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"Though invisible to the general public, billions of people indirectly use C++ every day. Pervasive in computerized systems everywhere, the Google search engine is written in C++ as is most of Google’s supporting infrastructure. The communications parts of smartphones are in C++ as well as much of the telecommunication systems that connect them. C++ is key to many of tools of the movie industry and the higher levels of the Mars Rover software. C++ libraries underlie the current efforts in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous vehicles." (Source: The National Academy of Engineering).

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No Programming Experience Required | Some Programming Experience Expected | Intermediate to Advanced Guides


No Programming Experience Required

C Programming Absolute Beginner's Guide, 3rd Edition
Book: $23.99 $29.99
eBook: $19.19 $23.99

C Primer Plus, 6th Edition
Book: $47.99 $59.99
eBook: $38.39 $47.99

Programming in C, 4th Edition
Book: $39.99 $49.99
eBook: $31.99 $39.99

Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours, 6th Edition
Book: $27.99 $34.99
eBook: $22.39 $27.99

Sams Teach Yourself C++ in One Hour a Day, 8th Edition
Book: $35.99 $44.99
eBook: $28.79 $35.99

Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++, 2nd Edition
Book: $59.99 $74.99
eBook: $47.99 $59.99

C++ Without Fear LiveLessons
Video: $119.99 $149.99

Some Programming Experience Expected

C Programming Language, 2nd Edition
Book: $56.95 $67.00
eBook: $45.89 $53.99

The C++ Programming Language, 4th Edition
Book: $63.99 $79.99
eBook: $51.19 $63.99

C++ Primer Plus, 6th Edition
Book: $47.99 $59.99
eBook: $38.39 $47.99

C++ Primer, 5th Edition
Book: $55.99 $59.99
eBook: $44.79 $55.99

Game Programming in C++
Book: $39.99 $49.99
eBook: $31.99 $39.99

C++11 for Programmers, 2nd Edition
Book: $47.99 $59.99
eBook: $38.39 $47.99

Intermediate to Advanced Guides

The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference, 2nd Edition
Book: $63.99 $79.99
eBook: $51.19 $63.99

Large-Scale C++ Volume I: Process and Architecture
Book: $63.99 $79.99
eBook: $51.19 $63.99

C++ Templates: The Complete Guide, 2nd Edition
Book: $63.99 $79.99
eBook: $51.19 $63.99

A Tour of C++, Second Edition
Book: $31.99 $39.99
eBook: $25.59 $31.99

C++ Coding Standards: 101 Rules, Guidelines, and Best Practices
Book: $47.99 $59.99
eBook: $38.39 $47.99


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