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Connecting Top Managers: Developing Executive Teams for Business Success

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Connecting Top Managers: Developing Executive Teams for Business Success

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  • Copyright 2011
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-265589-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-265589-7

How do you go about improving leadership team performance, strengthening the connections between leaders, and strengthening the leadership team’s connections with the rest of the enterprise?  This book tells you how.  Leadership teams, working together, create the culture and set the tone for the entire organization. When leadership teams fail to connect with employees, their organizations fail. Expensive leadership meetings often accomplish nothing, and clashing leadership styles can disrupt the entire business. What do these issues have in common? Simply this: The way leaders work together is crucial, and enormous organization-wide performance improvements can be achieved when they work together more effectively. Readers will first learn how to define what leadership team excellence looks like, and clarify the organizational impact you want your leadership team to have. Next, they’ll learn how to systematically optimize the 5% of time your leaders spend working together–in person, electronically, and through subordinates. This book will help readers magnify their impact, whether they’re already at the top of the organization, or aspiring to a future leadership role.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Foreword  ix

Acknowledgments  xi

Introduction A Pack of Top Dogs  1

Who This Book Is For  3

Who We Are  3

How the Book Is Organized  4

Time Is Precious  4

Endnotes  5

Chapter 1 Executive Team Execution  7

Definitions of Success  11

Measures of Success  14

Section 1: Business Results  20

Financial Performance  20

Customer Retention and Satisfaction  21

Strategic Implementation  22

Section 2: Daily Team Effectiveness  23

Decision-making Success  24

Relationship Building  25

The Team’s Reputation Within the Organization  27

Section 3: Talent Development  29

Bench Strength and Succession Planning  30

Management Team Capacity  32

Leadership Team Growth  33

Section 4: The Workplace  34

Organizational Culture  34

Employee Engagement and Retention  35

Organizational Agility  37

Which Indicators Should You Measure? 38

Endnotes  39

Chapter 2 The Clash of Titans: Executive Teaming  41

What Is Executive Teaming? 41

Dysfunction Reverberates  42

Holding Yourself to a High Standard  43

Two Executive Teaming Skills  44

Ensure Differences Don’t Lead to Clashes  46

Practice Partnership at All Times  51

The Traits of Leadership Team Partnership  53

Shared Purpose  53

Shared Ownership  53

Mutual Trust  54

Critical Thinking  54

Shared Success and Failure  55

Effective Inclusion and Communication  55

Partnership Techniques  56

Don’t Try to Control Peers  56

Spend Time Together  56

Resolve Relationship Problems  56

Represent Each Other Well  57

Never Bad Mouth  57

Own Problems and Challenges  58

Be Humble  58

Know Their Needs  59

Working on Your Teaming Skills  60

Endnotes  61

Chapter 3 Meetings Are Money  63

The Cost of Meetings Index  64

Value of Meetings Hurdle  65

Why Are You Meeting?  78

Endnotes  81

Chapter 4 Culture Is the Context and Often the Answer  83

What Is an Organization’s Culture? 85

How Are Organizational Cultures Formed and Changed? 89

Improving the Organization’s Culture  91

Define the Desired Culture  93

Define the Current Culture  104

Assess Capacity for Change (C4C) 106

Create Plan for Cultural Improvement  108

Be the Culture  111

Endnotes  117

Chapter 5 They Are All Moments of Truth  119

Be Fast or Fail  120

Successful Moments of Truth  123

How to Quickly Make a Positive Impact and Build Relationships  129

Trust  130

Credibility  130

Familiarity  131

Connection to You and the Team  131

Connection to the Organization  131

Interest, Passion, and Enrollment  132

Clarity, Commitment, and Focus  132

Make a Splash! 132

All for One, One for All  135

Endnotes  138

Chapter 6 Getting Better Together  139

Leadership Team Member Capabilities  142

More Than Competencies  147

Intra-Team Talent Reviews  150

Peer Coaching  152

Team Assignments  157

Team Development Events  158

Endnotes  160

Chapter 7 Creating an Agile Organization  161

A Primer on Organizational Agility  162

What Is Organizational Agility? 162

Model of Organizational Agility  165

Focus  166

Resources  166

Performance  167

Five Benefits of Organizational Agility  168

Organizational Agility: Two Scenarios  170

Assessment: How Agile Is Your Organization?  172

Individual and Leadership Team Agility  180

Endnotes  188

Chapter 8 Leadership Team Strategies for Remaining Union-Free  189

10 Early Warning Signs  190

10 Reasons Employees Organize  194

12 Issues Targeted by Unions  196

12 Reasons for Union-Organizing Success  199

Be Visible and Known and Build Relationships at All Levels  203

Measure and Improve Your Organization’s Connectivity Index  207

Ensure Role Clarity for Management Positions  211

Shore Up Management Fundamentals from Top to Bottom  212

Endnotes  215

Conclusion A Manifesto About Love and Leadership  217

Will You Go for the Gold?  220

Executive Team Execution  220

The Clash of Titans: Executive Teaming  221

Meetings Are Money  222

Culture Is the Context and Often the Answer  223

They Are All Moments of Truth  224

Getting Better Together  225

Creating an Agile Organization  226

Leadership Team Strategies for Remaining Union-Free  227

Endnotes  229

Appendix The Leadership Team Excellence Assessment  231

The Leadership Team Survey  231

Part 1: How We Measure Success  232

Part 2: How We Spend Time Together  233

Part 3: How We Impact Organizational Excellence  236

The Leadership Team Survey with Discussion Notes  237

Part 1: How We Measure Success  237

Part 2: How We Spend Time Together  238

Part 3: How We Impact Organizational Excellence  240

The Leadership Team Survey as a Tool for Development  241

References  243

About the Authors  249

Index  253


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