using Google Web Search

            Conducting Specialized Web Searches

            Using Google Mobile Web Search

            Using Google Image Search

            Using Google Local Search

         Searching Google via Text Messaging

         Downloading Google Maps and Directions on Your Mobile Phone

         Viewing Google News on Your Mobile Phone

         Sending and Receiving Gmail on Your Mobile Phone

         Searching Froogle on Your Mobile Phone

         Personalizing Your Google Mobile Home Page

         The Bottom Line

Part IX:    Google Software Tools

    31 Using the Google Toolbar

         Getting to Know the Google Toolbar

         Using Google Toolbar’s Default Buttons

            Enhanced Search Box

            Google News

         Google Desktop





            Pop-up Blocker




            Send To


            Word Find

         Customizing the Google Toolbar

            Adding and Removing Buttons

            Using the Optional Toolbar Buttons

            Adding Custom Buttons to the Toolbar

         Other Ways to Search Google from Your Web Browser

            Making Google Your Default Search Engine in Internet Explorer

            Installing Google Browser Buttons

         The Bottom Line

    32 Using Google Desktop

         Welcome to the Google Desktop

         Searching Your Hard Disk

            Conducting a Basic Search

            Viewing Your Results

            Filtering Your Results

            Conducting an Advanced Desktop Search

            Viewing Items in Timeline View

            Viewing the Contents of Your Index

         Searching within Microsoft Outlook

         Searching Other Computers on Your Network

         Searching the Web from Google Desktop

            Searching from the Google Desktop Window

            Searching from the Sidebar

            Searching from the Quick Search Box

         Using the Google Desktop Sidebar

            Different Ways to Display the Sidebar

            Working with Sidebar Gadgets

         The Bottom Line

    33 Using Google Calendar

         All About Google Calendar

         Setting Up Your Google Calendar

            Setting Up a Basic Calendar

            Setting Up Multiple Calendars

            Setting Up Other Types of Calendars

         Viewing Your Calendar

            Using Different Views

            Viewing Multiple Calendars

            Viewing Your Calendar from Other Calendar Applications

         Working with Events

            Adding an Event to Your Calendar

            Adding an Event via Quick Add

            Adding an Event from Gmail

            Importing Events from Other Applications

            Inviting Others to an Event

         Creating a Public Calendar

         Searching Your Calendar–And Public Calenders

            Searching Your Private Calendars

            Searching Public Calendars

         The Bottom Line

    34 Using Picasa

         Installing and Configuring the Program

         Getting to Know the Picasa Desktop

         Organizing Your Photos

            Moving Photos

            Renaming Photos

         Fixing Common Photo Problems

            Fixing a Dark (or Light) Picture

            Fixing an Off-Color Picture

            Fixing Red Eye

            Cropping a Picture

            Applying Special Effects

         Saving Your Changes

            Saving an Edited File

            Resizing a Photo for the Web

         Printing and Sharing Your Photos

            Printing Photos on Your Personal Printer

            Printing Photos via an Online Print Service

            Sharing Your Photos with Picasa Web Albums

            Sharing Your Photos with Hello

            Emailing Photos

            Burning Photos to a Picture CD or DVD

         The Bottom Line

    35 Using Google Pack

         What’s in Google Pack?

