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CCNP: Troubleshooting OSPF
Nov 14, 2011
In this article, Anthony Sequeira discusses basic troubleshooting steps for the complex, link-state routing protocol Open Shortest Path First (OSPF).
Cisco Asks, Can Security Skills Be Certified?
Jul 23, 2004
Yusuf Hussain Bhaiji explores the value of certification in IT Security given its rapidly changing nature and offers suggestions on choosing the right certification program.
Cisco Network Topology and Design
Feb 1, 2002
Explore design issues related to overall network topology with this sample chapter from Cisco Press.
Cisco Press Certification Reading List
Nov 30, 2009
InformIT Certification Reference Guide host Time Warner walks you through self-study options for the various Cisco professional certifications.
Cisco WSA: User Authentication with Transparent Proxy
Jul 30, 2014
In this video Natalie Timms covers integrating user authentication with Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP) based transparent proxy service on the Cisco Web Services Appliance (WSA). She shows how an existing Microsoft Active Directory user database can be leveraged to validate user credentials when determining if redirected traffic flows should be permitted through the WSA.
Configuring the Catalyst
Feb 1, 2002
This sample chapter from Cisco Press compares differences between the router CLI and the Catalyst 4000/5000/6000 family, describes the command line interface and provides an overview of the menu driven configuration for the other Catalysts.
Dynamic Routing Protocols
Nov 16, 2001
This sample chapter from CCIE: Routing TCP/IP Volume I shows how routers can discover how to correctly switch packets to their respective destinations automatically and share that information with other routers via dynamic routing protocols.
Early Cbus Routers
Feb 8, 2002
This sample chapter from CCIE Professional Development: Inside Cisco IOS Software Architecture covers the following key topics: AGS+ hardware architecture, packet switching with the Cbus, and the Cisco 7000 Series router.
Introduction to Cisco Network Design
Feb 8, 2002
This sample chapter from Cisco Press provides an overview of the technologies available today to design networks.
Multiprotocol Label Switching
Jun 25, 2008
This chapter introduces the core concepts with MPLS, particularly its use for unicast IP forwarding and for MPLS VPNs.
Network Address Translation
Feb 8, 2002
Network address translation (NAT) is a function by which IP addresses within a packet are replaced with different IP addresses. This sample chapter from Cisco Press focuses on NAT within routers.
Now What? – The First Steps into IT
Sep 7, 2001
The key to breaking into any profession is being able to ask the right questions. Asking "Now what?" can help you break into the booming IT market. This article shows you the way.
Planning and Designing 802.11 Wireless Technologies
May 16, 2012
On top of normal networking issues, WLAN adds a couple of new challenges, such as Layer 1 (radio frequency [RF]) issues; a set of L2 protocols, such as IEEE 802.11; and the need for agencies to regulate the use of this shared medium, as the authors explain in this excerpt from their book, CCIE Wireless Exam (350-050) Quick Reference.
Switchport Security Concepts and Configuration
Jul 1, 2011
There are a couple of different ways to configure the use of switchport security and this article will review the available options and requirements.
Troubleshooting Your CCIE Lab
May 23, 2003
Henry Benjamin, Triple CCIE and former CCIE Proctor, shares some of the tools he used to pass CCIE lab examinations.
Understanding Protocol Analysis
Mar 1, 2003
Let author and columnist Ed Tittel explain the whys and wherefores of seeking certification in protocol analysis. From network security to advanced troubleshooting, nothing beats this kind of networking credential.
Virtual LANs and VLAN Trunking
Dec 25, 2009
This chapter covers some of the most fundamental and important LAN topics with coverage of VLANs and VLAN trunking in preparation for the CCIE Routing and Switching Exam.
Warmup for the CCIE Troubleshooting Lab 1
Jun 20, 2014
This chapter details the equipment requirements and pre-lab tasks to help you prepare for the troubleshooting portion of the CCIE Routing and Switching exam.

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