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Genetic Breakthroughs-- Their Implications for You and Your Health (Collection)

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Genetic Breakthroughs-- Their Implications for You and Your Health (Collection)

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  • Copyright 2011
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-303961-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-303961-0

3 cutting-edge books reveal the latest genetic breakthroughs – and their implications for you, your health, and your world

These three cutting-edge books reveal how modern genetics has already transformed the world – and will transform it again and again in the coming years. Mobile DNA book thoroughly reviews our current scientific understanding of the significant role that mobile genetic elements play in the evolution and function of genomes and organisms–from plants and animals to humans. Renowned geneticist Haig Kazazian offers an accessible intellectual history of the field’s research strategies and concerns, explaining how advances have opened up new questions, and how new tools and capabilities have encouraged still more progress. He introduces today’s key strategies for advancing the field, and previews long-term research strategies that may lead to even deeper insights. Next, in Investigating the Human Genome, leading medical genetics scholar Moyra Smith reviews current and recent work in genetics and genomics to assess progress in understanding human variation and the pathogenesis of common and rare diseases linked to genetics. You’ll discover how these advances are shedding new light on issues ranging from human origins to psychiatric disease, Alzheimer’s to epigenetics. Finally, in Genes, Chromosomes, and Disease, Nicholas Wright Gillham offers an exceptionally readable overview of the rise and transformations of medical genetics – and of the eugenic impulses that it has inspired.

From world-renowned leaders and experts, including Haig H. Kazazian, Moyra Smith, and Nicholas Wright Gillham

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Mobile DNA: Finding Treasure in Junk

Preface: Thoughts on Doing Science     xii

Chapter 1  Introduction to Mobile DNA     1

Chapter 2  Varieties of Mobile DNA     5

Chapter 3  DNA Transposons     19

Chapter 4  Mobile DNA of Model Organisms     29

Chapter 5  Exceptional Scientists Working on Mobile DNA in Lower Organisms     35

Chapter 6  Role of Bioinformatics in Genome Analysis     43

Chapter 7  The Prologue     49

Chapter 8  “Welcome to the Wonderful World of LINEs”     59

Chapter 9  An Experimental Breakthrough     73

Chapter 10  Reverse Transcriptase to the Rescue     81

Chapter 11  A Quirk of L1 Elements–A Lousy 3’ End Is Important for Genome Evolution     85

Chapter 12  A Tour de Force from Tom Eickbush     89

Chapter 13  “I don’t believe all those colonies represent retrotransposition events.”     93

Chapter 14  L1 Encodes an Endonuclease     101

Chapter 15  The Jocks     105

Chapter 16  The Mayor and the Frenchman     115

Chapter 17  Ostertag’s Coups     121

Chapter 18  The Independent Canadian     133

Chapter 19  The Musician Scientist     141

Chapter 20  Young Ladies in the Back Bay     145

Chapter 21  The Brilliant Young Lady from China     157

Chapter 22  Hiroki’s Big Surprises     163

Chapter 23  A Young Man with a Purpose     173

Chapter 24  Other Mobile DNA in Mammalian Genomes     179

Chapter 25  Effects of Retrotransposons on Mammalian Genomes     187

Chapter 26  Host Factors Involved in L1 Retrotransposition     201

Chapter 27  Why Mobile DNA?     207

Chapter 28  The Future of Mobile DNA Research     209

Chapter 29  Predictions for Mobile DNA     221

References     225

Glossary     249

Index     255

Investigating the Human Genome: Insights into Human Variation and Disease Susceptibility

Preface     vii

Chapter 1  Genome Architecture and Sequence Variation in Health and Disease     1

Chapter 2  Genes and Transcripts: Insight into Regulation at Different Levels     23

Chapter 3  Epigenetics: Modifications of DNA, Chromatin, and Gene Expression     37

Chapter 4  Gene Environment Interactions     53

Chapter 5  Pathways, Phenotypes, and Phenocopies     67

Chapter 6  Dynamic Function, Synaptic Activity, and Plasticity     81

Chapter 7  Late Onset Neurodegenerative Diseases     101

Chapter 8  Genes and Genomes in Cancer: Targeted Therapies     131

Chapter 9  Functional Genomics: Personalized Medicine and Therapeutics     153

Epilogue     167

References     171

About the Author     203

Index     205

Genes, Chromosomes, and Disease: From Simple Traits, to Complex Traits, to Personalized Medicine

Preface     ix

Chapter 1: Hunting for disease genes     1

Chapter 2: How genetic diseases arise     25

Chapter 3: Ethnicity and genetic disease     55

Chapter 4: Susceptibility genes and risk factors     81

Chapter 5: Genes and cancer     103

Chapter 6: Genes and behavior     129

Chapter 7: Genes and IQ: an unfinished story     151

Chapter 8: Preventing genetic disease     175

Chapter 9: Treating genetic disease     199

Chapter 10: The dawn of personalized medicine     235

Postscript: a cautionary note     249

References and notes     253

Glossary     293

Some useful human genetics Web sites     307

Acknowledgments     309

About the author     311

Index     313


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