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Apache Derby -- Off to the Races: Includes Details of IBM Cloudscape

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Apache Derby -- Off to the Races: Includes Details of IBM Cloudscape

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  • Copyright 2006
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-13-185525-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-185525-0

  • Learn installation, configuration, management, and security

  • Delve deeper with coverage on SQL, troubleshooting, application development, and more

Master Apache Derby: the only open source, pure Java™, fully transactional, small-footprint RDBMS

Apache Derby is the world's only enterprise class open source, pure Java, fully transactional relational database. It's small enough to be embedded directly into your Java applications, providing a local data store that requires no DBA support. Powerful enough to support a wide range of traditional applications, this database ships as the default database for WebSphere Application Server and more than fifty other IBM software products. Apache Derby is built on the mature IBM Cloudscape code base IBM recently contributed to the open source community. The IBM Cloudscape code was nominated and won Developer.com's Product of the Year 2005 award.

Now, IBM's own database experts have written a comprehensive guide to making the most of Apache Derby—and its commercial counterpart, IBM Cloudscape— in any development or production environment. This book systematically introduces the Apache Derby/IBM Cloudscape technology: where it fits and how to install and configure it—and how to build robust business applications and Web services with it, one step at a time.

Coverage includes

  • Comparing Apache Derby with the commercial IBM Cloudscape offering

  • Deploying Apache Derby/IBM Cloudscape to support development and production environments, client/server environments, multi-threaded applications, and Web servers

  • Integrating Apache Derby/IBM Cloudscape into a completely open source development environment

  • Specific instruction on installing Apache Derby/IBM Cloudscape on Windows® and Linux® workstations—with tips on how to install the code on any platform that has a supported JVM

  • Understanding how programming languages interact with Apache Derby/IBM Cloudscape

  • Building complete sample applications step-by-step in JDBC, Windows (ODBC and .NET), PHP, Perl, and Python

  • Managing and securing Apache Derby/IBM Cloudscape databases

  • Writing SQL code for creating, retrieving, and updating data

  • Troubleshooting installations, databases, and applications

This book has a companion Web site that contains links to the IBM version of Apache Derby and other downloadable code, documentation, articles, and other resources to give the reader a deeper understanding of some of the features available in Apache Derby.



© Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.


Sample Files

Untitled Document Articles - Various IBM Cloudscape and Apache Derby articles from the IBM developerWorks site.

IBM Cloudscape - Installation images for Java, Windows, and Linux environments.
For non-Java client support

Documentation - The IBM Cloudscape Information Center.

Eclipse Demo - A demonstration of the Eclipse plug-in for Apache Derby.

Examples - Examples and sample code from Apache Derby - Off to the Races.
Chapter 8 CH08-SQL.zip
Chapter 9 CH09-JDBC.zip
Chapter 11 CH11-YMLD-JDBC.zip
Chapter 12 CH12-YMLD-Windows.zip
Chapter 13 CH13-YMLD-PHP.zip
Chapter 14 CH14-YMLD-Perl.zip
Chapter 15 CH15-YMLD-Python.zip

YMLD Database YMLD-Database.zip - SQL script for creating the Your Momma Loves Drama database. The directory also includes a generated copy of the database.

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

On Your Marks ... Get Set ... Go!!!: An Introduction to the Apache Derby and IBM Cloudscape Community

Downloadable Sample Chapter

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Table of Contents



About the Authors.


1. On Your Marks ... Get Set ... Go!!! An Introduction to the Apache Derby and IBM


2. Deployment Options for Apache Derby Databases.

3. Apache Derby Databases.

4. Installing Apache Derby and IBM Cloudscape on Windows.

5. Installing Apache Derby and IBM Cloudscape on Linux.

6. Managing an Apache Derby Database.

7. Security.

8. SQL.


9. Developing Apache Derby Applications with JDBC.

10. Developing Apache Derby Applications with Perl, PHP, Python, and ODBC.


11. "Your Momma Loves Drama" in JDBC.

12. "Your Momma Loves Drama" in Windows.

13. "Your Momma Loves Drama" in PHP.

14. "Your Momma Loves Drama" in Perl.

15. "Your Momma Loves Drama" in Python.


Appendix A. Web Site Contents.

Appendix B. Apache Derby and IBM Cloudscape Resources.

Appendix C. Troubleshooting Hints and Tips.


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