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Windows 10 Tips and Tricks: Connecting to Networks and the Internet
Dec 17, 2015
This chapter from Windows 10 Tips and Tricks shows you how to connect your computer to a wired network or to a wireless network, how to connect to network folders, and how to deal with network problems. You also learn how to connect your computer to a virtual private network, or VPN, in order to establish a secure connection to a server across the Internet, and how to share your computer’s Internet connection with others.
Using Your Windows 10 PC If You've Never Used a Computer Before
Nov 25, 2015
If you’ve just purchased your first PC, there’s a lot to learn, especially when it comes to using the Windows operating system. This chapter from My Windows 10 Computer for Seniors is for those of you just starting out with your first PC.
Using Microsoft Family to Manage Your Child's Computer Access
Nov 3, 2015
Microsoft Family is designed to help adults monitor and control what children can do on a PC. In this chapter from My Windows 10 Tablet (includes Content Update Program): Covers Windows 10 Tablets including Microsoft Surface Pro, Jim Cheshire shows you how to use Microsoft Family to keep children from wandering into websites and apps that contain inappropriate material, control the days and times that a child can use your computer, and configure your tablet so that when a particular family member logs in, he or she can access only a specific app.
Using the Windows 10 Interface
Oct 28, 2015
The Windows 10 interface might look familiar, but there’s lots that’s new, so the goal of this chapter from Windows 10 In Depth is to help you get comfortable with this new look. That is, you learn exactly how the Windows 10 interface works, what shortcuts you can use to make it easier, and what customizations you can apply to make it your own.
Optimizing the Start Menu in Windows 10
Oct 22, 2015
This chapter from Windows 10 Absolute Beginner's Guide covers working with and resizing tiles, using groups in the Start menu, and customizing the Navigation menu.
Setting Up Your PC: Windows 10 Edition
Oct 12, 2015
Michael Miller walks you through the basics of setting up your notebook, all-in-one desktop, or traditional desktop PC, as well as powering on, logging on to Windows, and shutting down, in this chapter from Easy Computer Basics, Windows 10 Edition.
Getting to Know Windows 10—If You've Used Windows Before
Oct 8, 2015
Whether you're upgrading from Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows XP, Michael Miller will walk you through the differences (and improvements) in Windows 10, including its most important features, in this chapter from Computer Basics Absolute Beginner's Guide, Windows 10 Edition (includes Content Update Program), 8th Edition.
Easy Windows 10: Using Cortana Search
Sep 30, 2015
This chapter from Easy Windows 10 shows you how to get the most from the enhanced search tools in Windows 10, including Cortana, which provides voice-activated search of both the Web and your device, can send you reminders, and works hard to discover what you like so you get better search results.
Getting Started with Windows 10
Sep 14, 2015
In this chapter from My Windows 10, Katherine Murray covers the best new features in Windows 10, which enable you to choose the best of both worlds, whether you are more comfortable using touch or the mouse to navigate as you use your computers and devices.
Help Me, Windows 10! Cortana to the Rescue
Aug 13, 2015
In this excerpt from My Windows 10, Katherine Murray shows you how to use the voice-activated Cortana tool in Windows 10 as your built-in electronic assistant.
Logging In to Windows 10 and Customizing the Start Menu
Aug 10, 2015
In this sample chapter from Easy Windows 10, author Mark Soper explains essential functionality of working with Windows 10: how to start and stop the operating system, navigate the Windows desktop, and make the menus work for you.
Migrating Users and Applications to Windows 8.1
Sep 11, 2014
Learn how to migrate users and their profiles to Windows 8.1, configure folder redirection, and configure profiles in this chapter from MCSA 70-687 Cert Guide: Configuring Microsoft Windows 8.1.
Networking Your Windows 8.1 Devices and Apps
Jul 10, 2014
Windows 8.1 devices are capable of connecting to the Internet and other devices in myriad ways. In this chapter from Programming the Windows Runtime by Example: A Comprehensive Guide to WinRT with Examples in C# and XAML you learn some of these more advanced methods and how to integrate them into your own apps.
Windows 8.1 Apps with XAML and C#: Arranging UI Elements
Jul 2, 2014
The sizing and positioning of elements is called layout. Within the parent/child relationship between elements, this chapter focuses on the children, examining the common ways that you can control layout on a child-by-child basis.
Increasing Storage Space on Boot/System SSDs for Mobile Devices
Jun 18, 2014
Kim Lindros and Ed Tittel show you how to use the graphical disk analyzers WinDirStat and SpaceSniffer to free up space on disks, especially on SSDs where disk space is usually at a premium.
Working with OneDrive in Windows 8.1
Jun 18, 2014
Working in the cloud may sound strange at first, but you’ll quickly learn to love accessing your files from any device, anytime. This is an introduction to OneDrive and shows you how to start working with your files in the cloud.
Reducing the Amount of Storage Space Required for Windows Driver Store
Jun 11, 2014
Learn about the Refresh Your PC feature in Windows 8.1 by using the Windows RecImg command to make a custom recovery image of a computer's disk and an alternative: the Slimware Utilities' RecImg Manager application.
Backup and Restore for Windows 8.1
Jun 4, 2014
Learn about the Refresh Your PC feature in Windows 8.1 by using the Windows RecImg command to make a custom recovery image of a computer's disk and an alternative: the Slimware Utilities' RecImg Manager application.
Top Windows 8.1 Apps: Food and Dining
May 23, 2014
This chapter runs down the best Windows 8.1 apps for recipes, restaurant reservations, restaurant reviews, and wine and cocktail creation.
Connecting Your Social Media in Windows 8.1
May 15, 2014
Windows 8.1 makes it easy for you to connect all the devices in your household so that you can find and share the files and media you need. Katherine Murray shows you how to add and manage devices in Windows 8.1.

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