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OpenGL Is Alive and Well: New Features, Capabilities, and Strengths for Modern Graphics
Oct 20, 2015
With new APIs, rendering effects, and other features changing the world of graphics, should you still care about OpenGL? Graham Sellers, lead author of OpenGL SuperBible, Seventh Edition, discusses why OpenGL is not only relevant, but offers updated features that rival some of the vaunted capabilities of newer technologies.
Following the OpenGL Pipeline
Aug 26, 2015
This chapter from OpenGL Superbible: Comprehensive Tutorial and Reference, 7th Edition, provides an overview of the OpenGL pipeline from start to finish, providing insight into each of the stages, which include fixed-function blocks and programmable shader blocks.
Game Design Prototyping: Introducing the Unity Development Environment
Aug 1, 2014
This chapter discusses the game development tool Unity and explains why it is a great game development tool. It also looks at the sample project included with Unity and describes the Unity interface.
Designing My Life: How I Used Principles of Experience Design to Reshape my Life and Reach for the Stars
Sep 9, 2013
Experience design consultant Jaimee Newberry explains how you can use principles of experience design to uncover your passions and create an environment where you get to spend more time focusing on the people and things that are important to you.
Customizing the Way You Work in Adobe Photoshop CC
Aug 26, 2013
This chapter shows you how to change Photoshop's Preferences settings, which can help you both tailor the program to your specific design style as well as configure its use of system resources.
Drawing with OpenGL
Apr 22, 2013
Learn how to identify all of the rendering primitives available in OpenGL, initialize and populate data buffers for use in rendering geometry, and optimize rendering using advanced techniques like instanced rendering.
Customizing the Way You Work in Photoshop CS6
Nov 1, 2012
Steve Johnson shows how to make Photoshop run faster, enabling you to work more efficiently and improve your designs.
Green-Screen Video Effects for iOS: Video Processing with OpenGL ES
Sep 6, 2012
Erik Buck describes how to perform real-time video processing without impacting performance. Green-screen effects are just one of the cool capabilities! Experiment with the provided demo program and learn how to push out your boundaries.
Using Modern Mobile Graphics Hardware
Sep 4, 2012
This chapter introduces the modern approach for drawing three-dimensional (3D) graphics with embedded graphics hardware.
Creating Forms in Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
Aug 21, 2012
This chapter provides a wealth of information to help you plan, design, and build forms in Dreamweaver CS6.
Adding Open Source 3D Physics to Your iOS Applications
Jun 12, 2012
Erik Buck takes a step beyond 2D physics to explore realistic 3D physics simulation for iOS applications.
A Website Is Really Just Text: Build One in 5 Minutes
May 21, 2012
This chapter starts with a blank site and one HTML page and works its way from there to a fully functional site.
Designing Silverlight Business Applications: the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM)
Apr 16, 2012
In this chapter, you learn about design patterns and why they are important. Jeremy Likness shares a brief history of patterns, what their authors intended, and how this led to the creation of the MVVM pattern. Sections cover each element of the MVVM triad, followed by some of the key features and benefits that MVVM provides.
Essential Windows Phone 7.5: Application Development with Silverlight: Writing Your First Phone Application
Dec 20, 2011
This chapter will walk you through setting up a machine for authoring your very first Windows Phone Silverlight application.
SharePoint 2010 Development with Silverlight: Web Part Development
Dec 8, 2011
Learn how to manually create Silverlight Web Parts that can host a Silverlight application in SharePoint, how to use the Silverlight Web Part extension to help you jump start your Silverlight Web Part projects, and how to connect web parts so you can show master-detail relationships, dashboards, and mash-ups.
Silverlight Best Practices: Testing Soup to Nuts
Nov 21, 2011
In this last installment of the series covering best practices for Silverlight in the enterprise, Microsoft MVP for Silverlight Jeremy Likness discusses testing. Read this article to learn about various approaches to testing Silverlight applications from โ€œwhite boxโ€ unit tests to coded UI tests.
Silverlight Best Practices: Asynchronous Programming
Nov 7, 2011
Microsoft MVP for Silverlight Jeremy Likness covers asynchronous programming techniques. Learn how to call your web services in a way that prevents performance bottlenecks or blocking on the UI thread when processing complex results, understand the differences between the event-based and asynchronous programming model, and discover techniques for handling sequential asynchronous workflows in a way that keeps your code easy to read and maintain.
Silverlight Best Practices: Data-Centric Applications
Oct 26, 2011
In the next installment of his series covering best practices for Silverlight in the enterprise, Microsoft Silverlight MVPJeremy Likness covers data-centric applications. He shows you various approaches to packaging, transporting, and synchronizing data between the client and the server in line-of-business applications.
Silverlight Best Practices: Modular Code
Oct 3, 2011
Jeremy Likness (Microsoft MVP for Silverlight) covers the benefits of building modular Silverlight applications. Learn what patterns help facilitate highly modular code, and how to leverage tools like the Model-View-View Model pattern (MVVM) and the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) to build dynamic, testable, maintainable, and extendable line-of-business applications.
Silverlight Best Practices: The MVVM Pattern
Aug 17, 2011
One of the most popular Silverlight patterns and best practices is the Model-View-View Model pattern, or MVVM. The pattern takes advantage of the data-binding features that are part of XAML technology. Jeremy Likness, Microsoft MVP for Silverlight, walks you through the fundamental components of this pattern and shows you a simple, straightforward approach to implementing it in Silverlight line-of-business applications.

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