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Building Windows Store Apps with with HTML5 and JavaScript
Feb 20, 2014
This chapter teaches the basics of building Windows Store apps, showing how to take advantage of the features of Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 to build, run, and debug a Windows Store app.
Catching Up with PC Backup in 2012
Sep 12, 2012
What's the best backup regimen for your systems, now that online backup is dirt cheap, and disk drives even cheaper? Quick answer: Multiple backups.
Clicking Your Start Button
Dec 25, 2006
Clicking Your Windows Vista Start Button
Apr 6, 2007
Unlocking the power of Microsoft Windows Vista is as simple as clicking the Start button on your desktop. Take a peek beyond the button to see how you can utilize the features revealed to your maximum advantage.
Clustering Microsoft Exchange Server 2000
Mar 8, 2002
Ensuring reliability and scalability within your email system can be a trying experience. Let author and columnist Joseph M. Lamb guide you through the construction of a clustered Exchange Server utilizing Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Exchange Server 2000.
Configuring Your Windows XP Mobile Computer To Go On The Road
Nov 23, 2005
This chapter explains how to use Windows XP to set your notebook computer based on the Intel Centrino mobile technology to work with wireless networks. You'll learn about working with the Control Panel; the New Connection Wizard and Network Setup Wizard; the Network Connections window; Network Wireless Connections Properties; and Wireless Network Security Settings. You'll also find out how to enable a personal firewall and choose an SSID. In other words: if you need to get your Windows computer ready to go on the road, this is the place to begin!
Connecting Everything - Phones, Tablets, PCs, the Cloud - in Windows 8.1
Jan 29, 2014
Windows 8.1 makes it easy for you to connect all the devices in your household — your camera, tablet, smartphone, and more — so that you can find and share the files and media you need. Katherine Murray shows you how to add and manage devices in Windows 8.1.
Connecting Your Social Media in Windows 8.1
May 15, 2014
Windows 8.1 makes it easy for you to connect all the devices in your household so that you can find and share the files and media you need. Katherine Murray shows you how to add and manage devices in Windows 8.1.
Considerations Before Migrating to Windows XP Professional
Aug 13, 2001
Migrating to another operating system from your current one is fraught with challenges that are best met through deliberate planning. This article profiles the issues you need to resolve before migrating to Windows XP Professional.
Customizing the Windows 7 Taskbar
Oct 1, 2010
You can become much more productive with Windows 7 by personalizing the operating system’s taskbar. In this article, Michael Miller, author of Windows 7 Your Way: Speed Up and Customize Windows, shows you how to customize the Windows 7 taskbar — your way.
Customizing the Windows 8 Start Screen, Colors, and Other Settings
Oct 23, 2012
This chapter walks you through some basic Windows 8 personalization features using lots of illustrated, step-by-step examples.
Customizing Windows Explorer in Windows 7
Dec 30, 2009
Michael Miller shows some of the many ways to make Windows Explorer look and feel your way.
Customizing Windows XP for Individuals with Disabilities
Jul 5, 2002
How can we accomplish the goal of making it easy or even possible for all people (even those with vision, hearing, and mobility disabilities) to experience and benefit from technology? Discover how Windows XP provides an enhanced user experience.
Data Representation in Windows Communication Foundation
Aug 18, 2006
How is data sent from a Windows Communication Foundation client to a service? This chapter explains the involvement of XML serializers to improve control and optimization.
Dealing with Digital Photos
May 22, 2013
Windows 8 comes with some tools that help you view and perform some basic and helpful photo-related tasks. This chapter provides you with the details.
Dealing with Fallout from Windows Update
Sep 19, 2011
Ed Tittel explains how to handle the occasional wobbles that sometimes follow in the wake of Windows Update.
Deciding Which Windows XP File System Is Best for You
Apr 12, 2002
Which Windows XP file system is best for you? The file system you choose will greatly impact system performance and the overall capabilities of the disk drives on your system. Louis Columbus compares and contrasts the systems for you.
Defragmenting the Windows Registry
Jun 16, 2009
Ed Tittel explains why it’s a good idea to defragment the Windows registry and explores a handful of tools available to perform this task.
Describing Active Directory Components
May 17, 2002
Examine some of the most critical components in Active Directory, as well as Microsoft's recommendations for their use.
Designing High-Availability Windows Systems
Jun 23, 2006
Computer systems that don't provide enough working time are worthless at best and disastrous at worst. But the fine distinction between "available enough" and "99.999% available" can end up hitting the bottom line pretty severely. Rick Cook explains the major options for designing a system with an appropriate amount of uptime.

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