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  • Comprehensive coverage of both Core and Professional Certification Exams—Covers every exam objective in both MySQL certification exams, including the MySQL server, architecture, client programs; DDL; basic SQL, data import/export, installation, configuration, security; optimization, tables, and advanced server features.
    • Offers students a single source for concise review of every topic they need to master in order to pass the exam.

  • Reviewed and approved by MySQL—Provides authoritative, accurate, and systematic coverage.
    • Students can be confident that their study materials are both technically accurate and relevant to the MySQL exams they are preparing for.

  • Exercises in every chapter—Every chapter contains exercises that can easily be tailored to the needs of specific courses and instructors.
    • Provides constant feedback and reinforcement to ensure that students understand the material they are learning.

  • Real-world examples and case studies—Provides a wide range of examples to illuminate the use and administration of MySQL in working environments.
    • Enables students to understand the real-world challenges they will face in working with MySQL.

  • By three of the fields leading experts, including Paul DuBois, author of the widely praised MySQL book—Authored by experts who have helped thousands of students and professionals master MySQL.
    • Gives students confidence that they are receiving information that is thorough, accurate, clear, and useful—and reflects the challenges they will actually face.


  • Copyright 2004
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32632-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32632-5

The authoritative study guide to prepare for the MySQL Core Certification and MySQL Professional Certification exams.

The MySQL certification program is a carefully developed, high-quality certification process that can help you prove your skills in using, maintaining, and administering MySQL database servers and other technologies from MySQL AB.

Covering both the basic MySQL Core Certification exam and the advanced MySQL Professional Certification exam, MySQL Certification Study Guide is the one authority to look to when you¿re preparing for either test. The book teaches you all the concepts, principles, and techniques that you¿ll need to know for the Core and Professional certification exams, and it includes an array of learning aids, practice questions, and real-world examples to help you prepare for test day.

Certified computer professionals often find that having proven, recognized credentials can advance them farther in their fields, give their careers a boost, and make them better, more productive employees for their companies or organizations. Whatever reason for becoming MySQL certified, MySQL Certification Study Guide gives you the information you need to help you better understand MySQL technologies and prepare for and pass the exams.

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Using MySQL Client Programs

Using MySQL Client Programs

Table of Contents

 1. MySQL and MySQL AB.

 2. MySQL Software.

 3. Using MySQL Client Programs.

 4. Data Definition Language.

 5. The SELECT Statement.

 6. Basic SQL.

 7. Update Statements.

 8. Joins.

 9. Importing and Exporting Data.

10. MySQL Architecture.

11. MySQL Installation and Configuration.

12. Security Issues.

13. Optimizing for Query Speed.

14. MyISAM Tables.

15. InnoDB Tables.

16. Advanced Server Features.

Appendix A. Quick Reference.

Appendix B. MySQL Certification Candidate Guide.


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