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Google+ for Business: How Google's Social Network Changes Everything

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Google+ for Business: How Google's Social Network Changes Everything

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  • Copyright 2012
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-291795-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-291795-7

The Complete Business Guide to Google+, Today’s Hottest New Social Network!


Every week, millions more people sign up for Google+: Suddenly, it’s today’s hottest new social network. Google+ for Business reveals why Google+ offers business opportunities available nowhere else--and helps you grab those opportunities now, before your competitors do. Top social media professional speaker and business advisor Chris Brogan shows how to get great results fast, without wasting time--and without wasting a dime. Brogan guides you through using Google+ for promotion, customer service, community building, referrals, collaboration, and a whole lot more. You won’t just master innovative new tools like Circles and Hangouts: You’ll use them to generate more customers and more cash!

  • Make the right first moves after you’ve signed up for Google+
  • Take advantage of links between Google+ and Google search
  • Define the best Google+ strategy and tactics for your business
  • Create a business page that attracts new paying customers
  • Integrate Google+ into your current online/digital strategies
  • Learn how your customers are using Google+--and give them what they’re looking for
  • Use Circles to organize your contacts and interactions more effectively
  • Create Google+ posts that draw attention and spark conversations
  • Master warm selling on Google+
  • Build a simple, low-cost content strategy around Google+
  • Grow your audience and share others’ valuable content
  • Discover new ways to derive even more value from Google+

