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ActionScript Elements Used to Make Games and Toys
Jan 24, 2003
These 10 lessons show you some advanced ActionScript techniques used in Flash game programming.
Drawing and Painting in Flash
Jan 24, 2003
This sample chapter helps you understand the standard drawing and painting tools available in Flash MX.
Getting Your Feet Wet in Flash-XML Integration
Jan 24, 2003
This sample chapter provides your first steps into Flash-XML integration by teaching how to load information from the Web server into your Flash movie at runtime.
Photoshop Requirements, Setup, and Preferences
Jan 24, 2003
This sample chapter will give you information on how various parts of your system work with Photoshop and how you can speed things up.
Starting and Saving Your Work in Photoshop Elements
Jan 24, 2003
Learn the basics about creating new files, like page sizes and background colors, as well as your options for saving your work and what formats are most appropriate for you.
Advanced HTML and Site Tools for Dreamweaver MX
Jan 17, 2003
This sample chapter covers some of Dreamweaver MX's advanced features such as advanced page layout, navigation, and site management.
Creating Graphics in Flash MX
Jan 17, 2003
Flash offers several drawing tools that allow you to create the graphics for your Flash projects that may seem familiar you. This sample chapter covers the key tools and techniques for drawing in Flash MX.
Jan 1, 2003
Introduction to ActionScript
Dec 6, 2002
Award-winning web designer Dan Livingston introduces ActionScript for Flash MX and provides some ActionScripting basics.
Selecting and Dragging Flash MX Movie Clips
Nov 29, 2002
In this lesson you will begin to learn user interface interaction by creating selectable and dragable movie clips.
Moving and Changing Movie Clips in Flash MX
Nov 15, 2002
If your objects have a predictable behavior, ActionScript can be used to create animations on the fly. Even better, the user's input can be used to modify the animation. Learn how this can be done with this lesson.
Controlling Flash MX Movie Clips
Nov 8, 2002
As a programmer you can write code to control the flow of your movie. But ActionScript can also take requests from the user. In this lesson you will learn how to let the user take control of the flow of the movie.
Controlling the Flow of the Movie in Flash MX
Nov 1, 2002
Without ActionScript, Flash movies are just linear animations. In this lesson you will learn how to control a movie's flow with ActionScript.
Building a DHTML Drop Down Menu with Dreamweaver
Oct 25, 2002
Macromedia Dreamweaver helps you incorporate DHTML without having to learn the underlying code. Learn here how to use it.
Debugging JavaScript in Dreamweaver
Oct 18, 2002
Although JavaScript works well for client-side scripting, identifying and fixing errors in the code can be difficult. Dreamweaver's JavaScript Debugger comes to the rescue: Find out how to find and fix incorrect JavaScript code here.
Preparing Graphics for Multimedia: Setup for Interactive Elements Between Photoshop and Director (Part 1)
Oct 18, 2002
There is no turning away from the industry standards of Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Director. Dennis Chominsky gives you a few tips for optimizing your production time with these tools.
Building Web Forms with Dreamweaver 4
Oct 11, 2002
The most compelling reason to use Macromedia Dreamweaver is its powerful group of visual tools. Tony Arguelles shows you how to use these to build a common requirement for a Web site: the "contact us" form.
Animating in Dreamweaver MX with Timelines
Sep 26, 2002
Even experienced Dreamweaver users don't know how to use timelines. Many don't even know they exist! Yes, you can move objects around the screen with Dreamweaver. Learn how to create cool effects right in HTML.
Repairing Color Photos in Photoshop 7
Sep 26, 2002
Bring your color photos to life on the screen by learning how to retouch the existing color and to remove unwanted color.
Formatting Your Dreamweaver MX Web Page with CSS and HTML Styles
Sep 20, 2002
Learn how Dreamweaver makes it easy to define styles, even styles for your entire site in a single location, that add fonts, colors, and other effects to text and other objects on Web pages.

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