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13.5. Choosing the Right Technology

There is a rich choice of data storage solutions. Initially, the pendulum had shifted from speciality databases to a single RDBMS database which allows all types of data models to be stored, although with some abstraction. The trend is now shifting back to using the data storage that supports the implementation of solutions natively.

If we want to recommend products to customers based on what’s in their shopping carts and which other products were bought by customers who bought those products, it can be implemented in any of the data stores by persisting the data with the correct attributes to answer our questions. The trick is to use the right technology, so that when the questions change, they can still be asked with the same data store without losing existing data or changing it into new formats.

Let’s go back to our new feature need. We can use RDBMS to solve this using a hierarchal query and modeling the tables accordingly. When we need to change the traversal, we will have to refactor the database, migrate the data, and start persisting new data. Instead, if we had used a data store that tracks relations between nodes, we could have just programmed the new relations and keep using the same data store with minimal changes.

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