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Introduction: Google+ Is So New     1
Who Am I?      2
What’s in This Book     2
Chapter 1: How Did I Get Here?      5
Why Is Google+ the Next Big Thing?      6
Speculating on the Future     7
Facebook Is Better. Twitter Is Better. LinkedIn Is for Business     8
My First Touch with Google+     8
This Sounds Like Other Social Networks     10
Why Is Google+ So Interesting?      10
The Sharing Culture Grows and Grows     11
Another Social Network to Manage? Really?      12
What Do People Do on Google+?     12
Chapter 2: The Opportunity of Google+     15
Where Google+ Fits in the Business Ecosystem     16
Google+ Opportunities     17
Preparing Yourself for Opportunity     19
The Personal Touch and Personality     20
Blending Business and Personal     21
Start Early     22
What You Can Accomplish with Google+     22
Opportunity Is What You Make of It     23
Chapter 3: A Day in the Life     25
My Personal Day in the Life of Google+     26
Interview with Scott Monty, Ford Motor Company     27
Interview with Greg Pak, Comic Book Author and Screen Writer     28
Interview with Jenny Cisney, Kodak’s Chief Blogger     29
Interview with Darren Rowse, Problogger     30
Interview with Jacqueline Carly, Fitness Professional     32
Some Partially Fictitious Day-in-the-Life-of Suggestions     33
The Author     33
The Real Estate Agent     34
The Reporter     35
The Sales Executive     35
The Educator     36
The Photographer     37
The Business Executive     38
Wrapping Up     39
Chapter 4: First Moves with Google+     41
Profiles Matter for Business     42
Using Your Google+ Profile for Business     42
Businesses Are Made of People     42
Connections Before the Sale     43
How You Appear to Others     44
Your About Page: The Basics     48
Start at the Top     49
Your Profile Photo     49
Editing Your Name     50
Editing Your Summary Line     50
The Most Important Part of Your Profile: The Introduction     51
Employment: A Useful Hack for You     52
The Links Section     52
Moving on from the Profile     53
Chapter 5: Circles     55
What Circling Means     56
How Do I Know Who Is Circling Me Back?      56
Reciprocal Follows     58
Creating Circles and Naming Them     58
Outbound Circles and Inbound Circles     59
Sharing Circles     60
Ordering Circles     60
Who Should You Follow?      62
Friendsurfing     62
Do I Know You?      62
Should You Circle Celebrities?      63
More About Outbound Circles     63
Circle Tricks     64
Circles Aren’t a One-Time Thing     65
Wrapping Up     65
Chapter 6: Posting in the Stream     67
Google+ Isn’t a Blog, and It’s More Than Twitter     68
Posting on Google+     69
The Sharing Options Under the Main Post Area     71
Formatting Posted Text     72
Posting Photos     73
Posting Video     74
Posting Place and Location Data     74
Other Post Options     75
Disabling Comments and Reshare     76
The Importance of Sharing     76
Chapter 7: A Simple Content Strategy     79
How Others Approach Content Sharing     80
Jennifer Cisney (Kodak)      80
Michael Dell (CEO, Dell)      81
Scott Monty (Ford Motor Company)      81
Bill Gerth (Social Media Lead at Comcast)      82
The Biggest Content Difference (So Far) on Google+ for Business Users     82
Restaurant Owner     83
Community Manager/Developer     84
Online Store     85
Professional Speaker or Thought Leader     86
Writer, Photographer, and Artist     87
Posting to Build Connections     88
Value Your Audience’s Attention     88
Chapter 8: The “Warm” Sell     89
Attention Is a Gift     90
Make It About Them     90
Turn Self-Promotion into Appreciation     90
Don’t Waste Chances to Sell     91
The Warm Sell--Warming Up a Sale     91
Getting to Know You     92
The Difficult Sell     92
Affiliate Marketing and Google+     94
The Two-Tier Sale     95
A Power Move--Mention Your Competitor     96
If You’re Not Directly in Sales     97
Chapter 9: Growing an Audience     99
Quality over Quantity     100
Measuring the Size of Your Audience     100
Value Your Audience     101
What Interests Your Audience     102
What Community Means to People     103
Bring a Campfire     104
Connecting People Is Key     104
The Time in Between Is Important     105
You Are a Media Company     106
Make Your Buyer the Hero     106
Sailing the High C’s of Audience Building     106
Chapter 10: Sharing     109
The Value of Content Curation     110
Sharing as a Practice     112
Building Interest     113
You Are a Magazine Publisher     113
Commenting on What You Share     114
What Does Your Magazine Look Like?      115
Two Resources to Help with Your Sharing     115
A Sharing Workflow     116
Can Sharing Add Direct Business Value?      117
Chapter 11: Power Plays in Google+     119
John Herman: The Hangout Entertainer     120
Michael Dell: The Wide Open CEO     121
Muhammad Yunus: Changing the World     121
Mark Horvath: Handing Out Pizza, Socks, and Hope     122
Robert Scoble and Rackspace     124
My Power Plays     125
Chapter 12: Setting Up Your Business Page     129
The Look and Feel of the Business Pages     130
Rules for Business Pages     130
Coming Soon (or Already Here)     131
How Businesses Might Use These Pages     132
Interesting Business Pages of Note     133
The Corcoran Group: https://plus.google.com/106654503918907830147/posts     133
The Dallas Cowboys: https://plus.google.com/106281600940449244340/posts     134
Intel: https://plus.google.com/111660275132722215045/posts     134
Edelman Digital: https://plus.google.com/106069281351191490929/posts     135
Forbes: https://plus.google.com/116243183460563505245/posts     135
NASA: https://plus.google.com/102371865054310418159/posts     135
The Role of Your Business Page in Doing Business     136
A Robust Business Card     137
Chapter 13: Feeling Lucky?      139
Home Bases, Outposts, and Search     140
Social Signals      140
Shifting Sands     142
How People Come to Matter     143
Serving Suggestions for Using Google+ to Improve Your Search Results     144
Use Your Profile     145
Taking Full Advantage of Google+ to Help Your Business     145
Stay Organic     146
Chapter 14: Next Steps     149
Starting Moves     150
Listening     151
Posting     152
Sharing     153
Video     154
Hangouts     155
Photos     156
Commenting     157
Business Pages     158
Some Final Thoughts     158
A Note About This Book     159
Index     161


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