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10 MInute Guide to Groove 2.0

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10 MInute Guide to Groove 2.0


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  • Copyright 2002
  • Dimensions: 5-1/2" x 8-1/4"
  • Pages: 256
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2776-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2776-3

The only tool to get you up and running with Groove in no time flat!

  • Written by Joe Levine, an employee of Groove Networks, Inc., responsible for writing user documentation for the application.
  • Teaches the main features of the Groove application so users can become productive with it quickly.
  • A balance of essentials for the beginner and timeless material for a desktop reference.

Because most people don¿t have the luxury of sitting down uninterrupted for hours at a time to learn Groove, this 10 Minute Guide focuses on the most often used features, covering them in lessons designed to take 10 minutes to complete. 10 minutes is all that is needed to learn how to:

  • Create a shared space.
  • Navigate with others in a shared space.
  • Customize your shared space.
  • Build tools within the shared space.

The 10 Minute Guide is designed for the beginner to intermediate users who

  • Need to learn or refresh their skills in Groove in the shortest time possible.
  • Are looking for quick steps to get started.
  • Want to learn the tasks necessary to accomplish their goals.
  • Want a clear, concise guide to the most important features or Groove.

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Online Sample Chapters

Grooving With Others: How to Share Your Groove Contact Info

Publishing Your Groove Contact

Table of Contents



1. Installing, Setting Up, and Starting Groove.

Getting Groove. Installing and Starting Groove. Guidelines for Creating a Passphrase. Upgrading Groove from an Earlier Release. Logging Off or Shutting Down Groove.

2. Getting Oriented in the Groove Transceiver.

Opening a Transceiver. Exploring the Groove Transceiver.

3. Publishing Your Groove Contact.

Defining Your Groove Contact. Listing Your Contact in Public Directories. Sending Your Contact to Other People. Showing Your Online Presence to Other People.

4. Finding Groove Contacts.

Finding and Adding Groove Contacts to My Contacts. Viewing Contacts' vCards. Authenticating the Identities of Contacts. Detecting the Presence of Contacts: Who's Online, Offline, and Idle.


5. Instant Messages.

Creating and Sending an Instant Message. Tracking Instant Messages You Send. Receiving and Opening an Instant Message. Reading Old Instant Messages.

6. Instant Chat.

Inviting People to a Chat. Audio-Chatting. Ending a Chat. Saving a Chat As a Shared Space.


7. Creating Shared Spaces.

What Is a Shared Space? Creating a Shared Space. Navigating to a Shared Space.

8. Sending and Receiving Shared Space Invitations.

Creating and Sending the Invitation. Tracking Invitations You Send. Saving a Shared Space Invitation As a File. Receiving and Responding to a Shared Space Invitation.

9. Managing Shared Space Members.

Determining Member Activity in the Member Panel. Determining Member Activity on Shared Space Tool Tabs. Starting New Activities with Shared Space Members. About Roles and Permissions for Shared Space Members. Changing Member Roles in a Shared Space. Uninviting Members from a Shared Space. About Suspended Members. Requesting a Reinvitation to a Space.

10. Chatting and Navigating Together in a Shared Space.

About Using Chat in a Shared Space. Navigating Together in a Shared Space.

11. Managing Shared Space Tools.

Adding a New Tool to a Shared Space. Deleting Tools from a Shared Space. Rearranging Tools in the Space. Renaming a Tool. Managing How Tools Inform You About New or Changed Information. Creating Links Among Tools. Opening a Tool in a New Window.

12. Managing Your Shared Spaces.

Renaming a Shared Space. Saving and Restoring a Shared Space. Duplicating a Shared Space. Saving a Shared Space As a Template. Sending a Shared Space Shortcut to Your Desktop. Marking a Shared Space Read. Deleting a Shared Space.


13. Managing Groove Communications.

Managing Groove Communications in the Communications Panel. Pausing Communication. Working Offline. Suppressing the Groove Notifier.

14. Managing Your Groove Account.

What Is a Groove Account? Installing a Groove Account on Multiple Computers. Keeping Your Account Synchronized on Multiple Computers. Deleting a Groove Account. Adding New Identities to Your Account. Creating an Additional Groove Account.


15. Groove Calendar Tool.

Recording New Events. Viewing Events. Editing Events. Creating Links to Events.

16. Groove Discussion Tool.

Creating New Main Topics. Creating Response Topics. Reading or Editing Topics. Creating a Discussion Tool Topic Hierarchy from a Microsoft Outlook Email Thread.

17. Groove Files Tool.

Adding Files. Opening Files. Viewing Files. Editing Files. Resolving Conflicts Between Simultaneously Edited Files. Co-editing or Co-viewing Microsoft Word or PowerPoint Files.

18. Groove Outliner Tool.

Inserting Records. Editing Records. Selecting Records. Rearranging Records. Deleting Records. Showing or Hiding Record Details. Changing the Sort Order of Records.

19. Groove Text and Notepad Tools.

Text Formatting in the Text Editor Tools. Automatically Detecting Web URLs. Managing Notepad Tool Pages.

20. Groove Meetings Tool.

Starting a New Meeting. Managing Meeting Participants. Creating a Meeting Agenda. Recording Meeting Minutes. Creating Action Items.

21. Groove Pictures Tool.

Adding Pictures. Opening Pictures for Viewing or Editing. Saving Pictures to Disk. Creating Links to Pictures. Copying Pictures. Renaming Pictures.

22. Groove Web Browser Tool.

Visiting a Web site. Browsing Together. Saving Favorites. Managing Your Favorites.

23. Groove Welcome Page Tool.

Adding or Editing a Description. Reading a Description. Adding or Editing Notes. Adding an Image to the Welcome Page. Viewing Shared Space Status Information.

24. Survey of Other Groove Shared Space Tools.

Groove Document Review Tool. Groove Forms Tool. Groove Project Manager Tool. Groove Sketchpad Tool. Groove Games.



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