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Easy Windows 10, 3rd Edition

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Easy Windows 10, 3rd Edition


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  • Coverage of new Windows 10 anniversary update features helps readers use Windows 10 more efficiently and get up to speed on those new features quickly
  • Task-oriented design helps readers use the most common features to get more done
  • Coverage of the updated Windows UI interface. No matter how you prefer to use Windows 10 (PC or tablet, touchpad or touchscreen, mouse or keyboard)
  • Combines the popularity of the Easy series design with the insights of a long-time Windows user and experienced teacher and trainer


  • Copyright 2018
  • Dimensions: 8" x 10"
  • Pages: 576
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-5979-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-5979-5

Visual, step-by-step hands-on tutorials for the most common tasks a user needs to perform.

Updated for the 2017 Spring and Fall Creator releases of Windows 10. 

See it done. Do it yourself. It’s that Easy! Easy Windows 10 teaches you the fundamentals to help you get the most from Windows 10.
Fully illustrated steps with simple instructions guide you through each task, building the skills you need to perform the most common tasks with Windows. No need to feel intimidated; we’ll hold your hand every step of the way.

Learn how to…

• Use the improved Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Start menu in Desktop and Tablet mode versions
• Discover exciting new 3D and mixed reality apps
• Share your wireless Internet connection with smartphones, tablets, and PCs
• Use Cortana with more apps and new Cortana-enabled speakers
• Use the new OneDrive Files on Demand feature for easy access to files stored in the cloud
• Use Windows Ink to enhance your photos and make map directions more powerful
• Touchscreen, keyboard, or mouse—use Windows 10 your way!



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Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Using Windows 10 Ink

Sample Pages

Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 3)

