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Fundamentals of Joomla! (Video Training): How Do I Install Joomla?
Mar 31, 2009
This video excerpt is lesson 2 from Fundamentals of Joomla! (Video Training).
Planning for Your New Website
Mar 2, 2009
Mark Bell provides questions you should ask yourself when planning your website’s structure and developing a plan of action.
Top Eleven Tips for Improving Your SEO
Jun 3, 2008
The author of Joomla! A User's Guide offers eleven tips for getting traffic to your site.
Creating a Pure CSS Template in Joomla!
Jan 25, 2008
Create a template in Joomla! that uses CSS to produce a layout without use of tables.
Utilizing and Optimizing for Shopping Comparison Engines
Dec 28, 2007
Liana Evans explains how to utilize shopping comparison engines to promote your online store.
Press Release and Article Optimization for Your Website
Dec 7, 2007
Internet marketing guru Liana Evans shows you how to optimize your press releases and articles for the Internet.
Playing YouTube Videos on Your iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV
Oct 5, 2007
Michael Miller explains how to watch YouTube videos on your iPod or iPhone.
Using YouTube to Promote Your Business
Sep 28, 2007
Michael Miller discusses some of the key factors for promoting your business on YouTube.
Embedding YouTube Videos on Your Web Page or Blog
Sep 21, 2007
Michael Miller shows you how to display any YouTube video on your own page or blog.
How to Read and Write RSS Feeds
Jun 29, 2007
Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server: Programming with Features and Solutions
Jun 15, 2007
Getting Started with Subversion on Windows
May 25, 2007
Stephen Morris shows you Windows users how you can easily benefit from all the advantages of Subversion without needing complicated Unix emulation tools.
Reading and Writing RSS Feeds
May 14, 2007
Programming with Features and Solutions
May 7, 2007
RSS Aggregation with PHP and AJAX
Oct 20, 2006
An RSS aggregator is the perfect application to build with a standard AJAX engine, but cross-domain AJAX requests to RSS feeds are not possible. In this article, Kris Hadlock shows how to leverage a simple PHP function to bridge the gap between the AJAX engine and RSS content.
Custom SharePoint 2003 Templates
Mar 10, 2006
Custom templates enable a user to define a default layout, functionality, and default content for a newly created site. A parallel can be drawn between a Microsoft Word stationery template and a SharePoint template. This chapter will help you get started with Microsoft SharePoint 2003 custom templates.
Tower of eBabel: Why e-Books Are Such a Mess and How They Can Improve
Feb 17, 2006
The digital publications industry is in chaos, with competing e-book formats resulting in a lack of content that plagues the industry. Mark Carey explains how this impasse came about and suggests what can be done to fix the problem.
Marcel's Linux Walkabout: RSS Newsfeeds, the Linux Way
Jul 29, 2005
Want to stay updated on your favorite sites with minimal effort? You need a Linux news aggregator program that collects newsfeeds for you. Read all about it here and then check out Firefox and Akgregator.
Site Mapping: Home Is Where the Hub Is
Jul 22, 2005
Traditional web site organization conventions such as hierarchical site maps and top-down navigation schemes might not be the best way to address a user's findability needs. Keith Robinson discusses this issue, offering some alternative ways to get users to the content they need.
RSS Clustering: A Unique Approach for Managing Your RSS Feeds
Jul 8, 2005
Content syndicated via RDF site summary (RSS) feeds is a great feature of the Net, with one big drawback: WTMI (way too much information). Jose Nazario discusses a custom RSS aggregation approach that allows the user to handle large volumes of RSS data, as well as find interesting trends within the flood.

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