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A Brief History of (Internet) Time: From the Beginnings of Malicious Code to Their Likely Future
Jul 21, 2008
Randy Nash looks at the complex relationship between computing power, the growth of the Internet, and the changes in malicious code over time.
An Insider's Look into the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Challenge
May 15, 2012
Brad Bowers takes an insider look into the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Challenge that faces off hardened penetration testers against defending college teams in this annual cyber attack and defend competition.
An Introduction to Security Testing with Open Source Tools
Sep 16, 2005
Michael Kelly reports on handy security uses for four open source tools: WebGoat, Firefox Web Developer, WebScarab, and Ethereal. By combining the tools in easy ways, testers can track down and close the gaping security holes that are often left in applications.
An Overview of Computer Security
Jan 31, 2003
Break down computer security into each of its components and see how each one contributes to a vulnerable system or network.
Are You Still Using RSH?
Jan 30, 2004
Running RSH is like leaving your house keys under the welcome mat. SSH offers the same convenience and functionality with far greater security, so why haven't you switched?
Bluetooth Security Risks in Business
May 9, 2008
Nico Darrow tells you how to keep yourself safe from Bluetooth hackers.
Building a Custom JBoss Login Module
Jun 10, 2005
JBoss comes with very useful modules to define how to log in, but they're designed in a generic fashion to be examples or used in a very simple application. Marcus Zarra walks you through extending one of these modules to fit a custom requirement.
Chained Exploits: Discover What Your Boss Is Looking At
Apr 10, 2009
Learn how to spy on your boss' net surfing habits — and protect yourself and your network from similar exploits.
Chained Exploits: How Hackers Combine Attacks to Hack You
Jan 27, 2010
Security expert Andrew Whitaker explains the hacker mentality and points out how hackers combine multiple exploits to achieve their goals.
Computer Forensics: Tracking an Offender
Nov 30, 2001
Learn to collect and analyze evidence found in a compromised computer system.
Configuring the PIX Firewall for SSH (Secure Shell)
Feb 15, 2002
Let author, educator, and security specialist David W. Chapman Jr. demonstrate how easy it is to configure and troubleshoot secure remote access to your PIX Firewall.
Cryptography: Beginning with a Simple Communication Game
Nov 5, 2004
In this introductory chapter from his book, Wenbo Mao uses a simple game to demonstrate the complexity of cryptography, and its utility for your business.
Feb 23, 2001
Cryptography is a minor hobby of author Richard Heathfield. He has written this article in much the same way that he might have written for his book, C Unleashed, and he hopes you'll find it diverting and send you to the book for more!
Cyber Warfare: Reality or Box Office Hit?
Sep 28, 2007
Randy Nash searches for a working definition of cyber warfare, looks at the historical profile of attacks, and discusses the potential of a devastating electronic Pearl Harbor.
Data Theft: How Big a Problem?
Jun 30, 2008
Michael Miller discusses how data theft happens, where the data goes, and to what extent it is a problem.
DB2 Universal Database Security
Dec 23, 2003
Nine percent of the DB2 UDB V8.1 Family Fundamentals certification exam (Exam 700) is designed to test your knowledge about the mechanisms DB2 Universal Database uses to protect data and database objects against unauthorized access and modification. This chapter introduces you to the authorization levels and privileges of the DB2 Universal Database.
Deitel Introduces the Java Cryptography Extension
Aug 16, 2002
This Deitel™ article introduces the Java Cryptography Extension, providing an example that demonstrates Password-Based Encryption. Readers should be familiar with Java and advanced Java topics.
Designing Strategies for Security Management
Jul 23, 2004
With an eye towards passing the MSCE 70-298 Exam, Bill Ferguson and Ed Tittel explain the ins and outs of managing network security, and the tools that you can use to maintain security on a Windows Server 2003 Network. Included are several sample questions with detailed answers to help you prepare for the exam.
Digital Cryptography: A Subtle Art
Aug 30, 2002
Learn the basic building blocks of modern digital cryptography, what they can do for you, and how to compose them to produce useful and practical secure services.
Donald Pipkin's Security Tips for the Week of December 16th
Dec 13, 2002
Take a tip from Don Pipkin, HP security expert and author of "Halting the Hacker: A Practical Guide to Computer Security".

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