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A Linux Firewall for Your Home Part 2
May 10, 2000
Concerned about a malfeasant getting into your home system or network through a dedicated Internet connection? Secure your system with a Linux firewall that's installed and configured with the help of an expert.
A Linux Firewall for Your Home Part 3
May 10, 2000
Concerned about a malfeasant getting into your home system or network through a dedicated Internet connection? Secure your system with a Linux firewall that's installed and configured with the help of an expert.
A Look at Apple's Core Animation
Feb 1, 2008
Marcus Zarra walks you through some of the basics of Core Animation and how they can be applied to a normal Cocoa application.
A Look at the Modern X Server
Dec 21, 2007
David Chisnall looks at the state of a modern X server and how it differs from its ancestor.
A New Open Resource Management Architecture in the Sun HPC ClusterTools Environment
Feb 21, 2003
This article presents a new architecture for the integration of the Sun HPC ClusterTools parallel computing environment with distributed resource management systems such as the Sun Grid Engine system.
A Patch Management Strategy for the Solaris Operating Environment
May 23, 2003
This article offers a high-level strategy IT managers and system administrators can use for managing software patches for the Solaris operating environment.
A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux: The Shell
Jan 22, 2015
This chapter from A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux, 4th Edition takes a close look at the shell and explains how to use some of its features. It discusses command-line syntax and describes how the shell processes a command line and initiates execution of a program. This chapter also explains how to redirect input to and output from a command, construct pipelines and filters on the command line, and run a command in the background. The final section covers filename expansion and explains how you can use this feature in your everyday work.
A Problem-Solving Pattern
Jul 19, 2001
Pat Eyler discusses how to build a problem-solving pattern. This article will benefit those with a solid grasp of the fundamentals of networking presented in Networking Linux.
A Roadmap to Samba Development
Oct 1, 2000
Samba 2.2.0 is coming soon! Samba expert Jerry Carter walks you through the functionality and features of this new release.
A Roundup of Free Operating Systems
Jun 22, 2007
David Chisnall explores some of the more esoteric free operating systems.
A Short Treatise on Distributed Computing
Aug 8, 2003
Alex Vrenios takes a look at the progression of technology up to the latest software-defined architectures for cluster servers and supercomputers. He also speculates about some architectural changes on the horizon and a few possible applications in our future.
A Simple Guide To Macintosh Security
Sep 10, 2004
Macintosh security is built in, not added as an afterthought. The design of Mac's OS X made security a top priority and achieved it in many different ways. Larry Loeb gives you an update on some of the ways security has been implemented.
A Strategy for Managing Performance
Apr 18, 2003
This article addresses the importance of adopting and executing a thorough performance management strategy in your computing environment.
A Video Tour of Windows Live Essentials
Oct 30, 2009
Michael Miller introduces Windows Live Essentials, a suite of free software programs that can supplement the programs built into Microsoft Windows 7.
A Video Tour of Windows Media Center 7
Nov 16, 2009
Michael Miller discusses Windows Media Center, specifically the features that are new in Windows 7.
A+ Exam Cram: Setting Up a Multiple Monitor Configuration in Windows Vista
Feb 3, 2010
David Prowse shows how to use the Multiple Monitor feature in Windows Vista. Itโ€™s quick and easy, and you can run as many as 10 monitors!
Absolute Beginner's Guide to OS X Mountain Lion: Using iCloud
Sep 28, 2012
This chapter answers lots of questions about the iCloud: What is it? What does it do? Why do I want it? How can I get it? How does it work? How can I see whatโ€™s on the iCloud? How can I get more of it?
Accessing and Sharing Network Resources in Windows Vista
May 28, 2008
This chapter explains how you can work, play, and connect with your fellow network users using Vista.
Accessing iCloud, Email, and the Web on Your MacBook
Oct 8, 2012
In this chapter, you learn how to use your MacBook to access Online Services such as the World Wide Web, email, and Apple's iCloud.
Accessing Windows Terminal Server Through a Firewall
Apr 19, 2002
Ted Harwood shows you how to setup access to your Windows NT 4.0 or 2000 Terminal Servers through a firewall in this article.

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