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Thomas A. Limoncelli

The Practice of System Administration

About the Authors

Thomas A. Limoncelli is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and system administrator. In 2005 he shared the SAGE Outstanding Achievement Award with Christine Hogan. While at Google he was an SRE for projects such as the web crawler, Blog Search, office IT deployments and The Ganeti project.
He works in New York City at Stack Exchange, home of ServerFault.com and StackOverflow.com. Previously he's worked at small and large companies including Google, Bell Labs / Lucent, AT&T. He blogs at https://everythingsysadmin.com.

Christine Hogan is working as a contractor in a network engineering role at a large global corporation. She has worked as a sysadmin and manager in a large variety of environments, including academia, small startups, and midsized corporations. Her focus is in the areas of security and networking.

Strata R. Chalup is the owner and senior consultant of Virtual.Net, Inc., a strategic and best-practices IT consulting firm specializing in helping small to midsize firms scale their IT practices as they grow. During the first dot-com boom, Strata architected scalable infrastructures and managed some of the teams that built them for such projects as talkway.net, the Palm VII, and mac.com.