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Securing Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) with Cisco TrustSec (CTS)
Apr 25, 2013
Ron Fuller shows just how easy it is to take advantage of MACSEC and AES-128 bit encryption on your Cisco Nexus 7000 series switches.
Secure By Design? Techniques and Frameworks You Need to Know for Secure Application Development
Dec 19, 2012
What do you know about developing secure robust software? Randy Nash discusses several available techniques and frameworks for secure application development.
Danger on the Computer and What to Do If You Are the Victim of Identity Theft
Nov 7, 2012
The first step in reducing your vulnerability to identity theft through your computer is learning where you are vulnerable. However, assessing your risk is not enough. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to guarantee that you will not become a victim of identity theft, so it is also important to know what to do if you become an identity theft victim.
Making Yourself Less Vulnerable to Identity Theft
Nov 1, 2012
In this excerpt from his book, Steve Weisman discusses types of identity theft and steps you can take to protect yourself from them.
How to Avoid Identity Theft
Oct 31, 2012
As damaging as identity theft can be and as vulnerable as we are to identity theft, there are a number of relatively simple things that you can do to make yourself less likely to become a victim of identity theft. In this chapter from 50 Ways to Protect Your Identity in a Digital Age: New Financial Threats You Need to Know and How to Avoid Them, 2nd Edition, learn about different kinds of identity theft and how they can be avoided.
Introduction to 50 Ways to Protect Your Identity in a Digital Age: New Financial Threats You Need to Know and How to Avoid Them, 2nd Edition
Oct 30, 2012
Steve Weisman introduces his book, which shows you just how vulnerable you are to identity theft, but also shows you steps you can take to protect yourself, as best you can, from becoming a victim.
Creating Your Own VPN
Oct 23, 2012
Security expert Eric Geier shows you how to set up a VPN to securely access your PC or network when you’re away, and to secure your Internet connection when using Wi-Fi hotspots.
Recovering and Securing Network and Internet Passwords
Oct 8, 2012
Security expert Eric Geier shows you how to find or capture your network, browser, and email passwords, which is useful if you’ve forgotten them. Plus, he explores password vulnerabilities and teaches you how to protect against them.
A Quick Survey of Remote Desktop Technologies
Jul 20, 2012
Tim Warner provides a concise overview of remote desktop technology: what it is, why it is important, what you should be concerned with, and who are the major players in the field.
Securing Wireless Networks for CompTIA Network+
May 16, 2012
This important article walks the reader through key security mechanisms that should be considered for any wireless network environment.
An Insider's Look into the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Challenge
May 15, 2012
Brad Bowers takes an insider look into the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Challenge that faces off hardened penetration testers against defending college teams in this annual cyber attack and defend competition.
Cisco IronPort ESA Web User Interface
Apr 25, 2012
This chapter covers the layout and workflow of the web user interface used for the administration of the Email Security Appliance (ESA).
Protecting Your Network from the Wi-Fi Protected Setup Security Hole
Mar 12, 2012
Even if you’ve encrypted and secured your wireless network with Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA or WPA2), a security hole affecting most wireless routers may make it fairly easy for those with the right tools to hack your network and connect. Eric Geier shows how to prevent this and protect your network.
The CERT Guide to Insider Threats: Insider Theft of Intellectual Property
Mar 2, 2012
This chapter offers a model to prevent insider theft of intellectual property. The first half of this chapter describes the model at a high level.The second half of the chapter digs deeper into the technical methods used in committing these crimes and mitigation strategies that you should consider based on all of this information.
Network Security First-Step: Firewalls
Feb 8, 2012
This chapter dissects a firewall’s duties to understand what makes a firewall operate and how it does its job.
Cyber Stalking, Fraud, and Abuse
Feb 1, 2012
This chapter explores what the various major types of internet fraud are, what the law says, and what you can do to protect yourself.
Software [In]security: vBSIMM Take Two (BSIMM for Vendors Revised)
Jan 26, 2012
Gary McGraw and Sammy Migues introduce a revised, compact version of the BSIMM for vendors called vBSIMM, which can be thought of as a foundational security control for vendor management of third-party software providers.
ZigBee Wireless Security: A New Age Penetration Tester's Toolkit
Jan 9, 2012
Brad Bowers takes a closer look at the ZigBee protocol, some of the attacks that have been leveraged against it, and the security tools that penetration testers can use.
Secure Your iPad 2 Now!
Dec 28, 2011
Is your iPad 2 reasonably secured right out of the box? Maybe not. Security specialist John Traenkenschuh, CISSP-ISSAP, provides sensible, flexible security patterns for the iPad 2.
Software [In]security: BSIMM versus SAFECode and Other Kaiju Cinema
Dec 26, 2011
Gary McGraw and Sammy Migues clarify the intended use of the Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM) and compare it to the SAFECode Practices methodology.

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