Table of Contents

Introduction     xix
Chapter 1  What’s New and Improved in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update     2
Do More with Pictures and Videos in Photos     4
Pick Up Where I Left Off     6
People Timeline and Pinning     7
Manage Files with One Drive Files on Demand     8
Experience Mixed Reality     9
Game Broadcasting     10
Explore Cortana’s New Powers     11
Get Creative with Paint 3D     12
Stay Safe with Windows Defender Security Center     13
Use Windows Ink with Maps     14
Edge Tab Preview Bar     15
Chapter 2  Upgrading to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update     16
Determining the Upgrade You Need in Windows 7     18
Determining the Upgrade You Need with Windows 8.1     20
Installing the Upgrade with the Media Creation Tool     22
Updating Windows 10 to the Fall Creators Update     28
Chapter 3  Logging In, Starting Up, and Shutting Down Windows 10 Fall Creators Update with a Touchscreen     30
Logging in with a Touchscreen     32
Working with the Start, Pinned Tiles, and All Apps Menus in Tablet Mode     34
Enabling Tablet Mode     36
Starting and Closing a Universal or Modern UI App     37
Locking Your PC     38
Choosing Sleep, Shut Down, or Restart     39
Switching to a Touch Keyboard and Entering Emojis     40
Using Handwriting Recognition     42
Using Voice Recognition     43
Chapter 4  Logging in to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and Customizing the Start Menu     44
Logging in to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update     46
Using the Start Menu     48
Using Keyboard Shortcuts     49
Resizing Tiles on the Start Menu     50
Changing Tile Positions on the Start Menu     51
Removing an App from the Start Menu     52
Locking Your System     53
Choosing Sleep, Shut Down, or Restart     54
Chapter 5  Using Cortana Search     56
First-Time Setup     58
Searching with Cortana     59
Voice Searches with Cortana     60
Starting Apps with Cortana     61
Discovering More Cortana Searches     62
Searching for Files, Apps, and Settings     64
Using “Pick Up Where I Left Off ”     66
Customizing Talk To Cortana     68
Using Cortana Notebook     70
Creating a Reminder     72
Disabling Cortana’s Digital Assistant Features     76
Chapter 6  Running Apps     78
Finding Apps on the Start Menu (Desktop Mode)     80
Finding Apps in Tablet Mode     81
Starting an App in Desktop Mode     82
Starting an App in Tablet Mode     84
Opening a File from within an App     86
Maximizing and Restoring an App Window     87
Starting an App from Search     88
Switching Between Apps with the Taskbar (Desktop Mode)     89
Switching Between Apps with a Touchscreen     90
Switching Between Apps with the Keyboard     91
Saving Your File     92
Resizing an App Window     94
Making the Desktop Visible with Windows Peek     95
Using Desktop Shortcuts     96
Adding an App to the Taskbar     98
Working with Taskbar Jump Lists     99
Snapping and Closing an App Window     100
Chapter 7  Web Browsing with Microsoft Edge     102
Starting Microsoft Edge     104
Entering a Website Address (URL)     105
Working with Tabs     106
Using Tab Previews     107
Adding Tabs to the Taskbar     108
Opening a Link     109
Setting Your Home Page     110
Configuring the New Tab Page     111
Switching to/from Full Screen View     112
Swiping Backward and Forward     113
Using Cortana in Microsoft Edge     114
Copying and Pasting a Link     115
Using Zoom     116
Using Reading View     118
Printing or Creating a PDF of a Web Page     119
Adding a Web Page as a Favorite     120
Viewing and Opening Favorites     121
Reading EPUB Ebooks     122
Reading PDFs     123
Adding Tabs to Favorites from the Right-Click Menu     124
Opening Apps from Edge     125
Installing Browser Extensions in Edge     126
Managing Browser Extensions in Edge     128
Using the Web Notes Text Tool     130
Using Downloads     132
Setting Browser Privacy, Services, and Platform Controls     134
Chapter 8  Groove Music     138
Starting the Groove Music App     140
Viewing and Playback Options for Your Music Collection     142
Creating a Playlist     144
Playing a Playlist     148
Selecting Music Folders     149
Searching for Music     150
Signing Up for Spotify     152
Chapter 9  Taking, Editing, and Sharing Photos and Videos     156
Starting the Camera App     158
Selecting Camera Settings     159
Using Video Mode     160
Changing Camera App Settings     162
Using the Photos App: Collections     164
Using the Photos App: Creation and Video Remix     168
Using the Photos App: Folders     170
Selecting Photo Options     171
Cropping Your Photo     172
Using the Enhance Menu     173
Using the Adjust Menu and Saving Changes     174
Trimming Your Video     176
Adding Slow-Motion Effects to Your Video     178
Chapter 10  Enjoying Videos, TV, and Movies     180
Finding Your Videos     182
Adding a Location to Look for Videos     186
Playing a Video     188
Playing a Video in Mini View     190
Casting Video to a Device     191
Buying or Renting a Movie or TV Show     192
Playing 3D Videos     196
Using Search to Find Local and Microsoft Store Media     198
Viewing and Changing Movies & TV Settings     199
Chapter 11  Connecting with Friends     200
Using the People App     202
Adding People to Your Taskbar     204
Adding a Picture to Your Contact     205
Connecting to Facebook with the Facebook App     206
Starting Mail     208
Adding an Email Account     210
Composing and Sending an Email Message     212
Reading and Replying to Messages     214
Forwarding Messages     216
Deleting Messages     217
Flagging Messages     218
Creating an Email Signature     220
Using the Calendar App     222
Scheduling an Appointment with Calendar     224
Scheduling an All-Day Event     226
Scheduling a Recurring Appointment     227
Setting an Appointment Reminder     228
Hiding and Displaying Calendar’s Folders Pane     229
Starting Skype     230
Adding Contacts with Skype     233
Accepting a Skype Contact     234
Text Messaging with Skype     235
Placing a Video Call with Skype     236
Receiving a Call with Skype     238
Chapter 12  News, Weather, Sports, Maps, and Money     240
Starting the News App     242
Using the News App     243
Customizing News     244
Starting the Weather App     246
Adding Locations to Weather     248
Starting Maps     250
Getting Directions     252
Using Ink with Maps     254
Using the Money App     256
Using the Sports App     258
Chapter 13  Using Windows Ink     260
Opening the Windows Ink Workspace     262
Creating a Sticky Note     263
Creating a Reminder Using Sticky Notes     264
Deleting a Sticky Note     266
Configuring Sticky Notes     267
Getting Started with Sketchpad     268
Editing and Saving with Sketchpad     270
Sharing with Sketchpad     272
Using Screen Sketch     273
Using Windows Ink with Other Apps     275
Chapter 14  Storing and Finding Your Files     278
Opening File Explorer     280
Using the View Tab     282
Using Copy To     284
Renaming Files     286
Selecting Files     287
Deleting Files     288
Retrieving Files from the Recycle Bin     289
Moving Files or Folders     290
Dealing with Filename Conflicts     292
Creating Zip Files with the Share Tab     294
Syncing Files with OneDrive     296
Using OneDrive Files on Demand     298
Configuring OneDrive     300
Chapter 15  Discovering and Using Windows 10 FCU’s Tools and Accessories     302
Finding Accessories and Tools in Tablet Mode     304
Setting Alarms with the Alarms & Clock App     306
Calculating Dates with Calculator     310
Using Paint 3D     312
Using Mixed Reality Viewer     316
Using Print 3D     320
Chapter 16  Using the Microsoft Store     324
Going to the Store     326
Searching for Apps by Name     327
Installing an App     328
Uninstalling an App from the Start Screen     330
Rating an App     331
Chapter 17  Gaming     332
Getting Started with Microsoft Solitaire
Collection     334
Customizing Your Cards     338
Getting More Games, Having More Fun     342
Finding Games with the Store App     344
Using the Game Bar     346
Creating a New Xbox Account     348
Starting the Xbox App     350
Connecting to Xbox One     351
Viewing Gaming Clips     352
Working with Achievements, Friends, and More     353
Controlling Xbox One and Xbox     360 with Xbox SmartGlass     354
Viewing Game Screen Captures and Recordings     356
Chapter 18  Printing and Scanning     358
Printing a Document     360
Printer Settings Available from the Printer Menu     361
Selecting a Different Printer     362
Paper and Print Quality Settings     363
Photo Printing Settings     364
Using Scan     366
Adjusting Scan Settings     369
Selecting Color, Grayscale, or
Black-and-White Modes     370
Opening the Scans Folder     372
Chapter 19  Managing Windows 10 Fall Creators Update     374
Adjusting Speaker/Headset Volume     376
Advanced Audio Options     377
Adjusting Microphone Volume     378
Accessing the Settings Dialog Box     380
Settings Overview     382
Adjusting Display Brightness and Rotation     383
Adjusting Screen Resolution     384
Adding a Second Display     385
Extending Your Desktop     386
Adjusting Screen Position     387
Changing Quick Actions     388
Configuring App-Specific Notifications     390
Configuring Snap     391
Configuring Tablet Mode     392
Using Battery Saver     394
Power & Sleep     395
Checking Drive Capacity with Storage     396
Changing File Locations with Storage     398
About Your System     400
Viewing Device Status     401
Installing Bluetooth Devices     402
Installing a Printer or Scanner     404
Configuring Touchpad     406
Changing Autoplay Settings     408
Phone     410
Apps & Features     414
Changing Default Apps     416
Video Playback     417
Making Maps Available Offline     418
Gaming and Game Bar     420
Game DVR     422
Broadcasting     424
Game Mode and TruePlay     426
Xbox Networking     427
Privacy Overview     428
General Privacy Settings     429
Configuring Location Settings     430
Changing Privacy Settings for Most Categories     432
Changing Privacy Settings for Other Devices     433
Changing Speech, Ink, and Typing Privacy Settings     434
Feedback and Diagnostics Privacy Settings     435
Managing Privacy Information in the Cloud     436
Chapter 20  Networking Your Home     438
Checking Your Network Connection Status     440
Starting the Wireless Network Connection Process     441
Connecting to an Unsecured Wireless Network     442
Connecting to a Network with Terms and Conditions     443
Connecting to a Secured Private Network     444
Disconnecting a Wireless Connection     446
Using Airplane Mode     447
Accessing Network & Internet Settings     448
Creating a Mobile Hotspot     449
Disabling and Enabling Wi-Fi     450
Managing Wireless Connections     451
Creating a HomeGroup     452
Joining a HomeGroup     454
Chapter 21  Customizing Windows     456
Using Personalization Settings     458
Changing the Screen Background     460
Choosing Your Own Background Picture     461
Choosing a Picture Fit     462
Changing Accent Colors     464
Changing Taskbar and Start Menu Colors and Transparency Settings     465
Changing Start Menu Settings     466
Customizing the Taskbar     468
Customizing the Lock Screen     472
Customizing a Theme     476
Chapter 22  Adding and Managing Users     480
Preparing to Add a User     482
Adding a Child as a Family Member     484
Adding Another User Who Has a Windows Account     488
Adding a User Who Needs a Microsoft Account     490
Selecting an Account to Log in To     492
Changing an Account Type     494
Chapter 23  Protecting Your System     496
Checking for Windows Updates     498
Protecting Your Files with File History     500
Recovering Files with File History     502
Using and Configuring Windows Defender Security Center     504
Scanning for Malware with Windows Defender     506
Chapter 24  System Maintenance and Performance     508
Checking Charge Level     510
Selecting a Power Scheme     511
Viewing Disk Information     512
Checking Drives for Errors when Connected     513
Checking Drives for Errors with This PC     514
Using Windows Troubleshooters     516
Starting Task Manager with a Mouse or Touchscreen     518
Starting Task Manager from the Keyboard     519
Viewing and Closing Running Apps with Task Manager     520
Viewing Tab Details in Task Manager     522
Using Reset     524
Index     528

