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Tackling the CCNA Exam
By Eric Rivard
Sep 26, 2003
Mastering CCNA certification is not an easy task. Eric Rivard gives you tips on how to successfully pass the CCNA exam the very first time.
Fundamentals of IP for the CCNA INTRO Exam #640-821
By Wendell Odom
Sep 12, 2003
Learn about the core concepts behind OSI Layer 3 and the main Layer 3 protocol used by TCP/IP to help you on the CCNA INTRO Exam.
Frame Relay for ICND Exam
By Wendell Odom
Aug 29, 2003
Wendell Odom tells you what you need to know to ace the Frame Relay portion of the ICND Exam. In this sample chapter, he concentrates on Frame Relay protocols and configuration.
CCNA Certification-More Than a Piece of Paper
By Stephen McQuerry
May 30, 2003
CCNA: Network Media Types
By Cisco Systems, Inc.
Mar 14, 2003
Interview with CCNA Authors Lynn Maynes and Gary Heap
By Gary Heap, Lynn Maynes
Jan 24, 2003
Here's what Gary Heap and Lynn Maynes, both CCIEs, have to say about their CCNA book and the CCNA exam.
By Matthew David
Jan 1, 2003
CCNA Practical Studies: Gaining Access to Routers and Switches
By Lynn Maynes, Gary Heap
Jul 12, 2002
Learn how to access a router and switch through a direct console connection, over the LAN via Telnet, and finally through a terminal server.
IP Access List Security for CCNA Exam #640-607
By Wendell Odom
Apr 19, 2002
Wendell Odom reviews the characteristics and limitations of the distance vector routing protocol RIP as part of the preparation for the CCNA exam #640-607.
What's New in CCNA #640-607?
By Cisco Systems, Inc.
Mar 22, 2002
Confused about the new CCNA exam? This FAQ from Cisco Press answers the most common questions about Cisco's new exam #640-607.
Certified Paths to Success
By Drew Bird
Sep 7, 2001
With so many types of certification programs available, which one is the "right" one for you? This article from Certification Magazine looks at one of the first considerations: choosing a vendor-neutral or vender-specific certification.

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