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Architecture Documentation — Choosing the Views
Jan 31, 2003
You know that documentation is important, but how much should you realistically document? Discover how to weigh cost against benefit and gain the most from your software architecture documentation.
Design Patterns for Real-Time Systems: Resource Patterns
Dec 6, 2002
Bruce Powel Douglass provides a number of patterns to help organize, manage, use, and share finite resources when building real-time and embedded systems.
Patterns: An Antidote for "Best" Practices Gone Bad
May 10, 2002
Incorporating innovative approaches remains critical to an organization's survival. How can this be done without encountering the pitfalls of one-size-fits-all best practice efforts? Patterns provide an alternative approach to incorporating practices in appropriate situations successfully.
Conway's Law Revisited: Successfully Aligning Enterprise Architecture
May 1, 2002
For investments in enterprise architecture to pay off, they must be based on a clear understanding of the organization. Whatever approach you choose to implement your enterprise strategy, an understanding of Conway's Law can help to make your alignment efforts successful.
Organizational Savvy: The Missing Piece in Software Architecture Education
Apr 19, 2002
Today, more and more software professionals assume the role and title of software architect. Like building architects, software architects need to draw on a broad range of disciplines to be effective, and like their earlier namesakes, organizational savvy is also an important part of this skill set.
Evaluating a Software Architecture
Dec 6, 2001
To put it bluntly, an architecture is a bet, a wager on the success of a system. Wouldn't it be nice to know in advance if you've placed your bet on a winner, as opposed to waiting until the system is mostly completed before knowing whether it will meet ...
Introduction to Software Security
Nov 2, 2001
The root of most security problems is software that fails in unexpected ways. Although software security as a field has much maturing to do, it has much to offer to those practitioners interested in striking at the heart of security problems.
Building Secure Software: Race Conditions
Nov 2, 2001
Concurrent programs are incredibly difficult to debug. Race conditions are just the most security-relevant type of concurrency problem. In this chapter Gary McGraw and John Viega explore race conditions and their security ramifications.

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