         Installing Google Pack–And Keeping It Up-to-Date

         Using the Google Pack Screensaver

         Using the Third-Party Software in Google Pack

            Surfing the Web with Mozilla Firefox

            Fighting Viruses with Norton Antivirus 2005 Special Edition

            Fighting Spyware with Ad-Aware SE Personal

            Viewing PDF Files with Adobe Reader

            Playing Music and Videos with RealPlayer

            Viewing GalleryPlayer HD Images

         The Bottom Line

Part X:    Google for Businesses

    36 Submitting Your Site–And Increasing Your Ranking

         How to Submit Your Site to the Google Index–The Easy Way

         How to Remove Your Site from the Google Index

         How to Submit a Complete Sitemap

            Basic Site Submittal

            Submitting a Complete Sitemap

            Creating and Submitting Your Sitemap

            Using Sitemap Generator Tools

            Viewing Sitemap Diagnostics and Statistics

         How to Optimize Your Site’s Ranking

            Increase the Number of Links to Your Site

            Create a Clear Organization and Hierarchy

            Include Appropriate Keywords

            Put the Most Important Information First

            Make the Most Important Information Look Important

            Use Text Instead of Images

            Link via Text

            Incorporate <META> Tags

            Make Good Use of the <TITLE> Tag

            Use Heading Tags Instead of CSS

            Update Your Code Frequently

            Use RSS Feeds for Dynamic Content

            Use an OPML File

         How Not to Optimize Your Site’s Ranking

            Site Design Problems to Avoid

            Deliberate Practices to Avoid

         Using Search Engine Optimizers

            SEO Software

            SEO Services

         The Bottom Line

    37 Making Money with Google AdSense and AdWords

         Adding Advertising to Your Website with Google AdSense

            Understanding Google AdSense for Content

            Understanding Google AdSense for Search

            How to Profit from AdSense

            Joining the AdSense Program

            Adding AdSense Ads to Your Website

            Adding a Google Search Box to Your Site

            Making More Money with AdSense Referrals

            Monitoring Your AdSense Performance

            Ten Tips for Improving Your AdSense Earnings

         Advertising on Google with Google AdWords

            Where Google AdWords Advertises

            Determining Your Costs–And Choosing a Payment Option

            Creating an AdWords Ad

            Monitoring Your Ads’ Performance

         The Bottom Line

    38 Using Google Within Your Organization

         Searching the Corporate Network with the Google Toolbar for Enterprise

         Searching the Corporate Network with Google Desktop for Enterprise

         Searching Small Business Data with the Google Mini

         Adding Enterprise-wide Search with the Google Search Appliance

         Creating Geo Data with Google Earth Enterprise

         Creating 3D Models with Google SketchUp

         The Bottom Line

Part XI:    Google for Developers

    39 Adding Google to Your Website

         Adding Google Free WebSearch

         Adding Google Free SafeSearch

         Adding Google Free WebSearch with SiteSearch

         Adding Customizable Google Free WebSearch

         Adding Site-Flavored Google Search

         The Bottom Line

    40 Creating Custom Search Applications

         Developing Your Own Google-Based Applications

         Programming with the Google Webs API

            Types of Google-Based Applications

            Using the Google Webs API

         The Bottom Line

    41 Creating Google Map Mashups

         Creating Mashups–The Easy Way

         Programming with the Google Maps API

            Using the Google Maps API

            Creating a Basic Map

            Adding Map Controls

            Adding an Info Window

            Creating an Animated Map

            Adding a Marker to Your Map

            Adding Multiple Markers from Your Own Database

            And Even More…

         The Bottom Line

Part XII:    Into the Future

    42 Exploring Google Labs

         Projects That Started in the Labs

         What’s Cooking in Google Labs Today

            Google Trends

            Google Co-op

            Google Notebook

            Google Reader

            Google Related Links

            Google Sets

            Google Page Creator

            Google Mars

            Google Ride Finder

            Google Transit

            Froogle for Mobile

            Google Suggest

            Google Dashboard Widgets for Mac

            Google Extensions for Firefox

            Google Web Accelerator

            Google Spreadsheets

         Other Upcoming Google Projects

            Google Health

            Google Music

            Google Write


         The Bottom Line

    43 Beyond Search: What’s Next for Google

         Google vs. Microsoft: Developing Competition

         Google vs. Yahoo!: Even More Competition

         What Does Google Want to Be When It Grows Up?

         The Bottom Line

Part XIII:    Appendixes

    A   Google’s Site Directory

    B   Google’s Country-Specific Sites

    C   Google’s Advanced Search Operators

078973639X, TOC, 6/27/06


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