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Assessing Your Current Environment Prior to Migrating to VMware Virtual Machines
May 22, 2009
This chapter covers the importance of and procedures for assessing your current environment prior to migrating your current physical servers to VMs on VMware ESX hosts.
Attacks from Outside the Operating System
Mar 29, 2002
This excerpt from Andy Tanenbaum's Modern Operating Systems looks at some of the operating systems aspects of external threats, primarily focusing on viruses, worms, mobile code, and Java applets.
Auditing System Security
Aug 29, 2003
This article describes how to audit (validate) a system's security using the Solaris Security Toolkit software.
Authentication Auditing in Windows 2000
Jul 29, 2005
Authentication auditing is an essential part of protecting your Windows computers from intrusion. The big problem in Windows auditing is trying to understand what's going on, without drowning in a flood of irrelevant or useless information. If you let it do so, Windows will bury you in event notifications. Figuring out what's going on from those notifications can be a real chore. Rick Cook provides specific suggestions to start making your auditing process more informative.
Automating Sun Cluster 3.0 Data Service Setup
Mar 15, 2002
This article takes a first step towards providing secured configurations that use Sun Cluster 3.0 12/01 software by describing how three specific agents can be deployed in a secured configuration that is supported by Sun Microsystems.
Back to the Future: Using the SendtoX PowerToy in Windows XP
Jun 14, 2002
In this article, Ed Tittel talks about his personal favorite — the SendToX PowerToy — which permits the copying or moving of files and folders from one location to any other location in a Windows file system more simply and directly than other ways can offer.
Backup and Restore for Windows 8.1
Jun 4, 2014
Learn about the Refresh Your PC feature in Windows 8.1 by using the Windows RecImg command to make a custom recovery image of a computer's disk and an alternative: the Slimware Utilities' RecImg Manager application.
Backup Basics Part 1: Demystifying Server and Workstation Backup Methods
Jun 16, 2006
Understanding the options for backing up servers and workstations is important for any technician or system/server administrator. But for new IT staff, all the details about how backups work and how to configure them can be confusing. In this first article in a three-part series, Ryan Faas demystifies the various types of backups that can be performed on servers and workstations using most backup applications.
Backup Basics Part 2: Demystifying Backup Media
Jun 30, 2006
In part two of a three-part series on backup basics, Ryan Faas continues to demystify backup options for new technicians and server/systems administrators. This time, the topic is choosing the media in which to store your backups. Find out the pros and cons of tape, hard drives, and RAID arrays; using network storage; and archiving using CDs or DVDs.
Backup Basics Part 3: General Tips for a Backup Strategy
Jul 14, 2006
Knowing how to configure backup applications and select backup media is half the battle of designing a successful backup strategy. The other half is choosing how and when to back up the specific pieces of data that are stored on your servers, share points, and workstations. In this final article of his series on backup basics for new technicians and administrators, Ryan Faas offers some suggestions to help you make these important decisions.
Backup Your Computer and Save Your (Computing) Life, Part 1
Apr 13, 2011
Want to back up your computer? Want to lose your digital life? You might not be excited about backing up your computer, but if you donโ€™t want to lose your digital photos, scanned photos, digital music, videos, and documents, itโ€™s up to you to make backups that work.
Basic Animations with Core Animation
Dec 28, 2009
Marcus Zarra and Matt Long explain Core Animation's flexibility in allowing you to achieve your application animation goals.
Basic OS X Applications for Productivity and Recreation
Dec 27, 2002
Mac OS X includes a number of utilities and applications that enable you to start working as soon as your Mac is up and running. This lesson looks at many of those applications.
Basic Vim Editing
Aug 6, 2001
In this article, Vim expert Steve Oualline shows you the basic set of 10 Vim commands you need to get started editing. You also learn the four basic movement commands: how to insert and delete text, how to get help, and how to exit the editor.
Basic Virtual Private Network Deployment
Jan 19, 2001
Substantial interest in VPN has been created by concerns for privacy and data protection. You, the administrator must be aware of security concepts and network designs, and yet, customers require flexible network environments that will satisfy the needs ...
Been Cracked? Just Put PAM On It!
Oct 26, 2001
Pluggable authentication models (PAM) allow you to configure your Linux environment to meet your own particular security needs.
Before You Open-Source Your Code
Dec 27, 2010
Matthew Helmke provides an overview of the issues that should be considered before contributing code to open source projects, and, as a result, helps interested companies and individuals know where and how to start the process of opening their code.
Best Practices and Initial Investigation Techniques for Diagnosing Linux Problems
Oct 28, 2005
This chapter covers best practices for problem determination in Linux. The first step is to ensure that your Linux system(s) are configured for effective problem determination.
Best Practices for Deploying the Sun StorADE Utility
Apr 16, 2004
This article discusses the Sun Automated Diagnostic Environment (StorADE) utility, which provides centralized monitoring and diagnostics for most Sun storage product offerings.
Big Nerd Ranch Advanced Mac OS X Programming: Blocks
Nov 14, 2011
In this chapter, Big Nerd Ranch's Mark Dalrymple describes the blocks runtime as released with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

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