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A method is something an object can do or something you can do to an object. For example, here are some things methods can do:

  • Stop a movie clip.

  • Go to a certain frame and start playing there.

  • See if a movie clip is over another movie clip.

  • Hide the mouse cursor.

  • Calculate a cosine.

  • Set the volume of a sound being played.

Let's go to frame 10 of the clue movie clip and start playing from there:


The method here is gotoAndPlay. All methods live inside objects—they don't exist on their own.


Even when you see methods that look like they don't belong to an object—for example, a frame action whose only line of code is stop()—it's understood by Flash that the object in question is the movie clip the frame is in: It will always assume this.stop(). If the frame is in the main timeline, then the default timeline is _root, resulting in _root.stop().

Remember we said that all movie clips you make are objects based on the master MovieClip class? Well, that class has a whole bunch of properties and methods associated with it, and when you make a MovieClip object, all those properties and methods become a part of your movie clip. This is a good thing—those properties and methods are vital to creating interactive Flash, and it would be a pain to have to create all those properties and methods yourself.

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