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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 on Demand

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 on Demand

eBook (Watermarked)

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  • Copyright 2010
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7686-9239-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7686-9239-6

What you need, when you need it!

Need answers quickly? Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 on Demand provides those answers in a visual step-by-step format. We will show you exactly what to do through lots of full color illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions.

Inside the Book

·         Quickly import, organize, and tag your photos

·         Build and maintain a well-organized photo catalog

·         Make the most of metadata, keywords, and searchable attributes

·         Use Quick Develop’s fast, handy image processing tools

·         Apply localized adjustments to parts of an image

·         Work effectively in black and white

·         Reduce unwanted image noise

·         Output your images to printers, slide shows, or online galleries

·         Integrate Lightroom 2 with Adobe Creative Suite 4

·         Customize Lightroom’s preview, import, and backup preferences

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Category: Digital Photography

Covers: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2

User Level: Beginning–Intermediate


Sample Content

Table of Contents

Introduction xv

1 Getting Started with Lightroom 2 1

Introduction 1

Launching Lightroom 2 2

Customizing the Identity Plate 4

Creating a New Catalog 6

Opening an Existing Catalog 7

Choosing Backup Settings 8

Choosing Preview Settings 9

Setting Import Preferences 10

Importing Photos from a Camera or Card Reader 11

Importing Photos from a Folder 14

Importing Photos via Drag-and-Drop 17

Exporting Photos from a Catalog 20

Importing Photos from a Catalog 23

Using Auto Import 25

Importing Photos through Bridge 27

Renaming Photos 29

Converting Photos to DNG 31

2 Navigating the Library Module 35

Introduction 35

Navigator Panel 36

Catalog Panel 37

Library Toolbar 38

Folders Panel 39

Filter Bar 40

Changing Grid View Options 41

Setting Loupe View Options 44

Navigating the Library Grid 45

Navigating in Loupe View 46

Changing Loupe Zoom Views 47

Working in Compare View 48

Working in Survey View 50

Navigating with the Filmstrip 51

3 Organizing Images in the Library 53

Introduction 53

Rotating Images 54

Flipping Images 55

Rating Images 56

Flagging Images 57

Rejecting Images 58

Applying Color Labels 59

Creating a Custom Color Label Set 60

Applying Ratings, Flags, and Labels with the Painter Tool 61

Sorting Images 62

Changing Sort Direction 63

Grouping Photos into Stacks 64

Promoting a Photo to the Top of the Stack 65

Removing Photos from a Stack 66

Unstacking Photos 67

Removing Photos 68

Deleting Photos 69

4 Working with Metadata and Keywords 71

Introduction 71

Changing Metadata Panel View Modes 72

Adding Custom Metadata 73

Editing and Saving a Metadata Preset 74

Deleting a Metadata Preset 75

Editing Metadata for Multiple Images 77

Saving Metadata to XMP 78

Synchronizing Metadata Settings 79

Editing Capture Time 80

Adding Keywords 81

Removing Keywords 86

Creating a Keyword Hierarchy 88

Exporting and Importing Keywords 90

Utilizing Keyword Sets 91

Creating a Keyword Set 92

Using Keyword Suggestions 93

5 Searching for Images 95

Introduction 95

Performing a Text Search 96

Performing a Refined Text Search 97

Searching with the Attribute Filter 98

Searching with the Metadata Filter 102

Saving a Custom Metadata Filter Preset 103

Filtering with the Filmstrip Controls 104

Saving Photos to the Quick Collection 105

Setting a Target Collection 106

Creating a Collection 107

Creating a Collection Set 109

Creating a Smart Collection 110

Exporting and Importing Smart Collection Settings 111

6 Using Quick Develop 113

Introduction 113

Applying Quick Develop Presets 114

Cropping Photos with Quick Develop 115

Converting Photos to Grayscale with Quick Develop 116

Applying Preset White Balance Adjustments with

Quick Develop 117

