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Buy--DON'T Hold: Investing with ETFs Using Relative Strength to Increase Returns with Less Risk

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Buy--DON'T Hold: Investing with ETFs Using Relative Strength to Increase Returns with Less Risk

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Market crashes can wipe out years of gains. Learn a new strategy for investing that is less risky than buy and hold and easy to implement.  

  • Explains why "buy and hold" can't work anymore, and shows clearly how to avoid market downturns that can destroy all of your previous gains.
  • Introduces a new "Stock Market Dashboard" to identify market tops and bottoms with confidence - and get in or out in time!
  • Utilize Relative Strength to choose ETFs to improve portfolio transparency, liquidity, cost, diversity, and performance.
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    • Copyright 2010
    • Edition: 1st
    • Premium Website
    • ISBN-10: 0-13-704532-8
    • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-704532-7

    Buy-and-hold investors hope for the best over the long-term, but unfortunately, every three to four years, like clockwork, bear markets decimate their portfolios. In the last decade, there were two devastating bear markets that wiped out 50% of investor  portfolio values, not once but twice.  These huge losses resulted in millions of investors having to delay their retirement plans, postpone funding of college education for children and grandchildren, and delay life’s many joys. You simply can't afford to be invested during these inevitable, large-scale declines. Now, you can use an easy-to-use investing strategy that delivers better returns with far less risk than "buy and hold." Leslie N. Masonson, stock market investor, researcher and author, helps you regain control over your portfolio using low-cost, low-risk, ETFs selected with his unique “Stock Market Dashboard" that reliably signals market bottoms and tops - and can tell you exactly when to get in and out. When it is time to invest, Masonson shows how to use Relative Strength Analysis to purchase the strongest ETF market segments with the best growth potential. He provides a specific investing approach and strategy for individuals with three different levels of risk tolerance: conservative, moderate and aggressive. Replete with examples, Buy-Don't Hold contains all the easy-to-use information you need to craft an investing strategy that meets your needs, lets you sleep at night, and reaps rewards in bull and bear markets alike.

    Stock Trader’s Almanac 2011 Top Investment Book

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    Introduction to Buy - DON'T Hold: Investing with ETFs Using Relative Strength to Increase Returns with Less Risk

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    Table of Contents

    Foreword     xiii

    Acknowledgments     xvi

    About the Author     xviii

    Introduction     1

    Chapter 1: The Stock Market Roller Coaster     13

    Chapter 2: Understanding the Concept of Risk      37

    Chapter 3: Personal Investing Plan: Six-Step Road Map to Success     55

    Chapter 4: Exchange-Traded Funds--The Most Suitable Investment Vehicles     67

    Chapter 5: The Stock Market Dashboard--Key Stock Market Indicators to Gauge the Market’s Direction     95

    Chapter 6: Using Relative Strength Analysis to Determine Where to Invest     135

    Chapter 7: Subscription Software for Ranking the ETF Universe     173

    Chapter 8: Putting It All Together     87

    Bibliography     207

    Index     211

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