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Creating a Local Site in Dreamweaver

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Take the first step in organizing your website by creating a local site to helps with file and folder maintenance, development, QA testing, and general upkeep.
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Web Site Defined

Macromedia Dreamweaver enables you to develop and deploy your Web sites according to development best practices. As with any programming paradigm, it is recommended that you develop files separate from what a user can access. This enables developers to make changes to a site without any downtime and allows full testing prior to deploying new files.

Best practices suggest that you create your Web pages using the following three environments:

  • A development server on which only Web site developers have access to the pages. These pages often are works in progress.

  • A staging or test server on which members of a Quality Assurance team can test the pages with the assurance that they will not change in the middle of a test.

  • A production server on which users are able to browse the end result Web site.

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