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.NET for Java Developers: Processing XML
Jul 25, 2003
The .NET Framework has built-in support for XML processing. Discover how to use XML in .NET and what these benefits can do for you.
.NET Tools for Working with XML
May 21, 2004
.NET provides a powerful set of classes for working with XML directly. This article provides an overview of the most important of these classes, and some examples of what you can do with them.
A Practical Introduction to eBay's Web API
Oct 14, 2005
A Quick Tour of KML: Geographic Visualization for the Web
Nov 14, 2008
Learn what KML is and how you can create a simple KML file yourself.
Accessing and Displaying XML Data with .NET
Oct 12, 2001
Microsoft's recent release of Beta 2 of its new .NET platform brings many changes to the available classes. In this article, Jerome Kuptz reviews some of the platform's features available in its XML classes.
Accessing and Manipulating XML Data
Oct 3, 2003
Learn how to access and manipulate XML data in preparation for your MCAD Exam 70-310.
Accessing SQL 2000 via HTTP
Oct 26, 2001
This sample chapter from XML and SQL Server discusses how the open-endedness of client/server architecture provides for enhanced extensibility. The HTTP protocol is examined for various ways to execute SQL statements against SQL Server.
All About Jabber Clients
Aug 22, 2003
Look into the client side of the Jabber world. You will get some basic Jabber clients to build as well as reference to the types of messages your client might expect to handle, all to help you better understand the Jabber server.
Alternative API: SAX
Apr 12, 2002
Benoit Marchal discusses how to read XML documents with SAX, the powerful API, in this sample chapter from XML by Example.
Alternatives to XML Schemas
Mar 22, 2002
XML Schemas may not be right for every application. In this article, David Gulbransen describes situations in which RELAX NG or Schematron may be a better choice as a schema, or how they could supplement XML Schemas.
An Introduction to VoiceXML
Jul 27, 2007
If you've ordered a pizza lately, you've used VoiceXML. Learn how it works.
An introduction to XML Namespaces
Nov 13, 2000
This article discusses the background behind XML Namespaces. It presumes a fundamental grasp of basic XML Syntax, and the concepts of an XML document and a DTD (Document Type Definition).
An Introduction to XML Syntax
Nov 13, 2000
The following article offers a basic introduction to XML, telling why it was created and explaining its basic syntax. It presumes previous experience developing for the Web.
An Overview of the SOAP v1.1 Specification
Oct 1, 2000
SOAP allows business software programs to communicate over the Internet regardless of the platform on which they are based. This article discusses SOAP v1.1 specification topics, including, using XML in SOAP, http as a base transport, and method invocation ...
An XML and RSS Overview
Mar 30, 2001
Learn some basics of an XML document and see how to use an XML variant, RSS, for the Web.
Applied SOAP: XML and Web Service Implementation
Jul 5, 2002
Understand why loosely coupled, interoperable XML is critical to Web Services. Read how to use XML technologies that are key to working with SOAP, such as XPath, XLink, and XSL.
Arguing with Angle Brackets: A Step-by-Step Introduction to XML Schema
Oct 17, 2003
The primary building block for conveying meaningful information with XML is the W3C's XML Schema language. This article shows you step by step how to beat XML Schema into submission.
ASP.NET Extensibility With XML
Sep 26, 2002
Explore how XML is integrated with the configuration of Windows Forms and Web Forms applications using the ASP.NET web.config files.
Authoring, Validating, Viewing, and Transforming XML Documents
May 17, 2002
Discover some of the things that can be done with an XML document, and some of the tools that can do them.
Basic Shapes and Text in SVG
May 30, 2003
This sample chapter looks at the highlight functions of SVG, and explains the use of simple images and text within the program.

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