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Microwave Integrated Circuits
Jun 12, 2015
This chapter from Microwave Circuit Design: A Practical Approach Using ADS discusses the classification of microwave integrated circuits and the use of microwave circuits in a communication system.
Understanding Hardware Transactional Memory in Intel's Haswell Architecture
Nov 5, 2013
Haswell is the first mainstream architecture to include hardware support for transactional memory. David Chisnall describes how it works and what it means for developers.
Scheduling Challenges with ARM's big.LITTLE Architecture
Oct 28, 2013
big.LITTLE is an ARM marketing term for a relatively simple concept. David Chisnall explains what big.LITTLE and similar strategies will mean for operating systems designers over the coming years.
The Dark Silicon Problem and What it Means for CPU Designers
Oct 22, 2013
The so-called "dark silicon problem" is the subject of a lot of marketing and misinformation. David Chisnall looks at what it really means for CPU designers and how it's likely to affect future processors.
Basic Concepts for Semiconductor Power Delivery
Feb 22, 2008
This chapter describes the basics of power delivery and the components of a power delivery network.
Introduction to Jitter, Noise, and Signal Integrity at High-Speed
Dec 21, 2007
Get an introduciton to working mechanisms for communication link systems.