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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Managing System Settings

I’ve covered some of the most used settings you may want to configure on your iPad. But there are more settings available, on the General tab, that let you fine-tune various system options—and show you information about your device.

Display and Manage General Settings

The General tab on the Settings page is home to a variety of settings that affect all the apps on your iPad—as well as the iPad itself.

  • 1circ.jpg From the Settings screen, tap General in the left column to select the General tab.

  • 2circ.jpg Tap About to see information about your device—how many items of various types you have stored, total capacity, available storage space, model and serial number, and more.

  • 3circ.jpg Tap Software Update to manually force any available software update.

  • 4circ.jpg Tap AirDrop to configure your iPad’s AirDrop feature, which lets you instantly share contacts and other data with nearby Apple devices.

  • 5circ.jpg Tap Handoff to activate the ability to start work on one device and resume that work on another device.

  • 6circ.jpg Tap Multitasking & Dock to deactivate the abilities to use multiple apps, display a persistent overlay when playing videos, use four- and five-finger touch gestures, and show suggested and recent apps on the Dock.

  • 7circ.jpg Tap iPad Storage to view how much storage space you’ve used.

  • 8circ.jpg Some apps automatically refresh themselves in the background. To turn this off, tap Background App Refresh.

  • 9circ.jpg Tap Date & Time to set your iPad’s date and time.

  • 10circ.jpg Tap Keyboard to configure various options for the onscreen keyboard.

  • 11circ.jpg Tap Fonts to select any custom-installed fonts for your iPad.

  • 12circ.jpg Tap Language & Region to reset the language and region for your iPad.

  • 13circ.jpg Tap Dictionary to select which dictionary your iPad uses when checking text you enter.

  • 14circ.jpg Tap Profile to view your iPad’s configuration profile.

  • 15circ.jpg Tap VPN to configure your iPad to use a virtual public network.

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