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Paresh Shah

Rajendra Chayapathi is a Senior Solution Architect in Cisco’s professional and consulting services organization. His most recent work has been on emerging technologies such as NFV, SDN, programmability and network orchestration and its adoption in the industry. He has over twenty years of experience in networking technologies, customer interaction, and networking products; his focus is on network design and architecture. He has previously worked in Cisco’s engineering teams where he was involved on various network operating systems and product development. Before his employment at Cisco, he provided consultancy services to AT&T and financial institutions for the design and deployment of IP core network technologies. He has been a regular speaker at multiple technology conferences such as Cisco Live, Cisco Connect and NANOG. Rajendra has a CCIE (#4991) in Routing and Switching and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication from University of Mysore, India and a Masters’ degree in Business Administration with a focus on technology Management from University of Phoenix, USA.


Syed Farrukh Hassan has been in the networking industry for fifteen years, and is currently a Senior Solutions Architect in Cisco’s professional and consulting services organization. He has worked with various Internet and cloud service providers, helping them in adoption of innovative network technologies and supporting them in design and deployment of new architectures. In his current role, Syed is involved in SDN and NFV adoption, providing guidance, future strategy, and planning to service provider, enterprise, and data center customers. Syed has previously been part of engineering teams within Cisco and has been an active contributor towards design and innovation of network products and solutions. Syed has been a regular speaker in public forums and conferences and is recognized as a Cisco Live Distinguished Speaker. Syed is a double CCIE in Service Provider and Data Center technologies (#21617) and also a VMware Certified Network Virtualization Professional (VCP-NV). He holds a Bachelors’ degree in Engineering from NED University, Pakistan, and a Masters’ degree in Engineering from the University of Florida, Gainesville, USA.


Paresh Shah has been in the network industry for more than twenty years and currently working as a Director in Cisco’s professional and consulting services organization. He is responsible for bringing to market new disruptive services based on cutting-edge technologies and solutions to achieve successful deployment in customer networks. Paresh has led various global engineering and customer-facing groups in the service provider market and is a veteran of the high-end routing, service provider, enterprise, and cloud segments. He started his career as an engineer in 1996 building one of the first high-speed multi-services routers in the industry and was responsible for adoption of new technologies then, like MPLS, BGP, and L2/L3 VPN and new operating systems like IOS-XR. Paresh is leading the adoption of NFV, SDN, and segment routing consultancy services and driving the solutions for cloud-providers, traditional service providers, and enterprises that are looking to adopt these new technologies. Paresh is a regular speaker at industry conferences such as Cisco Live, NANOG, and SANOG, with a pulse on the latest trends in the industry. He has a Bachelors’ degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Pune, India and a Masters’ degree focusing in Networking and Telecommunications from University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA.