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Introduction to Engineering Principles and Units

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This chapter from Transport Processes and Separation Process Principles provides a basis for understanding and identifying engineering principles and units and how to solve basic engineering problems.

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This chapter is from the book

1.0 Chapter Objectives

On completion of this chapter, a student should be able to:

  • Describe what are unit operations and separation processes

  • Identify industries in which unit operations and separation processes are commonly found

  • Describe the principles of momentum, heat, and mass transfer

  • Identify and use different units from the SI, English, and cgs systems

  • Understand the concept of equations that are dimensionally homogeneous

  • Provide examples of unit operations and separation processes

  • Use and convert units involving temperature, composition, and energy

  • Describe and use the ideal gas law to solve vapor phase problems

  • Describe the laws of conservation of mass and energy

  • Solve problems involving material balances with and without recycle and chemical reaction

  • Solve problems involving energy balances using the concepts of heat capacity, latent heat, heat of vaporization, and heat of reaction

  • Understand the principles of numerical integration

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