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Comparing Google Docs with Competing Cloud Computing Applications
Feb 9, 2009
Michael Miller compares Google Docs with several other web-based applications — and tells us which apps come out on top.
Computing in the Cloud
Jun 15, 2009
Mark Edward Soper provides an introduction to the world of web-based apps: how to select them, how to use them, and how to avoid problems.
Configuring an Eclipse Java Project
Mar 4, 2005
Eclipse includes a wide assortment of configuration options that control project compilation or enhance productivity. This sample book chapter will keep you from getting overwhelmed by the number of choices.
Content is Cash: SONAR in Action
Oct 22, 2011
This chapter includes case studies to illustrate the effectiveness of SONAR, a content distribution model designed to improve ROI on existing web content.
Content Management Best Practices for Multiple Devices
Jun 7, 2002
This article provides practical suggestions on determining your real content management needs.
Content Management Options for .NET Portals, Intranets, and Corporate Web Sites
May 28, 2004
If you're designing, developing, and implementing Web portals using Microsoft servers and the .NET Framework, at some point you'll need to put stuff on your site. (Well, duh.) The Microsoft .NET platform offers several content management options, and this sample book chapter will give you an exhaustive overview of the choices.
Converting a DTD into a Schema
Dec 21, 2001
In this sample chapter from Special Edition Using XML Schema, David Gulbransen discusses the legacy of DTDs and the differences between DTDs and Schema, and teaches you how to convert the DTD to a Schema.
Converting DTDs to XML Schemas
Mar 22, 2002
David Gulbransen walks through the conversion process from DTD to XML Schema.
Converting XML Nodes into Objects
Dec 10, 2004
Paul Kimmel explains a seldom-documented but useful technique for reconstituting an XML node in a web.config or app.config file into an object. This technique is used by Microsoft programmers in valuable tools such as the Exception Management Application Block (EMAB) to permit you to treat an XML node as a persisted XML object.
Creating a DNS Service on the Cloud
Jan 28, 2013
IBM Senior Software Engineer Alexander Amies and IBM Software Engineer Pan Xia Zou discuss how to configure and use a DNS server for management of virtual machines on the cloud. This is described in the context of a cloud-based virtual local area network and scripting to automate network configuration of virtual machines. One of the architects of the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise platform, Alex is a co-author of Developing and Hosting Applications on the Cloud.
Creating a Secure Development Framework
Aug 27, 2004
Business applications can be weak spots in an otherwise secure network, but in this article, Glyn Geoghegan explains how to keep your applications as secure the rest of your IT infrastructure.
Creating a Tree View of XML Data in Visual Studio .NET
Sep 10, 2004
John Mueller shows how a tree view of your XML data can help you display the details with greater ease and examine those details with greater clarity.
Creating an XML-Based Message Broker in .NET
Nov 1, 2002
Learn how to use .NET to create a simple XML-based message broker application.
Creating C++ Interpreters for XML Extension Languages
Sep 7, 2001
Fabio Arciniegas, author of C++ XML, shows you how to create C++ interpreters for custom XML extension languages.
Creating Presentations with OperaShow
Jul 23, 2004
While PowerPoint is a popular slide-making tool that's packed with bells and whistles, it's not always the best tool for creating presentation slides. Scott Nesbitt looks at OperaShow, a unique feature of the Opera web browser that turns the software into a presentation powerhouse.
Creating Smart Forms with AJAX
Dec 29, 2006
Web forms are very important pieces of an application. They're used for registration, logging in, or even payment for services. Kris Hadlock explains the importance of creating "smart" forms and how to use AJAX to improve the forms in your applications.
Creating Valid XML Documents: DTDs
Feb 27, 2004
In HTML, a browser can check HTML because it knows all about legal HTML. In XML, you define what's legal and what's not by specifying the syntax you're going to allow for an XML document. This makes validation critical. Steve Holzner shows you how to validate XML documents with document type definitions (DTDs).
Creating Web Services with Visual C++.NET
Oct 4, 2002
.NET represents a revolutionary change in the way we program, and its support for Web Services is one of the leading factors. Learn how to create Web Services that will lead to rich information sharing for applications that harness this new technology.
Creating Well-Formed XML Documents
Dec 5, 2003
Making your XML well-formed is integral to creating XML documents. Steve Holzner covers all aspects of well-formedness, including constraints, namespaces, infosets, and canonical XML.
Critical Success Factors for Web Services
Mar 28, 2003
Looking to get started with Web services, but not sure which type of project will provide the best payback to your organization? Experts have one key piece of advice: Start small and concentrate on solving just one or two distinct business problems.

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