Object Design—Rebecca Wirfs-Brock and Alan McKean

book cover: Object Design

Object Design was very influential in the early days of object technology/object design. And because it explores ways to effectively think about the design of object-oriented applications, as well as how to approach designing them, it is still relevant and can benefit today's generation of software developers.

We would like to invite you to access the PDF of this classic text to find coverage on topics such as:

  • Strategies for selecting and rejecting candidate objects in an emerging design model
  • Object role stereotypes and how to identify objects' behaviors
  • How to characterize objects using role stereotypes
  • Allocating responsibilities to appropriate objects
  • Developing a collaboration model
  • Strategies for designing application control centers
  • Documenting and describing a design, focusing on use cases, design conversations, and annotations
  • Strategies for enhancing reliability, including handling exceptions and recovering from errors
  • How to characterize software variations and design to support them for greater flexibility
  • How to categorize and treat various kinds of design problems

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