Configuring Cortana Voice Search
Cortana and Maps
Using Cortana in Tablet Mode
Closing an App from the Taskbar
Starting Notepad, WordPad, Paint, and Character Map
Enabling Word Wrap in Notepad
Other Notepad Features
Using WordPad and Character Map
Using Paint
Import and Export Favorites and Settings
Viewing Drive Properties
Managing Drives
Viewing Folder Properties
Viewing Picture File Properties
Viewing Music Track Properties
Burning Data Discs
Sorting and Grouping Files
Deciding on an App
Browsing for Apps by Category
Removing a Device
Configuring Mouse
Changing Typing Settings
USB Settings
Changing Pen & Windows Ink Settings
Installing a HomeGroup Printer
Opening HomeGroup Files
Connecting to a Hidden Network
Putting a Slide Show on the Lock Screen
Advanced Slide Show Settings
Changing Status Items on the Lock Screen
Configuring Ease of Access’s Magnifier
Configuring Ease of Access’s Narrator
Configuring Ease of Access’s High Contrast
Configuring Ease of Access’s Closed Captions
Configuring Ease of Access’s Keyboard Settings
Configuring Ease of Access’s Mouse Settings
Configuring Other Ease of Access Settings
Adding a Local User
Converting a Local Account to a Microsoft Account
Setting Up and Using a Picture Password
Logging In with Windows Hello Face Recognition
Managing Family Users with Windows
Defender Security Center’s Family Options
Viewing Child Activity with Family Options
Logging In After Curfew with Family Options
Blocked Websites with Family Options
Blocked Searches with Family Options
Scheduling Tasks


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