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Create Your Own Website (Using What you Already Know)

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Create Your Own Website (Using What you Already Know)


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  • Copyright 2005
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 160
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32662-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32662-2

With the ever-increasing popularity of the World Wide Web, more and more individuals are creating their first Web sites. Many more would like to, but are either unaware of how to get started, or feel that they do not possess the computer expertise required to accomplish such a feat. The purpose of this book is to show you that creating a Web site is, (a) easy, and (b) fun. Building Web sites does not require that you be a computer whiz. Create Your Own Website (Using What You Already Know) will show you how to quickly and easily build a website using your personal computer. Specifically, this book examines creating five different types of websites:

  • Family
  • Hobby
  • Community
  • Informational
  • e-Commerce

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Creating a Family/Personal Website

Creating a Family/Personal Website (Using What You Already Know)

Table of Contents

Welcome to Create Your Own Website Using What You Already Know!

1. Creating Your First Web Page.

    The Components of a Website.

      Serving Web Pages with a Web Server.

      Understanding Website Domain Names.

      Web Pages, the Building Blocks of a Website.

    Building Web Pages Using Web Page Authoring Software Tools.

      Installing the Mozilla Browser.

      Starting Mozilla Composer.

    Creating a Web Page with Mozilla Composer.

      Changing the Font.

      Making Text Bold, Italic, and Underlined.

      Changing the Colors.

      Positioning Text.

      Saving the Web Page.


2. Creating a Website.

    Finding a Web Host Provider.

      Important Web Hosting Metrics.

      Picking a Web Hosting Company.

    Registering a Domain Name.

      Choosing and Buying a Domain Name.

      Configuring the Domain Name.

    Uploading Web Pages from Composer to Your Website.

    Building a Website from a Template.


3. Creating a Family/Personal Website.

    Examining the Family/Personal Template.

    Customizing the Template.

      Changing the Upper-Left Image.

      Specifying Image Properties.

      Removing the Image Altogether.

      Changing the Font.

      Adding and Removing Pages from the Template.

    Customizing the Family Pictures Page.

      Adding New Images.

    Publishing Your Family/Personal Website.

      Placing Linked Files in the Same Folder.

      Testing the Website.


4. Creating a Hobby Website.

    Examining the Hobby Website Template.

    Customizing the Template.

      Changing the Upper-Left Image.

      Changing the Color Scheme.

       Adding and Removing Pages from the Template.

      Editing the Template’s Recommended Links.

    Customizing the Recommended Links Page.

      Adding New Recommended Links.

    Editing the Glossary.

    Publishing the Hobby Website.


5. Creating a Website for an Organization.

    Examining the Organization Website Template.

    Customizing the Template.

      Customizing the Images.

      Customizing the Contact Us Link.

      Adding Additional Pages to the Template.

    Publishing the Website.


6. Creating an Informational Website for Your Business.

    Examining the Informational Website Template.

    Customizing the Template.

      Changing the Web Page’s Background Color.

      Changing the Content Area Colors.

      Changing the Header’s Background Color.

      Adding or Removing Pages from the Template.

      Customizing the Coupons.

    Publishing the Website.


7. Creating an Online Storefront.

    Examining the eCommerce Website Template.

    Customizing the Home Page.

    Configuring the Add to Cart Buttons.

      Creating a PayPal Merchant Account.

      Getting the Add to Cart Button HTML.

      Adding the Add to Cart Button into the Template.

    Viewing the Shopping Cart.

     Tying It All Together–A True Online Shopping Experience.


Congratulations on Your Progress!

   Learning HTML.

   Upgrading from Composer.

   Thank You for Reading!

Bonus Chapter .

    HTML–The Language of Web Pages.

    Understanding How the Internet Works.

      Examining How the Postal Service Works.

      The Internet as a Virtual Postal Service.

      Optimizing Your Digital Pictures.

       Resizing Digital Images.




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