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Easy eBay

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  • Copyright 2006
  • Edition: 1st
  • Premium Website
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3521-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3521-8

The book that you've demanded is here! Easy eBay is our newest eBay book, a four-color, highly-visual introduction to buying and selling on eBay. Step-by-step instructions cover all the basic buying and selling operations, including how to find specific items for sale, place a bid, and pay for items you win. You will also learn how to create auction listings, take digital photographs of items, accept PayPal credit card payments, and pack and ship items you sell. Most importantly, you will learn how to navigate the eBay site, use My eBay to track your auction activity, and protect yourself from fraudulent buyers and sellers. While geared towards beginning eBay users, all eBayers, including PowerSellers, can benefit from the tips included in Easy eBay!

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Easy eBay: Tips for More Successful Bidding

Tips for More Successful Bidding

Table of Contents

1. Joining Up and Getting Started.

    eBay’s Home Page.

    How an eBay Auction Works.

    Understanding Proxy Bidding.

    Registering As an eBay Buyer.

    Registering As an eBay Seller.

    Understanding eBay’s Fees.

    Creating an About Me Page.

2. Bidding and Buying.

    Understanding an eBay Auction Listing.

    Searching for Something to Buy.

    Placing a Bid.

    What to Do If You’re Outbid.

    Retracting a Bid.

    Bidding in a Reserve Price Auction.

    Using the Buy It Now Option.

    Buying from eBay Stores.

    What Happens When You Win.

    Paying By Credit Card with PayPal.

    Paying by Check or Money Order.

    Leaving Feedback.

3. Tips for More Successful Bidding.

    Favorite Search Email.

    Research Before You Buy.

    Check the Seller’s Feedback.

    Save and Repeat Your Favorite Searches.

    Ask Questions.

    Watch Instead of Buy.

    Bid in Odd Numbers.

    Snipe to Win.

4. Basic Selling.

    eBay’s Sell Hub.

    Creating a Basic Item Listing.

    Creating a Listing with Pre-Filled Information.

    Formatting the Item Description.

    Using the Listing Designer.

    Using eBay Picture Services.

    Using the Shipping Calculator.

    Choosing the Best Listing Options.

    Using the Buy It Now Option.

    Creating a Reserve Price Auction.

    Revising Your Auction Listing.

5. After the Auction.

    Post-Auction Checklist for Sellers.

    Understanding the Post-Auction Process.

    Sending Customer Invoices.

    Emailing Winning Bidders.

    Leaving Feedback.

6. Handling Customer Payments.

    Payment Options in an Auction Listing.

    Accepting Cash.

    Accepting Personal Checks.

    Accepting Money Orders and Cashier’s Checks.

    Accepting Credit Cards with PayPal.

    Signing Up for PayPal.

    Withdrawing PayPal Funds.

7. Packing and Shipping.

    Essential Packing Supplies.

    Choosing a Shipping Service.

    Estimating Shipping and Handling Costs.

    Packing Safely and Efficiently.

    Creating Mailing Labels.

    Printing Labels with Prepaid Postage.

8. Creating Better Product Photos.

    Setting Up a Photo Shoot.

    Shooting a Steady Picture.

    Using Proper Lighting.

    Eliminating Glare.

    Properly Framing the Item.

    Shooting Small Items Close Up.

    Scanning Flat Items.

9. Tips for More Successful Selling.

    eBay’s Seller Central.

    Find Out What’s Hot.

    Use Ándale’s Research Tools.

    Write a Title That SELLS!

    Include All the Details in Your Item Description.

    List in Prime Time.

    Relist Unsold Items.

    Make a Second-Chance Offer.

    Let a Trading Assistant Sell It for You.

10. Managing Your Auctions.

    My eBay Summary Page.

    Managing Your Bidding with My eBay.

    Managing Your Selling with My eBay.

    Managing Your Account with My eBay.

    Using Other Auction Management Tools.

11. Protecting Yourself on eBay.

    eBay Member Profile Page.

    Using eBay’s Feedback System.

    What to Do If You Don’t Receive an Item You Won.

    What to Do If a Buyer Doesn’t Pay.

    Contacting Unresponsive Buyers and Sellers.

    Avoiding Spoof Emails.

    Get More Help.




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