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Kenneth S. Rubin

About Adele Goldberg

Adele Goldberg is Chairman and Founder of ParcPlace Systems, Inc., a major vendor of software development systems based on object-oriented technology. Before founding ParcPlace, she spent 14 years as laboratory manager and researcher at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, and authored the seminal books on the Smalltalk-80 programming system. Dr. Goldberg received the ACM 1987 Systems Software Award and PC Magazine's 1990 Lifetime Achievement Award for her significant contributions to the personal computer industry. She is Past President and a Fellow of the ACM.

Kenneth S. Rubin is Manager of Methodology Department at ParcPlace Systems Inc., where he leads the creation of the Object Behavior Analysis method and tools products. As a former manager of ParcPlace Professional Services Department, he directed the company's consulting and training business. Mr. Rubin has over 10 years' experience consulting with and managing software development projects that have successfully applied object-oriented technology.