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Using XML and XSLT to Personalize a Web Site Part 1: Using XSLT to Transform XML to HTML
Nov 2, 2001
This article explains the basic concepts and methodologies behind using XSLT to create custom HTML from XML, and the tools you will need to perform dynamic transformations on the server side.
Embedding Perl in HTML or XML
Oct 12, 2001
Chris Radcliff shows you how to change programs from code-centric to Web-centric using Perl embedded in HTML or XML.
Transforming HTML Form Data as XML Strings Using Java
Oct 12, 2001
This article by Jasmit Kochhar shows you how to use a Java-based infrastructure to format data posted by an HTML form into XML strings. It builds on a previous article, "Posting HTML Form Data as XML Strings," which used ASP to demonstrate the technique.
Web Markup: What you Didn’t Know You Needed to Know
Sep 28, 2001
Make your site stand out and give yourself an edge: Let Molly Holzschlag teach you the goals of successful markup and which method is right for your project. Molly explains the various markup languages and slips you a few tips.
Wireless, Web Worlds Rally Around XHTML
Sep 21, 2001
Bryan Morgan promises a big gain from converting your web programming from HTML to XHTML: code that runs on almost any display device.
Combining JavaScript and HTML
Aug 27, 2001
In this excerpt from JavaScript 1.5 by Example, authors Adrian and Kathie Kingsley-Hughes take a look at how JavaScript and HTML combine in a Web page seamlessly.
InformIT Visual Tutorial 4: HTML Forms
Jul 30, 2001
This tutorial shows you how to create great-looking forms in HTML to gather data from your web site users.
InformIT Visual Tutorial 1: The Big Picture
Jun 1, 2001
In this article, Nick and Nancy V. Flor explain how HTML forms, databases, SQL, and Active Server Pages work together in interactive applications.
Day One: What Is XHTML?
Oct 1, 2000
XHTML expert Molly Holzschlag walks you through the basics of XHTML, shows how it compares to HTML, and tells what it means for the world of Web development.
Day Two: HTML: Why Not Just Wear Your Father's HTML?
Oct 1, 2000
You might be comfortable with HTML, but XHTML is better. XHTML expert Molly Holzschlag discusses why it's worth making the switch.

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