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Anatomy of a Cordova Application
Apr 21, 2015
Using Apache Cordova 4, you can leverage native technologies and web standards to quickly build cross-platform apps for most mobile devices. In this chapter from Apache Cordova 4 Programming, John M. Wargo shows you what makes a web application a Cordova application and gives you a tour of the sample application the Cordova team provides.
Preface to iOS 8 Application Development in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself
Mar 24, 2015
In this preface to iOS 8 Application Development in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself, 6th Edition, John Ray explains what you will learn in his book, covers who can become in iOS developer, and discusses who the book is for.
Using JSON in iOS Apps
Mar 18, 2015
JSON is fast replacing XML as the de facto standard for data representation and data exchange. Wei-Meng Lee shows how easily you can use JSON in your iOS apps.
What's Up, Docs? Find the Right Xcode Documentation, Exactly When You Need It
Mar 12, 2015
Apple-supplied documentation provides important development support, but many developers don't discover the full extent of help available within Xcode and online. Erica Sadun, bestselling author of dozens of books on programming, dives a little deeper to show you some power tips for finding just the right documentation.
Launching iOS Applications Via URL
Mar 9, 2015
When a visitor to your website has iOS apps on her device, a little bit of coding can let you take advantage of that situation, starting her device's native apps for a better user experience. Wei-Meng Lee shows how to take advantage of these iOS capabilities. Her device doesn't have the appropriate app? Your site's programming can detect that sales opportunity, displaying a banner that lets her view your app on the Apple Store and (if desired) automatically and immediately install it.
Getting Started with Xamarin Forms
Feb 4, 2015
With the Xamarin.Forms API, a single user interface can work on three different platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone - a huge savings in code writing! Wei-Meng Lee provides examples for working with Xamarin.Forms, showing the kinds of navigation your interfaces can use on the individual platforms.
Interface Navigation in Apple Watch Apps
Jan 29, 2015
On the small face of an Apple Watch, your app won't have much space for displaying icons and navigation symbols. To solve that problem, the WatchKit includes navigation controls that give your Watch apps ways to be more useful to users. Wei-Meng Lee shows how to add maneuverability to your Apple Watch apps with navigation.
Getting Started with the Apple WatchKit
Jan 22, 2015
Buzz keeps growing around the Apple Watch, scheduled for release in early 2015. Will your apps be ready? Grab Apple's new WatchKit (released November 18) and speed-read Wei-Meng Lee's instructions on using these new tools to gear up your programming as the time winds down to arrival of the Watch.
iOS Internationalization: Characters and Encoding
Jan 21, 2015
Languages use different characters with accent marks and pronunciation marks to accentuate or provide meaning. In this chapter from iOS Internationalization: The Complete Guide, Shawn E. Larson talks about what's involved in creating characters, things like diacritics and surrogate pairs and ligatures, and storing those characters (encoding and code points).
Developing a Selfie Remote-Control App in iOS Using Bluetooth Low Energy
Dec 30, 2014
Wei-Meng Lee speeds through the easy setup of a remote-control app employing Bluetooth LEs on Apple's iOS. Using an inexpensive TI SensorTag for remote control, you can prompt your gadget remotely to perform a variety of tasks. Here, you'll learn how to set up your device and system to take 'selfie' photographs, even when you're nowhere near your iPhone.
Building with MIT App Inventor
Dec 29, 2014
The authors of Learning MIT App Inventor: A Hands-On Guide to Building Your Own Android Apps walk you through the MIT App Inventor site so you can understand how apps can request information, pull in data from the Internet, and interact with other applications.
HTML for Responsive Web Design
Dec 17, 2014
Jennifer Kyrnin teaches you the basics of HTML so that you can put together a decent website and make it responsive, in this chapter from Responsive Web Design in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself.
Apple’s Core Data Framework and the Swift Programming Language: Q&A with Tim Roadley
Dec 4, 2014
Tim Roadley, author of Learning Core Data for iOS: A Hands-On Guide to Building Core Data Applications and the upcoming book "Learning Core Data with Swift" discusses Apple's Core Data Framework with Pearson Senior Acquisitions Editor Trina MacDonald. They talk about the challenges developers face when trying to learn how to use the framework and how Apple's Swift programming language makes those challenges easier.
Video: iOS Development with iOS Author Carl Brown
Dec 3, 2014
In this video interview, Carl Brown, author of App Accomplished: Strategies for App Development Success, talks to InformIT about the current state of Swift development, why Swift is an investment, and his most recent Swift development projects.
Video: The Current State of Swift Development with iOS Developer Ash Furrow
Dec 3, 2014
Ash Furrow, author of iOS UICollectionView: The Complete Guide, 2nd Edition and the upcoming "Your First Swift App" talks with Pearson community specialist Brad Yale about the current state of Swift development.
Responsive Mobile Design Dos and Don’ts
Dec 1, 2014
Getting started with a responsive design can be a struggle, especially if you have never worked on one before. Phil Dutson, author of Responsive Mobile Design: Designing for Every Device, offers this list of the Dos and Don’ts that will accelerate your understanding of working responsively and warn you of the potential pitfalls of working with mobile devices. Make better decisions regarding fluid or fixed design, when it makes sense to use frameworks and breakpoints, and when adaptive design is and isn’t a good idea.
Advanced Android Application Development: Handling Advanced User Input
Nov 27, 2014
In this chapter from Advanced Android Application Development, 4th Edition, you will learn about the different input methods available to developers and how you can use them to great effect within your applications.
Building iOS Applications with Swift: A Q&A with BJ Miller
Nov 20, 2014
BJ Miller, author of Sams Teach Yourself Swift in 24 Hours, and Pearson Senior Acquisitions Editor Trina MacDonald discuss how Apple’s Swift programming language makes it easier for new iOS developers to build their first iOS applications.
Getting Started with AV Foundation
Nov 19, 2014
Learning to use AV Foundation is the key to building the next generation of media applications for Mac OS X and iOS. This chapter from Learning AV Foundation: A Hands-on Guide to Mastering the AV Foundation Framework provides you with an introduction to the AV Foundation framework, where it fits into Apple's media environment and the capabilities it provides.
Displaying Alerts in iOS 8
Nov 17, 2014
With every new release, Apple's operating system grows more powerful and a better fit for all its applicable devices. But changes in the OS mean extra work for software developers, who must ensure that their legacy programs still run and that new products fit the new version. Wei-Meng Lee describes the new UIAlertController class in iOS 8 and how it can improve your program's ability to display messages and get input from users.

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