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Review this lesson’s material by taking this three-question quiz.


  • 1. Which of the following user interface components is not a container?

    • A. JScrollPane

    • B. JTextArea

    • C. JPanel

  • 2. Which component can be placed into a Scroll pane?

    • A. JTextArea

    • B. JTextField

    • C. Any component

  • 3. If you use setSize() on an application’s main frame, where will it appear on your desktop?

    • A. In the center of the desktop

    • B. In the same spot where the last application appeared

    • C. In the upper-left corner of the desktop


  • 1. B. JTextArea requires a container to support scrolling, but it is not a container itself.

  • 2. C. Any component can be added to a Scroll pane, but most are unlikely to need scrolling.

  • 3. C. This is a trick question. Calling setSize() has nothing to do with a window’s position on the desktop. You must call setBounds() rather than setSize() to choose where a frame will appear.

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