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Managing Files and Searching in Windows 8.1
Apr 7, 2014
This chapter explains some basics about files and folders in Windows 8.1 before moving on to describe how to navigate, customize, and search these objects.
Five Ways to Streamline Your Music in Windows 8.1
Mar 5, 2014
Windows 8.1 makes it easy for you to organize and play all kinds of tunes using the Xbox Music app. Katherine Murray shows you how to organize your music so you can easily find the pieces you most want to hear.
Windows 8.1 Tips and Tricks
Mar 3, 2014
Now that Windows 8.1 is widely available, how do you get the most out of it? In this article Michael Miller presents a dozen tips and tricks you can use to become a more effective — and efficient — Windows 8.1 user.
Find What You Need with the Windows 8.1 Help & Tips App
Feb 26, 2014
With Windows 8.1, Microsoft has given us something we should have had all along: a kind of map to help us learn the basics of the new operating system. This article introduces the new Help & Tips app, available on the Windows 8.1 Start screen.
Getting to Know Windows 8.1
Feb 21, 2014
This chapter shows you the basics of starting and using Windows 8.1, the software and operating system that makes your computer work.
Building Windows Store Apps with with HTML5 and JavaScript
Feb 20, 2014
This chapter teaches the basics of building Windows Store apps, showing how to take advantage of the features of Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 to build, run, and debug a Windows Store app.
Customizing Your Mac with OS X Mavericks Custom Settings
Feb 19, 2014
In this chapter, you’ll learn how to customize the Finder, the Dock, the desktop, your screen saver, and your security preferences. You’ll also learn how to make your own Dashboard widgets — tiny custom programs that you can build from pieces of your favorite websites.
Five Ways to Improve Your Windows Store Experience
Feb 19, 2014
The Windows Store has been improved in Windows 8.1. Katherine Murray shows you how to get more information about apps, check the apps you installed, search for new apps, purchase the ones you want, and update apps seamlessly while you work.
Managing Your Apps in Windows 8.1
Feb 18, 2014
Katherine Murray shows you how to manage the apps installed by default in Windows 8.1 and points you toward the Windows Store, from which you can find and download new apps to help you make the most of Windows 8.1 features.
Should You Upgrade to Windows 8.1?
Jan 31, 2014
Michael Miller explores the good and bad points of Windows 8.1, and advises whether or not you should upgrade your system to this latest version.
Windows 8.1 New Features: Boot to Desktop
Jan 31, 2014
Causing frustration for many long-time users, Windows 8.1 has supplemented the traditional desk top with a start page, which displays apps as variously-sized tiles. This video, an excerpt from Windows 8.1 New Features (Que Video), shows how to select the traditional desktop at start-up instead of the new start page.
Windows 8.1 New Features: New Tile Sizes on Start Screen
Jan 31, 2014
In this video, an excerpt from Windows 8.1 New Features (Que Video), you'll explore ways to personalize your Windows desktop by altering the size of your start screen tiles.
Windows 8.1 New Features: Workplace Join
Jan 31, 2014
Windows 8.1 offers the option to work within or without a domain, called Workplace Join. This allows a middle ground between all or nothing access to corporate resources. Find out how to take advantage of Workplace Join in this simple video tutorial.
Personalize the Look of Windows 8.1
Jan 30, 2014
Katherine Murray shows how you can resize app tiles on the Windows 8.1 Start screen, create app groups, and tweak the Desktop to get just the right effect as you work.
Connecting Everything - Phones, Tablets, PCs, the Cloud - in Windows 8.1
Jan 29, 2014
Windows 8.1 makes it easy for you to connect all the devices in your household — your camera, tablet, smartphone, and more — so that you can find and share the files and media you need. Katherine Murray shows you how to add and manage devices in Windows 8.1.
Preparing Your Windows 8.1 PC and Setting Up Devices
Jan 17, 2014
This chapter shows how to get your Windows 8.1 computer ready to use by adding devices (printers, etc), connecting to networks, managing power use settings, and getting files from other machines onto your new computer.
Connecting Your Mac to a Network
Jan 15, 2014
This chapter shows how to connect your MacBook to wired and wireless connections as well as how to manage multiple connections.
Setting Up User Accounts in Windows 8.1
Jan 10, 2014
This chapter shows how to configure your Windows 8.1 computer for multiple users.
Managing Files and Folders in Windows 8.1
Jan 8, 2014
This chapter shows how you can keep track of files and folders in Windows 8.1. The better organized your files and folders are, easier it will be to find them!
Top 10 Changes for Building Windows Store Apps with Windows 8.1
Jan 8, 2014
If you are about to build a new Windows Store app, or you need to migrate an existing Windows 8 app to Windows 8.1, you need to be aware of changes Microsoft made that affect Windows Store app development. Stephen Walther outlines the top 10 in this article.

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