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Customer Service: New Rules for a Social Media World

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Customer Service: New Rules for a Social Media World

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  • Copyright 2011
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-265366-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-265366-4

Use Social and Viral Technologies to Supercharge your Customer Service!

Using social media, you can deliver amazing customer service–and generate an army of fans who’ll promote you in good times, and rescue you from disaster. Now, legendary online marketing expert Peter Shankman shows you exactly how to do all that–without spending a fortune! Shankman draws on his immense experience as founder of the online growth company HARO and marketing consultant to multiple Fortune 500 clients. He presents straight-to-the-point solutions for building customer loyalty, trust, and credibility online–and rebuilding it when catastrophe strikes. Companies around the world are driving enormous value from online customer service at remarkably low cost. You can, too. Peter Shankman will show you how–step-by-step, right now!

You’ll learn how to:

• Organize a small, powerful social media team on a tight budget

• Listen to what your customers, advisors, and markets are really saying

• Make prospects feel like rock stars from the moment they find you

• Choose online media that make the most sense for you

• Avoid wasting time with platforms that won’t help you

• Earn your customer’s loyalty, trust, and credibility

• Learn from other companies’ viral “disasters”

• Rebuild your credibility after you’ve taken a public “hit” online

• Make sure everyone hears your customers when they compliment you

• Capture all your customer knowledge–and use it in real time

• Keep people talking–and not just about you

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Introduction     1

1  Putting Together a Social Media Team     11

Meet Your Team     12

The Customer Service People     13

The PR Person     13

The High-Level Exec     14

The Marketing Guys     15

The Guy from Accounting Who Has a Facebook Page     15

The Flip Side: Meet Your Audience     16

The One-time Complainer     16

The Constant Complainer     16

The Axe-to-Grind     17

The Happy Customer     17

The Prima Donna     17

End result     17

2  Examples of When It Doesn’t Work (and What Happens)     19

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst     24

Always Be Aware–It’s the Thing You Don’t Think of

that Can Kill You     25

Trust Your Instincts     27

Cooler Heads Prevail     28

Doing Something Is Better Than Doing Nothing     31

Your Audience Is Smarter Than You Are     33

Never Deceive Your Audience     34

3  Before the Explosion: Winning Your Customer     37

Before the Customer Is Even a Customer     38

Driving Revenue     39

Find Out Where Your Customers Are     39

Pay Attention     41

Devise a Plan to Reach Your Customers     44

Case Studies     49

Solematescom     49

HARO     50

4  Customer Service Is a Way of Life     53

Self-Promotion Versus Helping     59

Case Study: Bravo! Italian Restaurant and Bar     61

Case Study: Risdall Integration Group     61

Case Study: Law Offices of Daniel R Rosen, PC     62

Background     62

A New Approach     63

From Invisible to the First Page     63

Case Study: Grasshopper     63

Case Study: Peter Kuhn’s Food Truck     65

Case Study: Inclind, Inc     66

Case Study: Which Wich Superior Sandwiches     67

Summary (and a Challenge)     69

5  Social Media Damage Control: Stopping Small Problems from Becoming Big Ones     71

First Things First: Different Types of Complainers     73

Overarching Rules for Handling any Complaint     75

Handling Different Kinds of Complainers     76

The Never-Complained-Before Complainer     77

The Multi-Complainer Complainer     79

The I-Can’t-Believe-He’s-Complaining Complainer     80

The One-with-Photos-and-Videos-and-Multiple-Camera-Angles Complainer     84

Dealing with Complaints That Are Personal     86

The @cnnbreakingnews Complainer     90

Wrap-up     91

6  Making Customer Addicts Online: Best Practices That Work!     93

A Few Rules of the Road     95

So, How Do You Do It?     96

So You Have a Physical Presence     97

Make Them Feel Welcome     100

Make Them Feel Appreciated     103

Make Them Want to Return     105

Make Them Want to Share     107

Loyalty Codes     108

Recap     112

7  Keeping the Addiction Going     113

Ten Rules to Live By     115

You Want to Hook Your Customers     116

Poor Quality = Fewer Returning Customers     117

Yours Better Be Better     119

Breed Loyal Customers     120

Offer New Value     122

Make It Easy for the Customer     124

Refine, Refine, Refine     124

Know How Customers Want to Receive Information     126

Keep an Eye on the Competition     128

Freebies = Loyalty     131

Supply and Demand, Baby     132

Summary     133

8  Monitoring Your Successes and Failures     135

Google Tools     137

Google News Alerts     138

Google News (http://newsgooglecom)     141

Google Blogsearch     141

Twitter     141

Facebook     145

Email Marketing     148

An Example of Email Marketing Done Right     151

Finding the Time to Monitor Social Media     152

9  Putting It All Together: What Did We Learn?     157

The World of One Screen     160

Be “That Guy”     163

Saddling Up     164

Recovering from Social Media Face-plants     166

Paying It Forward Pays Off at Crisis Time     167

Learn It Know It Live It     169

Head ’em Off at the Pass     171

Creating Customers for Life     172

Thinking Like a Drug Dealer     174

The Right Tool for the Job     175

A Few Final Words     175

Index     179


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