Adjusting Color Temperature with Quick Develop 118

Applying Tint Adjustments with Quick Develop 119

Applying Quick Develop Auto Tone Adjustments 120

Adjusting Exposure with Quick Develop 121

Applying Quick Develop Recovery Adjustments 122

Applying Quick Develop Fill Light Adjustments 123

Adjusting Blacks with Quick Develop 124

Adjusting Brightness with Quick Develop 125

Adjusting Contrast with Quick Develop 126

Adjusting Clarity with Quick Develop 127

Adjusting Vibrance with Quick Develop 128

Applying Sharpening with Quick Develop 129

Adjusting Saturation with Quick Develop 130

7 Adjusting Images in the Develop Module 131

Introduction 131

Opening an Image in the Develop Module 132

Comparing Before and After Views 133

Cropping an Image 134

Applying a Rotated Crop 137

Applying White Balance Corrections 139

Applying Auto Tone Adjustments 142

Setting the Highlight Clipping Point 143

Setting the Shadow Clipping Point 144

Correcting an Overexposed Image 145

Correcting an Underexposed Image 146

Enhancing Color with Saturation 147

Enhancing Color with Vibrance 148

Adjusting Midtone Contrast with Clarity 149

Applying Tone Curve Adjustments 150

Enhancing Color with HSL Adjustments 154

Correcting Chromatic Aberration 158

Removing Vignettes 159

Creating Vignettes 160

8 Applying Localized Adjustments 161

Introduction 161

Cloning with the Spot Removal Tool 162

Healing with the Spot Removal Tool 164

Correcting Red Eye 166

Applying Localized Adjustments with the

Adjustment Brush 167

Editing Adjustment Brush Strokes 171

Saving Effect Settings as Presets 172

Using Auto Mask Mode 173

Softening Skin 175

Hand-Coloring a Grayscale Image 177

Applying Localized Sharpening 179

Using the Graduated Filter Tool 183

9 Develop Module Workflow 185

Introduction 185

Accessing History States 186

Saving Snapshots 187

Syncing Snapshots 189

Creating Virtual Copies 190

Synchronizing Develop Settings 191

Using Auto Sync Mode 192

Copying and Pasting Develop Settings 193

Applying Previous Develop Settings 195

Saving Develop Setting Presets 196

Resetting Images to Their Default Settings 197

Viewing Lightroom Edits in Camera Raw 198

Viewing Camera Raw Edits in Lightroom 199

Choosing External Editing Preferences 200

Opening Images in Photoshop 202

Opening Images as Smart Objects in Photoshop 204

Opening Images in Photoshop Elements 205

10 Working in Black and White 207

Introduction 207

Converting Images to Black and White 208

Applying Grayscale White Balance Adjustments 210

Applying Auto Grayscale Adjustments 211

Applying Custom Grayscale Adjustments 213

Creating a Split Tone Image 215

11 Reducing Noise and Sharpening 217

Introduction 217

Applying the Sharpen Portraits Preset 218

Applying the Sharpen Landscapes Preset 220

Sharpening an Image in Luminance Mode 222

Reducing Noise 225

12 Printing 229

Introduction 229

Choosing Image Settings 230

Creating a Contact Sheet/Grid Layout 232

Creating a Picture Package Layout 234

Displaying Rulers, Grids, and Guides 236

Inserting an Identity Plate Overlay 238

Inserting Page Options 242

Adding Photo Info 243

Configuring the Page Setup Dialog Box 245

Printing in Draft Mode 247

Enabling Print Sharpening 248

Choosing Color Management Options 249

Printing 16-Bit Images 255

Printing to JPEG File 256

Saving a Custom Template 257

13 Creating Slideshows 259

Introduction 259

Viewing Images in the Slide Editor 260

Specifying Margin Widths 261

Choosing Image Display Options 262

Inserting an Identity Plate Overlay 263

Including a Star Rating 267

Adding a Custom Text Overlay 269

Creating a Backdrop 271

Adding Intro and Ending Screens 273

Specifying Slide Duration and Order 277

Adding Soundtrack Music 278

Previewing the Slideshow 279

Playing the Slideshow 280

Saving a Slideshow Template 281

Exporting a Slideshow 282

14 Web Output 285

Introduction 285

Choosing a Web Gallery Engine 286

Including Site Info 291

Applying Color to the Gallery 292

Choosing Gallery Appearance Attributes 293

Including Image Info 299

Choosing Output Settings 300

Previewing a Web Gallery 303

Exporting a Web Gallery 304

Uploading a Web Gallery 305

Saving a Web Gallery Template 306

Workshops 307

Index 313


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